A Personal Note About the Trial

During the course of the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. trial, Brett Kimberlin repeated many of the false allegations about me that have failed in the four lawsuits, two sets of criminal charges, and the peace order he filed against me, He also added a new nonsense assertion that the readers of this blog are a group of mindless disciples who blindly follow me as their messiah.

And remember—you’re all different.

90 thoughts on “A Personal Note About the Trial

  1. If i could be said to blindly follow anything it would be I blindly follow free speech. I don’t care if i agree with the speech or not I believe in a persons right to make said speech.

  2. I suspect that’s jealousy speaking. We’ve got successful professionals from many walks of life, while his followers consist of professional welfare recipients and people with questionable sexual tastes.

  3. How about some “harmonic angels” (he wanted to exploit pop interest in angels just as the trend was getting stale, per his usual slow on the beat trendspotting) who sing dopey lyrics over someone else’s music that he calls “working with John Lennon.”

  4. Since “outside” support of team pedo comes primarily from their own sockpuppets, they project that onto TFS.

  5. Mindless disciples. What a dipshit.

    I am no one’s disciple except for our Lord and Savior. I follow this because I am Hoosier who lived in the Indianapolis area when Kimberlin was setting off bombs. I was but a young lad then. I remember more about his trial than his actual crimes.

    When Patterico made his post in 2010 about Kimberlin, that was my first knowledge of him being out of prison. I am disappointed he was granted early release. The guy should be rotting away in jail.

      • No way bill will ever file an ADA law suit, that would mean that several doctors would have to testify under oath–with the publicly available and court filed information about bill never gonna happen.

  6. Does that ,mean we’re not building the compound in Guyana anymore?

    I was looking forward to that. I hear it’s nice. Hot, sure, but don’t worry. I hear John has enough Kool-Aid for everybody.

  7. But..but..I just got all the candles in the cavern lit and I just got my favorite athame sharpened, and what am I supposed to do with all these bullocks and sheep?

    If we were at all culty, we would have had several Thomas Becket moments by now, complete with denials and plentiful PLM.

  8. Mindless? Hardly. I’ve disagreed with our gracious host but I’ve kept it to myself because a) host and b) Team K would twist anything I say to their ends (“see lickspittle says you’re wrong!”) and by and large I don’t want to want to have to deal with them.

  9. As a lurker and occasional commenter since the early days of Messrs Walker and Hoge’s first amendment battle with the forces of criminal stupidity. I’ve seen many postings and comments I disagree with (but as I dyed in the wool socialist, I’d disagree with the clock if I felt it was oppressing the day). However I support team free speech’s right to speak out. If I am a cultist then I’m one with a tiny “Glory to Hoge” flag stuck on the inside of the cupboard door.

    Do I get a discount on my membership fees and Tithes for that?

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