What Happened in Court Today

Tetyana Kimber was found to be in contempt of court for her failures to appear. She will be allowed to purge her contempt by obeying all further order of the court.

Bill Schmalfeldt was found not to be in contempt for his recording of the court audio because of what the judge views as a hole in the law. He said that he has learned a lesson and will tighten up future orders allowing remote testimony.

The Kimberlins and I have finished our closing statements. Judge Hecker has taken the case under advisement and has said he will issue his ruling at 1:30 pm tomorrow.

UPDATE—Apparently, a copy of the “written testimony” the Cabin Boy™ published made its way to the Clerk’s Office, was docketed, and was forwarded to Judge Hecker. I asked that it be admitted into evidence as a statement against interest by Schmalfeldt.

124 thoughts on “What Happened in Court Today

    • remember that Bill in fact has suffered consequences of his action, by not being allowed to use Skype again. It sounds like it’s a fair ruling; the Judge recognized that he had made a small mistake in crafting the original order allowing the skype appearance, and thus Bill got to take some advantage of it.

      Also, the law is full of holes, especially on the subject of relatively new items like electronic media. This is the process by which those holes are found and plugged, one by one.

  1. So he failed to show up because he was certain he was going to be held in contempt… and he wasn’t.

    He’s got perfect aim for his foot.

  2. So the Fat F$ck is not held in contempt, was being tried in absentia, could present no evidence on his own behalf, and most likely will be found guilty.

    So how long until he claims he won?

  3. Regardless of his illicit recording being “but Maryland”ed, it seems like it’s time for a NEW motion to show cause for his failure to appear when his motion to appear remotely was denied for this go around.

  4. I guess we’ll know tomorrow, but is it possible that the judge is simply removing items he considers relatively small as to limit potential appeals? If he’s already thinking that he’s going to lower the boom on BS, then maybe he doesn’t want to confuse things much?

    • Possible. Along with the “statement” being docketed. Without an opportunity for cross-examination from John, at that.

    • That, BB. I may be whistling in the dark, but I always thought that the contempt end of things was a sideshow, more to be valued for its entertainment value than anything else. I’m pretty sure that it is what kept The Oaf away from the courtroom, too, and that is something. For John to get a judgment, though- any judgment- that is the Big Kahuna.

      • Hm. I saw the “in abestentia” thing as a bad sign. Still do. He wasn’t there to screw over his own case. This is what happened to a slam-dunk case I followed here – the defendant didn’t turn up so the judge didn’t get to see first hand how crazy she was. As a result, he had to restrict himself to reasonable assumptions which would otherwise have not applied.

      • It was an odd conclusion by the judge, unless he has a sense of humor. The rule does not permit recording of a remote session. But perhaps he concluded that it wasn’t clear enough for morons to allow a criminal penalty.

  5. The judge had mercy and let ambiguity in the law accrue to the most undeserving person possible. Bill violated the spirit of that law witout question, and for the reason there is any law in the first place. I believe he did violate the law as written, that any venue of court proceedings is an exension of the courtroom. However, the judge at least pretended to buy that poor Bill was confused on the point and did not willfully violate the law, only tested it (IMO recklessly and in very bad faith) and the judge probably accepts by now that Bill is mentally compromised.

      • I look at it this way. Let him cover his bases that will diminish chances of appeal . then let him hammer them in decision that is sound. Then they’re screwed.

        Second way to look at this is it gives WJJH grounds if HE wants to appeal.

        I call it a win-win decision for TFS.

    • It’s a lawsuit not an arrest. I can’t speak for her but I’m not sure I’d be embarrassed. “guy with a restraining order is suing me” seems more like a generic “life’s weird.”
      I don’t understand these things but why didn’t they serve the lawyer?

    • Interesting. So all that about knowing her home address and when she moved then sends it to her work like the typical sand filled pussy he is.

      You’re scum fakinsons. Die. Slow. You serve no purpose to.society. I’m glad you fail at everything you do and hopefully your fail at lolsuit viii has consequences. Which it should, because NOT Maryland.

      Btw- how do you know what work is, Mr. Fakinsons?

    • I’ll bet a South Carolina Judge is going to be really impr3essed at how his court helped you push that woman around, DUMBF*CK. You’re a real tough guy for a useless cripple, aren’t you? What a punk.

    • Um…how, exactly, is that humiliating? All anyone she works with has to do is Google “Bill Schmalfeldt” and they’ll be calling you a Dumbf5ck too.

    • Humiliating? Why? As mentioned, it’s not like she pissed herself at the sight of the paperwork, and being lol-sued by some full-diapered, moob-flappingly fat idiot isn’t shameful.

      More like a badge of honor.

      • Humiliating is Unca Biwwy projecting. Anything that would humiliate him, must be humiliating for every one else in the world. I don’t think he really thinks of other people as real, we’re just the NPCs in the RPG that is his life.

    • So, why is Dumbf5ck having someone, who has a restraining order on him, served a copy of a lawsuit that her lawyer has already answered and filed a motion to dismiss to??

    • Perhaps on of the lawyers here could clarify something.

      The document was given to to the Federal Marshals for service on 7 July.

      Sarah Palmer’s pro bono lawyer appeared in court for her on 20 July.

      The document was finally served on 15 August.

      Now the delay is understandable; there was some question concerning the address.

      My question is:
      Doesn’t the plaintiff have some responsibility to inform the marshals that they can now save everyone a lot of trouble by serving it on Sarah’s lawyer?
      Related question:
      If the answer to the above question is “normally, no”, does the North Carolina Restraining Order obligate Bill to direct, or in this case redirect, all service of legal papers to Sarah’s lawyer?

      (Bonus question:
      Do the the Federal Marshals and the Federal Courts have any obligation to communicate with one another concerning proper service of court papers?)

    • I dunno about ‘idiot’ per se; but I’m admittedly puzzled as to why the Judge is tolerating some of these shenanigans on Cabin Boy’s part.

      I genuinely hope he’s setting things up for a monstrous judgment that’ll be difficult if not impossible to appeal.

      • As I said before, he’s tossed out the authority of his court. He’s made it clear people can ignore his orders without penalty.

        • Agree. That’s extremely short-sighted.

          I think some of the messing with service is small potatoes. 2 days late or delivered by hand isn’t going to get a judge worked up. But this is a major “middle finger” to the court. Really, really hard to see how a judge can let that slide.

  6. I know I can’t get an answer until tomorrow, but I really would like to have a sense of how the presentation of evidence and associated rulings went. His lenient treatment of T. Kimberlin actually bothers me more than his granting a little mercy to Blob.

    • I’m holding out hope that his lenient treatment of T. is because he can see how she’s oppressed beneath the thumb of K. For all that T. needs to account for regarding her own actions, she wouldn’t have done any of them were it not for K. The judge might be viewing it that way.

      But Maryland is more likely.

  7. “Bill Schmalfeldt was found not to be in contempt for his recording of the court audio because of what the judge views as a hole in the law. He said that he has learned a lesson and will tighten up future orders allowing remote testimony.”

    This is interesting, as it seems technology has outpaced law to an extent (nothing new there).

    Of course, with Cabin Boy’s snotty ‘nyah nyah, you can’t make me do squat’ behavior to the Judge, you’d think His Honor would be a TRIFLE more irritated…

    • remember that bill is very small potatoes compared to the kind of misfits that most Judges usually run into on a daily basis. (okay he looks like a great big potato, grant you that)

      But Bill’s just a worn out old fat man in poor health, both mental and physical, who likes to run his mouth but other than that, doesn’t actually do anything.

      • “Bill’s just a worn out old fat man in poor health, both mental and physical, who likes to run his mouth but other than that, doesn’t actually do anything.”

        That perfectly sums up the pathetic failure that is Bill Schmalfeldt.

  8. I give up on that craphole of a state.

    Put me down for “because Maryland” on everything. No wonder pedos and disease fakers try to live there. They know the law is just a suggestion and is optional to follow.

  9. So far I find judges in Maryland to be an embarrassment to the bench. If they want to bend over and take it, fine! They just shouldn’t punish everyone else while their enjoying their jiggery pokery. *spit*

  10. I have seen some amazingly bad behavior and rulings in court. I was once involved in a civil matter in a small town where my company was sued because we used one specific word in the name of our business. The trial lasted a day or so and I had to testify. The judgment came down and the only options we could choose from for our new company name all included the one specific word that caused us to be sued in the first place.

    I showed the court records to a JAG officer and he laughed himself silly at the idiocy of the ruling.

    Strange stuff happens in court.

    • Yep. Case here in NZ, the judge – who was the very one who actually knew how the internet worked – ruled that the complainants were tough enough to withstand the abuse they were complaining about. One was (in spades) but the other had actually put evidence of fragile mental condition before the court. But because she had had a blog in the past, and had a facebook account at the time, that meant she was ready to take abuse from random people on the internet. Never mind that she’d tried to commit suicide recently.

      They got her in the end, but only because the harasser was a complete idiot and took the first ruling as a “get out of jail forever” card, rather than the serious warning it actually was.

      • There’s a JP in the town I live who was first a local hero football player, and then a sheriff’s deputy. Nice guy, popular, got himself elected to be JP, but does not know a lick of law and does not care to learn.

        How he rules is that he has several attorneys in town who are his “favorites”, and if one of them is in his court, he’ll rule in his favor and then ask the attorney he likes to write the decision so that he can put his signature on it. Seriously, I’ve seen it. I don’t think he even bothers to read the rulings he puts his name on.

        So if you’ve got a case that you’re concerned about in his court, guess who you better hire.

        • In my case, the mayor of the town was the lawyer for the plaintiff. The mayor was a law school buddy of the judge and best friends with the plaintiff .

          I don’t think the plaintiff or his lawyer would have written the judgment as it mandated that we use the word he sued us for using in the first place. But they both agreed to the judgment even thought the result was contrary to what they wanted in the original suit.

          Strange stuff happens in incestuous little courts in incestuous towns.

          • The only lawyer I’ve ever had to deal with was Speaker of the State Assembly (which was/is a part-time job), so… yeah. Glad he was on my side.

          • We don’t have that problem here… As far as I know. Judges are rotates around the country. No such thing as local jurisdiction.

  11. Who is he talking to? Hope hasn’t said anything. He just reported the judge’s rulings, without comment. Nick Cole must be so embarrassed.

  12. Ok, I’m just gonna’ say this once: “No future bets on, ‘But Maryland-‘” Nor will we be taking bets on the sun coming up tomorrow. Same reasoning. Capice?

    If I seem a little tender about this it’s because there was a fair amount of bitchin’ over the weekend.

    Look people, I’M TRYING. The only way the pool can work is if we stick to the math specific to the odds of any given event happening. Anything else jeopardizes your quarterly dividend always distributed from any and all House winnings.

    Now be cool. Enjoy the PLM. Enjoy the dividends.


  13. Oooooh. That update just fulfilled BS’s wishes that his incriminating statements could be added to the record. Now, for him to reap the consequences of this round of stupidity.

  14. And, since there will not be any further orders of the Court directed at Tetyana Kimberlin that means what exactly?

  15. “Bill Schmalfeldt was found not to be in contempt for his recording of the court audio because of what the judge views as a hole in the law. He said that he has learned a lesson and will tighten up future orders allowing remote testimony.”

    I notice that doesn’t say whether or not Biwwy was found to be in contempt for not showing up while commanded (twice), just that the recording was not contempt.

    Not that I expect the judge will rule he was in contempt for disregarding the summons, because Maryland.

  16. I am definitely a “but Maryland” skeptic, but perhaps the fact that he didn’t dismiss the case then and there means he is taking testimony seriously and considering the optimal way to dispense something resembling justice….

  17. Another lie. I only said that at least Ash didn’t pee herself like Bill Schmalfeldt did. I din’t say a word about Maryland. Nick Cole continues to be extremely embarrassed.

  18. And BillyBoy? Nobody’s buying that bullshit you & the he/she pus pocket are tweeting. You realize normal people who are in the same room don’t tweet each other, right? You seem to be getting more idiotic by the day.
    As for mocking your pee your sweats story, you’re the one who posted you pissed your pants, dumbass. Just like you posted that sick nastiness about examining your own shit.

    There is no “pathetic scale” that even registers “Schmalfeldt”. You have set a new standard of pathetic that no one will ever approach.

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