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  1. You mean you’re not running away in fear trying to settle?

    Odd. That’s not what someone hallucinated.

    • The actual funny part is that the other side believes they had a case. At least one thought it was so strong, he didn’t bother to show up, but sent a statement to the Judge that essentially said his Honor was not fit to sit on the bench for not following Twitter Court Rules of Civil Procedure.

      So a second day of trial is a fantastic defense strategy.

  2. I’ve been lurking a long time but I did post a couple of times from way back. I admire what you’ve done. I wish you success against the SOB.

  3. No mercy. Remember Machiavelli’s warning: “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared”

  4. So I was eclipsing yesterday, but I gather thet BK’s “we can end this in one day if you just rule in my favor” strategy didn’t work?
    Not really a good place to be. Though you never know how a judge will rule until after the fact.

    • Yeah, I don’t think that went over so well for BK. Essentially he was telling the judge that John shouldn’t get to present a case. Like, at all. That’s not how this works, obviously.

  5. Kimberlin still does not know how to ask a question which will help his argument.
    Questioning Aaron Walker:
    He asked if it would upset his daughters if he went back to prison again. I replied, “yes, that’s why you shouldn’t commit crimes.” He was visibly frustrated with that answer.
    (from Aaron’s Twitter feed)
    Yale Law School vs. Jail Law School

      • Because you can educate the Midget if you beat him over the head with something hard enough and long enough? Although, with that logic you’d think he’d learned to leave Aaron alone after the way he trounced BK in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.

    • He made that deliberate mistake before a few years ago. He was crowing about the “Federal RICO charges” against the good guys, when Kimberlin filed a civil RICO lawsuit.
      My bet: in the back of his mind he knows but doesn’t care. He’s throwing mud. When he talks like this he reminds me of a hall monitor writing down demerits.

    • Out of curiousity, of the many admissions entered by the judge due to lack of denial, did it include the quote where Bill claimed to be Krendler? I’d like to see how that fact in evidence squares with his hilarious notion that Krendler is now Grady. If Schmalfeldt is Krendler and Krendler is Grady, then is Schmalfeldt claiming to be Grady? Doesn’t that constitute identity theft?

      • Yeah, that’s pretty funny. If the Maryland court has determined as a matter of fact that The Oaf is Krendler, then isn’t he suing himself in South Carolina? Just askin’.

        • That really is the dumbest thing he’s done in this whole debacle. He didn’t just claim on twitter or on a blog that he was Paul Krendler. He didn’t even just do it in a book. He filed federal forms claiming this to be true. I know the trap that he was setting, basically a legal trap set by Fred from Scooby-Doo, but when it failed it short circuited almost everything he’s done on that front since.

          • Once upon a time I had a beagle named Rip, who loved to eat salad. But salad would cause Rip digestive difficulties, very odoriferous digestive difficulties. When these occurred, Rip would give a look that said “Who did that?” and calmly walk away from the scene of the crime, as if it had nothing to do with him.

            When the Scooby-Doo trap misfired, he could have simply walked away from it.

            The intelligence of beagles has been much commented upon….

    • Yes.

      Trump said something on twitter that everyone’s going on about.

      ANTIFA bashed someone.

      Brett lied in court and also did something really stupid.

      Blob is laughing at something which is actually his own fail.

      And Hillary Clinton still is not president, even though she wants it so, so bad!

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