89 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. T-show:
    Has the statute of limitations expired on the federal statute concerning, ahem, immoral vacations overseas? On Maryland’s own protection of minors for the relevant time frame?

    Communication about the sick relative, travel plans, airline reservations, everything that, if sworn by [redacted] would be subject to refutation. (Not that such a one would perjure themselves. Or would they?) …as well as everything that could serve as a starting point for a search.

    Either way, it will be interesting when we learn (as surely we will) which secret holds such power, binds all of his evil together in darkness, his one thing, his precious.

  2. I have seen T in court. She is not facile at verbal maneuvering, at least not in English. If I were Kimberlin, I’d want to give her an excuse to pause and think by shouting “Marital privilege.”

    • Sorry for the double post. I switched to the Brave browser after the Damore affair, and it’s still got some kinks to be ironed out.

      BTW, if you are seeking to avoid supporting Goolag, Brave is a pretty good choice. BONUS: CEO of the company is nonetheless than Brenden Eich, so you can give a finger to Mozilla, at the same time!!!

  3. I assume that the Maryland rules of civil procedure require service of all documents on all the parties.
    Mr. K has to break the rules in everything he does.

    • It’s quite amazing that PedoPanda gets away with all his bullshit. IANAL, so I ask the attorneys of TFS if it’s common for a pro se to get away with all the bullshit that Kimberlin does?

  4. This might as well be titled “Motion of Intent for Mr. Fakinsons to Hold the Bag”

    Did anyone hire an artist to capture fakinsons look when he realises just how much kimberlin threw him under the bus?

    • from one of those handy little findlaw sites:

      “Using the marital communications privilege makes it possible for either spouse to object to presenting evidence of communications between the two which happened during the course of their marriage.”

      Since I doubt any of BK’s opponents are in possession of any such communications, the only actual effect of such a motion would be to allow B to object to any evidence given against him by T.

      Now that’s an interesting thing for him to specify.

  5. So, Brett Kimberlin doesn’t want Judge Heckler to know what Mrs. Kimberlin’s age was when they first had sex. That could be “construed as criminal” because it was criminal.

  6. As Bill, quite possibly, makes the trip North, for the time being in, not under, the bus, he has to ponder just how lucky he is that the State of Maryland didn’t transfer this case to Milwaukee County like he asked them to.

    You know, because he “couldn’t travel.”

  7. In our abode we have been “watching” this play out for years. I still can’t believe that the stupid burns so bright in kimberland. So the argument in our home is, will m onday be the season finale or the show finale? I have to say, I am leaning towards sweeps week….

    May GOD bless you Mr Hoge

  8. Since all bets need posted before midnight tonight (eastern time)

    I wanted to post mine again

    Only Pedo bomber will show. Fake Shakes and Tatyana will not show.

    Pedobomber opening statement will require at least 10 objections from Hoge.

    Pedobomber will attemp to introduce evidence that has not been authenticated.

    Fake Shakes will file a new suit next week sueing for fake ADA violations that will introduce such lulz that at least 5 member of team free speech will be hurting

    • *Assumes my fabled John McLaughlin voice*


      Fake Shakes will seek leave to amend Lulzsuit VIII to add Judge Hecker, Carroll County and the State of Maryland for ADA violation. He will fail, but it’ll be incredibly lulzy.

    • Brett Kimberlin will demand that res judica apply to every time he didn’t lose, but never when John Hodge won. He will try to have facts that make him look bad excluded as prejudicial precisely because they make him look bad. Bill Schmalfeldt will soil himself, and later blame John Hodge. .

  9. When Brett accuses WJJH of stalking (redacted – but a clues is she sings like a scalded cat dragging her fingers on a chalkboard); merely ask if he is professes to be an expert on perodphilia being one himself and associating\employing\living with, convicted ones.

  10. If another Lickspittle hasn’t already entered this in the pool, I will say nobody shows from Team BK, and BK phones it in, saying a dog ate his briefs, and while he was reprinting them, a freak snow storm hit, and he couldn’t find his shovel (it’s somewhere near Tetyana, likely) to dig himself out of his hole, er, snow, and now he’s off to a vacation (permanent) in the Russian controlled portion of the Crimea.

    • “The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests. We Did.”

  11. I’d move for the judge to explain to TK that marital privilege is the option to not testify against one’s spouse at her own discretion… just on the off chance that some jailhouse lawyer has misinformed her that it is an explicit prohibition against testifying lest her spouse throw her in jail, have her committed, have her deported, take her kids away, or some other implicit threat. Also have the judge explain the definition of witness tampering, you know, just in case she’s aware of anyone who has done such a thing which might revoke their parole.

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