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The Kimberlins filed this in response to one of the paragraphs in the Scheduling Order for the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit—

The Gentle Reader may notice a discrepancy between the Certificate of Service and the postmark on the envelope I received containing service of my copy.

The list of objections to exhibits referenced in paragraph 1 was missing from my copy of the filing. I wouldn’t have been surprised to find that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin had purposely failed to include the attachment in my copy, but checking the docket at the Clerk’s Office showed that he didn’t send it to the court either—so I can’t complaint about incomplete service.

The Scheduling Order required that the addresses of all witnesses be listed. Also, I know that several of the witnesses won’t appear unless they are subpoenaed. According to the docket, the only subpoenas that have been issued are mine.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

54 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I can’t wait for Monday. Give ’em hell, Mr. Hoge. It’s still less than they deserve, but it’ll suffice.

  2. Hope, that is what I feel . I haven’t felt hope like this in a while. The hope that in some small way the justice will be delivered. The hope that tide are truly starting to turn. They threatened those they couldn’t shut up with lawsuits for the rest of there lives. You are turning it around. You are taking the fight to them. You are leading the way and I want to thank you for standing up for us all.

    • Billy Sez:
      All that “signs of life” stuff is slander, libel and defamation of my convict co-defendant. It has nothing at all to do with my decision to stay here where I know I am safe.”

    • Upon reflection:
      Including T as a witness proves nothing.
      “Your honor, T as a witness is essential to my defense, and she has not appeared.”
      Again, the eye is on the fund-raising “for the appeal”

  3. Most people, when engaged in an activity over a length of time, with practice, tend to get better at that activity.

    I can’t think of too many times I’ve seen someone getting worse with practice… but this is as clear an example as one might find.

  4. “We don’t like losing, so you need to just rule in our favor and be done with it.”

    Is it possible that all of the blather in court documents is intended not for the court, but for left-wing suckers when they are excerpted as evidence of oppression and injustice in the upcoming fund-raiser for the appeal.

  5. Wait a minute-

    Kid Dynamite is calling Brett Kimberlin as a witness? That would make a GREAT Monty Python sketch.

    And as long as I’m here- Admin Note: All pools close Sunday at 1200 Eastern. Nothing will be paid on ‘But Maryland’ as Lloyds won’t cover us. Those of you with markers will be getting your money back.

    Several have asked about ‘Solar glasses’ for watching the eclipse. The standard you are looking for is ISO 12312-2. Be careful regardless.

    • Eclipse watching: Looking at totality unmagnified won’t hurt you. (There is argument about the effect of magnified infrared, ie., telescope or binoculars, from the corona at totality.) The danger is staring into the sun at the final crescent while awaiting totality. At that point light is reduced enough that it doesn’t consciously hurt (your head doesn’t reflexively turn away) yet it can burn your retina. I say all this NOT theoretically but from experience. The scars from the the total solar eclipse of March 7, 1970 were visible every time I closed my eyes for about two decades following that event. I suspect that they have now merged into a second “Blind Spot”, although I no longer see the crescents with closed eyes.

      It was worth it.

  6. Guess which out of state witness on that list wasn’t subpoenaed?

    That list is simply meant to keep some of John’s supporters out of the courtroom. Aaron and I at least.

    • John’s son. Not sure about the Kens, can’t remember who they are.

      Little pedo thinks he can/will intimidate John without people in his presence. It clearly indicates that the diddler knows nothing about strength of will and spirit, courage of your convictions (no, not criminal convictions you dumb fuck) or power of belief in something more important than lucre and your own ass.

      • Our Gentle Host should request a ruling before the parties’ presentations commence and after The Oaf’s contempt hearing on Team Kimberlin’s ability to call witnesses generally based on the untimely submission and service of a witness list. If the ruling is no witnesses then folks like Aaron Walker can sit there in court during the proceedings all day long and the TK parties won’t be able to do a thing. If the one of the various miscreants are allowed to call witnesses then if someone he wants to call is in the courtroom that person is fair game, I suppose. I can pretty much predict that the court will not stop the proceedings for someone outside the courtroom to get looked for, except maybe to allow a poke of a head out into the hall. The time for issuance of subpoenas is past, though, and the court almost certainly will not issue one from the bench during trial. The one thing John needs to keep in mind is that the court will frown on any appearance of playing games, no matter which side. This is a case where he has played by the rules all along, and that is the impression you want to make sure Judge Hecker retains.

        • Recently I read the Maryland rule on witnesses; generally all the witnesses must be out, however, there seems to be a class of expert witnesses who can stay, as they will be asked to expertly comment upon what other witnesses have testified.

          I notice Aaron Walker in John’s witness list; I am wondering if he is in that class of expert witnesses, and also how the other side listing him affects all this.

  7. Not being a lawyer, I don’t know exactly why you can’t just submit a list of witnesses a few days before a trial starts, or why it is fine to claim one participant can’t come because she is out of the country but is close enough to sign a document in Maryland, or why Tetyana Kimberlin ALWAYS starts her signature with the top of the T at a particular angle with a dragged pen mark along the left side and she didn’t on this one, and I really don’t know why Brett Kimberlin thinks most of John Hoge’s evidence is irrelevant and confusing…but this is going to be good.

  8. Can someone let me know if Team Kimberlin’s videographer plans to record the court sessions next week? Since I won’t be able to attend, I’d like to request a copy.

    Is there an early-bird discount if I order before the sentencing?

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  10. So for Monday’s theatre showing we have:
    ACT I – The dramatic entrance (or not)
    ACT II- The prelude to the prelude or “I get no respect, no respect”
    ACT III- Motion commotion loco-motion
    ACT IV- “Are you reeeeaady to rumbllllllllle”

    Or something like that?

    • …an advantage over my opponents, such as getting unopposed default judgments. Because Maryland.

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