10 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Mr Hoge
    Regarding the trial that is scheduled to begin on Monday morning, are you open to settlement negotiations? If so, what would be some of the terms you would insist upon including? Asking for a friend on a Greyhound bus or in rundown no-tell motel somewhere in South Carolina.

      • “The signal having been immediately given by fires, as Caesar had previously commended, a rush was made thither [by the Roman soldiers] from the nearest fort; and the battle was fought by the enemy as vigorously as it ought to be fought by brave men, in the last hope of safety, in a disadvantageous place, and against those who were throwing their weapons from a rampart and from towers; since all hope of safety depended on their courage alone. About 4,000 of the men having been slain, the rest were forced back into the town. The day after, Caesar, after breaking open the gates, which there was no one then to defend, and sending in our soldiers, sold the whole spoil of that town. The number of 53,000 persons was reported to him by those who had bought them.”

        C. Julius Caesar, Gallic Wars

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