15 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. First the waves would cause motion in the lemonade. But, as the crest recedes, it would also create an opposition to the motion in the lemonade, or so the physics pros say!

    • According to Heisenberg, if we know how large an object one is, and exactly what the motion is, we can fruitfully multiply and get a useful product. However, the greater that product, the less precisely we know its location, serving to make the problem of addressing the opposition to the motion more difficult.

      • Maybe the reason it’s so hard to deliver documents to Shakey is that he occupies too many zip codes simultaneously?

          • (1) Think what you want about the intelligence of naval commissioned officers, they do have enough functioning neurons not to assign this particular entity to be “…a ship’s petty officer in charge of the vessels equipment and the crew…”
            (2) Boson statistics would allow for multiple simultaneous identical… It’s to horrific to contemplate.

            However, considering the fate of the lemonade and the ADA application, perhaps we should simply class this as a tardyon?

            (P. S. That was a good one. It took me a few minutes before the LOL hit me.)

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