14 thoughts on “RICO Remnant News

  1. So what does he want from these records for your case?

    I noted that some of his paperwork included sealed documents from the Frey case.

  2. I’d be worried about Bill’s title as World’s Stupidest Man™, but based on Bill’s tweets over the last few days he is still outpacing his Tiny Pedo Hero.

    • Don’t worry. Brett will send these to his lackey, Bill, who will be a complete moron and publish them. Although Bill will say he received them anonymously, it will be Bill the courts go after, not Brett. Bill is the classic patsy.

  3. Shouldn’t the constant demands to unseal evidence trip Rule 11? The documents were sealed for a reason — and he *could* appeal the seal, I guess — but demanding they be unsealed after repeatedly being rebuffed feels like he’s doing it for harassment.

    • It’s not like he has anything else to do with his time. He has no job. (JTMP doesn’t count since it’s not a job, but a slush fund and they do no real work) and the Middle School up the street from him doesn’t open for another month.

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