Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This came in yesterday’s mail—

During the hearing on 5 May, Judge Hecker directed The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt to get access to a copy of the Maryland Rules and to start obeying them. Rule 1-332 prescribes how to go about applying for an accommodation from a court pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act. The following form must be filed with the court at least 30 days before the relevant hearing or trial.

If the Cabin Boy™ wanted an ADA accommodation during the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. trial, he should have submitted the proper paperwork over three weeks ago.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

246 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The court should accept the word of his health care provider that long distance travel will cause him pain and discomfort? Odd, I missed where Cabin Boy provided any such affidavit executed by his health care provider. But I’m sure someone here will helpfully point out where that was in his pleadings….

    More importantly of course, “causing pain and discomfort” is not relevant.

  2. He was saying the same things to multiple courts before he drove halfway across the country on three separate occasions. Those three trips prove out his lies all by themselves.

    • IIRC, he said he couldn’t drive to _THIS_ judge, 3 weeks before he bought a rustbucket and before he moved to Iowa. He helpfully showed the judge how his curb-worn tires committed sepuku, before driving 3300 miles in April.

      All of this is in the court records. Including his moving to Florence, which belies his claim in this document that he merely moved rooms in the same notel, and was still getting mail.

      Lots of lies, all in black and white, and ALL in this case, in front of this judge.

      • Well if I was, I’d be rich. Anyways, all states have this form which is easy to search on Google. Does the Dumbfuck know that? Of course not. Dumbfuck blabbers on about how the ADA (which is not an organization) will sanction the people that doesn’t give the Dumbfuck what the Dumbfuck wants. I’m not going to give the Dumbfuck any more hints.

        This was Dumbfuck’s first time at bat trying to abuse the ADA to Dumbfuck’s advantage and Dumbfuck fucked it up.

  3. I was just wondering. Would it have helped if three weeks ago he had also sent in some paper work from an actual doctor who had examined him for Parkinsons’s or any other problem and could/would verify his needs? I mean, instead of just making unsupported assertions? Because it seems to me like a judge would appreciate that sort of thing. But I’m not a Twitter attorney, so maybe I have it all mixed up.
    So, what are the odds that the judge will just say, “Well, this makes all the difference! I’ll just drop all those nasty old charges. And give Plaintiff Hoge a rap on the knuckles.”?

  4. Judges really appreciate being told they have to pick one of two options from a false dilemma. That really gets them on your side, Shakes.

    • and did I really just read Bill threatening to sue a Judge, in a COURT filing, if he doesn’t find in his favor??

      Really???? REALLY????

      • I think the Fat Pedoketeer is providing all the proof the Judge needs to find in favor of Hoge. And the Judge only needs to read the Fat Pedoketeer’s own motions and demands.

      • He doesn’t need any accommodation. He can travel, if he has to do it slowly he’s had ample notice. You know, he did actually acknowledge that the suit was not going to be delayed and he would have to appear after all. He can’t really remember what he says from one end of a sentence to the other, so maybe he forgot.
        He went to NC of his own volition less than a month ago.
        He’s afraid of jail, I know. It’s a reasonable fear and I think half his caterwauling it about making himself so pitiful an pathetic the judge will go easy on him, and while snarling defensively at the same time that its illegal “to find him in contempt for broadcasting his illicitly recorded proceedings of the court, saying it was your right and almost promising to do it again.

  5. “According to the motion Hoge received today…”

    You know, most people who are telling the truth and not lying would say the fact straight up. “I was served on August 10.” But not people who are lying. “According to what I filed, I was served on August 10.” That gives the wiggle room to the liar so that when he’s exposed he can say, “I just said it was according to what was filed!”

    BTW, that doesn’t even address the fact that if Dumbf5ck had kept his address up to date, there wouldn’t have been any problem. Additionally, he claims when he was served on August 10 that this was THE SECOND TIME he was served.

    Admission against self-interest, but Dumbf5ck’s gonna Dumbf5ck cuz all Dumbf5ck can do is Dumbf5ck. FOADIF, Dumbf5ck. You’re not fooling anyone.

  6. We learned that you suck at math and don’t make a very good pro se and should have settled when you had the chance, Dumbf5ck.

    • The trial date has been set 04/14/2017. I fact the original trial date was for:

      Event Type: Civil Non-Jury TrialNotice Date:
      Event Date: 08/07/2017Event Time:08:45 AM
      Result: Postponed/ResetResult Date:04/14/2017

      The SOB has had over 90 days to get that paperwork submitted.

      • How long has he known about his parkinsons? How long has he known the trial date? When did he file his motion for reconsideration? When was the order he wanted reconsidered? Has he been avoiding the internet and the electronic docket? No.
        And he can travel, as we have regular proof, and he should shut up and buy his damn tickets.

  7. NOPE. That lawsuit will not win because Dumbfuck already fucked it up. The state already had provided Dumbfuck the resources necessary and Dumbfuck ignored it.

  8. I didn’t read his motion but I think I can be assured he has either mis or overstated what the notes are if he’s alleging the physician assistant he saw believes him unable to travel. And no the doc is not going to be poring over the visit notes. The PA passed the buck on that one as a competent general medicine PA should.

  9. I’m sure the Rules of Civil Procedure in Federal TWITTER Court say nothing about filing deadlines or proper forms. The ACME Law view is that rules are for suckers. I’ve also noticed that Bill aka the Twitter Attorney at Law, really likes to use the “pro se” moniker in his court filings and else where. I think he views it as some type of title or a symbol of status.

  10. My brother used to manage a No-tell Motel, guess what happened to guests who had too many visits from the law. They became ex-guests in short order.

  11. I have known our gentle host for a very long time.

    I have always known him to be an honest man.

    This time my incredulity is stretched to the limit.

    “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”?

    I’m sorry, but I have a hard time believing that you foresaw this degree of abject stupidity.

    • If an eclipse of the sun can be foreseen, I think Our Gentle Host can foresee a Dumbf**K when he sees one. See?

  12. “Defendant cannot sit in a comfortable office chair for 10 minutes without lying down.”

    That statement can be addressed with the following suggested corrective actions, and raises other questions, and comments:

    1) Try Preparation H.
    2) Find a chair that fits.
    3) Cut down on the JWR in order to stay upright.
    4) Did you drive to South Carolina 10 minutes at a time, or do so recumbent driving?
    5) Was this your cute way of saying you can’t go 10 minutes without lying, as in not telling the truth? As in squirming in the chair attempting to be truthful.
    6) A reminder, butthurt is not a tort, so no counter suit based on that statement.
    7) Hypertechnical!!! Just because.
    8) Reminder. We are all Krendler, and We won’t take any shenanigans lying down!
    9) The prior corrective actions/questions/comments are not death threats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!evelventy!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Because he is arguing with comments on a website that the judge isn’t seeing, his snark will just look to the judge like he is completely insane. And the threat to sue under ADA will not endear him to the judge either. Nothing like compounding the contempt of court. This filing by him did him nothing but damage, as usual. The odds of him doing a stint in jail increased substantially today.

        • from the context of his contents, I get the distinct impression that Bill believes that the ADA is some kind of sooper-sekrit organization that is going to swoop in and file all of these magical lawsuits for him.

          It exists in his fantasy world, so why not in the real one?

    • I missed that on first reading. On second reading, what the heck was he thinking when he said that? I’m no lawyer, but that is one spectacularly bad move.

    • Ok, now I am confused.

      I thought that the prevailing wisdom was that Judge Hecker would back his clerk on this one. But in the pool (still open, by the way), we currently have:

      Hecker backs Clerk of the Court –

      Hecker backs Bill –
      3 unicorns
      1 Philosopher’s Stone
      The true coordinates of Treasure Island
      The Holy Grail
      Map of King Soloman’s Mines
      The Brooklyn Bridge
      4 acres of beachfront property in San Bernadino

      I don’t understand.

  13. That clever William, he’s got judge KrendlerHecker right where he wants him.

    Can dental reconstruction be clawed back by the courts? Asking for an alleged lady friend.

  14. Is the ADA Accomodation form located near the Mandatory Psych Evaluation form?

    Asking for another friend.

  15. Hey DUMBF*CK, how is your GoFundMe to finance your “driving to 48 states in 35 days” road trip coming along?

  16. Question: can you appeal the result in a lawsuit where you never showed up in court? At all? In spite of two show cause orders? And a conviction for contempt of court? Just asking for a friend.

    I’m not a lawyer, but it seems if you don’t show up, you shouldn’t get to argue about the result.

  17. If he shows up in a neck brace, throw your briefcase on the floor to get him to turn his head.

    Oh, wait. No neck.

  18. “It is not the Defendant’s job to ensure the Carroll County Clerk of Courts properly dockets service when it is received”

    Did he REALLY, right in the first paragraph, show as much contempt for the Clerk as he does for the court??


    PROTIP, Mr. Fakinsons: write your motions BEFORE you get into a drunken rage, even if it means writing them at 6am

    “Ergo: If the trial was delayed until after Sept. 9, I could have met the requirement Hoge demands I meet.”

    I once again put my Ducati on this being intentional collusion with his pedo master to get the trial moved to September as the pedo wanted all along so the midget can enjoy his vacation.

    • The whole “well if the trial had been delayed” thing is dumb.
      The show cause order is related to buy separate from the trial. He’s known about the trial for months. So he can’t say “well the cause order resets the clock”
      Even if it resets a clock, the show cause hearing could be continued but the trial proceed as planned (if no party is prejudiced by the show cause bring moved and I don’t think they really are.)

      This is just logic, not even law but there you go.

    • Aren’t these the same fine clerks who work on Christmas, due to their respect of duty?
      That’s duty, not doodie,

  19. I believe I had the “Judge if all of a sudden I have to follow the rules Imma sue you” square. Where do I collect.?

  20. The medical record is clearly highlighted to read, “RX (description) of Parkinson’s Disease’, not “DX (Diagnosis).”

    I think the “Photo of Schmalfedlt with Service Letter” with that defiant, “NYAH-NYAH” look is priceless. (He thinks the judge won’t notice? Really?”

  21. FFS, why does he care what the commenters say here. It’s not like they have any bearing on the court. He acts like the judge reads them before ruling.
    Setting aside any legal issues here, the giant logical problem exists in that even a Skype allowance wouldn’t really allow him to lay down. Is he insisting that he be allowed to Skype from bed? Or that court go on recess every 10 minutes? Or is he just not going to pay attention to what’s happening in the case while he’s in bed. (while hotel rooms are small he’d basically be off screen unless he brought the camera to the bed.)

    One wonders if he even looked for a lawyer.

    • “One wonders if he even looked for a lawyer.”

      He had a fancy Chicago lawyer once upon a time.

      Oh yeah I remember how that turned out. I guess he does too.

  22. There are two, yes two, people this stupid and they are together. I can’t even imagine what a conversation in that rat hole must be like. The sheer ignorance on display should require some kind of warning sign about 50 feet away from their room just to keep regular people safe. “WARNING: Approaching the Ignorance Zone. Here you may encounter stupidity on such a scale it may harm your for life. Also gay incest porn, Boy scout porn, and bodily orders that will make you wish you were in a dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant instead of downwind of the Blobbasaurs.

    • “Reasonable Accommodations” means that after he’s in jail, he gets to use the bottom bunk, he doesn’t have to worry about crawling into the upper one.

    • Riiiight. Because threatening the judge with an “ADA Federal Lawsuit” is really going to make the judge think that you are sane and reasonable. All rightey then.

      Those “Reasonable accommodations” may become something akin to a 51-50 hold iffen he’s not careful.

      • Suppose Bill Schmalfeldt is given a 51-50. One possibility is that the folks at the funny farm do their jobs in a professional manner. That wouldn’t work out well for Bill Schmalfeldt. The other possibility is that they soon realize he is a total asshole and want to drop him like a hot potato. They could decide that any threats to others is “all hat and no cattle,” and that any ability by Bill Schmalfeldt to deliberately overdose on pills, on such, doesn’t justify the costs to the taxpayers of a civil commitment, hint, hint.

    • He had an accommodation and abused the court’s good will by recording the hearing in violation of the rules and compounded his contempt by posting the recording to the internet. And crowed about how clever he was to exploit a nonexistent loophole in the rules.

      His belief that the court must ignore his contempt has no basis in reality.

    • Is the ambiguously gendered encourager really that stupid, or is zhe a skilled agent of Kaiser Soze, goading the asset-turned-liability manatee to his own destruction?

    • You’re assuming that there really are two individuals and not one humanoid with a blow-up friend and a split personality. And, really, if Bill had a split personality would’t it be a fugly, raddle-toothed, ignorant female with a proclivity for gay incest porn? I mean a truly competent psychiatrist could provably foresee that, right?

    • Is the @truthpartner account gone now? The propensity for rebranding makes me suspicious of the possible sock-puppet-ness of this “person”. I mean I suppose I could go onto twitter and look and see if the old account had been memory-holed… or shut down for a ToS violation… I just can’t bring myself to care enough to make the effort.

    • Reasonable accommodations means that he can easily get to the courtroom from teh street. Getting to teh courthouse is his responsibly.

  23. If you want a visual metaphor for what’s happening to DUMBFUCK in this trial, pay attention to the guy in the stupid hat (SWIDT?):

  24. I’m confused, I thought he moved to Florence to be closer to the Courthouse? But in this motion he still lists Myrtle Beach? ?

  25. Uh, huh. And in 2014, he was “wheelchair bound” and was “going to die sooner.”
    I suggest starting light housework again. It worked miracles before, reversing this progressive disease! When that was pointed out to him, BS’s excuse was that everyone knows that exercise helps PD!

    • We understand just fine. It’s when he gets better for long stretches at a time, engages in activities that he denied being able to do only weeks before, that we know he is lying. “Progressive” doesn’t mean “worse when convenient”.

    • Hey, DUMBF*CK, remember when you told THIS JUDGE that you didn’t dare stray from the Nunnery, because it would surely risk your life? Remember all the traveling you’ve done since then, and how you’re completely incapable of keeping your stupid yap shut? Remember all the Changes of Address you’ve filed? Remember the pictures OF THE CAR YOU BOUGHT AND DROVE that you filed with this court?

      Judge Hecker won’t have to remember because it will all be there in the file on his bench. LOL!

  26. Who knew that a non-neurologist filling out a new patient complaint form could make that “diagnosis”? After all these years of BS condemning any commentary about his condition, given that we’re not neurologists?

  27. I think xhe’s referring to Jason Kessler, the Obama voter, Occupy protester, and CNN employee who organized the rally.

  28. Well, it’s a darn good thing that the law does not recognize “veiled libel” nor “attempts” to accuse someone of a crime as defamatory torts.

  29. Easily obtained, yet curiously they weren’t attached to the motion. How interesting.

    • They’re stupid, seriously

      Says the guy living in transient motels, who refuses to work, who has to shack up with an adjudicated cyberstalker and harasser who fantasies about boy scouts being forced into gay sex and anal rape just so he can pay for vape juice. You know, I almost forget sometimes that old mush mouth isn’t real but just a Bill sock. There really can’t be two people that stupid that would just suddenly find each other right?

      • Personally, I have no idea who this account belongs to:
        1. Pseudonym
        2. “Engaged to Truthatory” and there is no “Truthatory” account
        3. Lives in Myrtle Beach, and BS lives in Florence, SC.
        In other words, an anonymous troll account which, legally, can’t be libeled.

  30. Breaking: Anonymous keyboard warrior admits that Democrats killed the woman in Charlotte.

    • Yep, I remember my Great Grandpappy told me about the Summer of 1907, it was bad that year, they all called it the Dodge Challenger summer, it was so bad. Yep.

    • Except she was white, wasn’t lynched, and the guy wasn’t a member of the KKK*. Other than that, the troll doll is spot on.

      *If he did deliberately run people down he deserves everything he gets, but most groups have already disavowed him.

      • It’s not even clear if the driver was a neo-Nazi. The evidence collected thus far and presented is that he liked the alt-right, and that he wrote a fairly glowing paper about German military doctrine in WW2.

        Because, y’know, it’s not like military students don’t study that shit even TODAY.

        • I have no doubt that Patton approved of Rommel, if nothing else.

          I also have no doubt that the world would have been better served had we fed and clothed the German army and led them on a march to the east.

          This kid in Charlottesville might actually be nuts. Cops called more than a half dozen times as a teenager for threats and violence against his mother. Couldn’t make it through Army boot. I bet he was floundering, and the alt-right and Stormfronters welcomed him.

    • Goodness, are the idiots going to be worked up when either: 1) he’s acquitted of murder one, or 2) the charges are reduced to manslaughter. Barring hard evidence it was planned — confession, hard copy or verifiable writing — the videos will be enough to cast doubt.

      • He’s up for Murder 2, and unless emails or such saying “I’m going to Virginia to kill people…might run them over” turn up, it won’t go to Murder 1.

        The video I saw showed him approaching a crowd, and braking. That crowd attacked his car, one guy with a baseball bat. So he gunned it. He may have panicked and built up too much speed to stop. He may have done it deliberately. The evidence isn’t clear yet. But that video showing brake lights might well knock him down from 15 years to 15 months (just a WAG on sentencing).

  31. The only people who believe that Nazis–national SOCIALISTS–are right-wing, are Communists. Q.E.D.

    • Look, AR1 –

      They are RESISTING! No, they are STRONGLY RESISTING (via twitter from an extended stay motel room where her soon-to-be husband has progressive Parkinson’s and needs 24 hour care and to have salve rubbed on his itchy butthurt) so you need to pay attention to their ominous power!

  32. I suggest that we not educate any semi-literate primates. Consequently, I ask for just yes or no answers to my hypothetical question below. Semi-literate primates should be given every encouragement to enhance their literacy.

    Suppose A lives in Oregon, is sued in Maine, is disabled, and asks the court in Maine for special accommodation due to A’s disability, but fails to do so in a timely manner using the proper forms provided by Maine for that purpose. Maine does not provide the requested accommodation. A loses the suit in Maine and decides to sue the state of Maine for failure to provide the requested accommodation.

    Question: Does A have the right to bring suit against Maine in a federal district court located in Oregon?


    Question:Does the analysis change if A is resident in South Carolina and sues the state of Maryland?


    • Extra-credit question: Does South Carolina’s long-arm statute specify what circumstances warrant haling another state into a South Carolina court?


      • I do believe Maryland is immovable. Guam, on the other hand, could be tipped over and at least towed to the nearest coast.

        • To be fair to Hank Johnson, it is my understanding that the Marine general he was questioning was his former college roommate. This was not actually a clueless, idiotic congresscritter; this was a congresscritter acting clueless and idiotic in an attempt to get his former college roommate to crack up in Congressional testimony.

  33. Our Insightful Oaf asks on Twitter that we all “notice the colors on the Trump Train.”

    Hmmm, red, white and blue. Funny that- why in the world would any American choose that combination?

  34. BK has looked at bill’s motions and said “I can out stupid that”. I foresee a very interesting Team Kimberlin Post of the Day in the near future.

  35. It’s amazing how much of a legal education you can get online for free these days.

    It turns out that in order to invoke “spousal privilege”, one must be currently married to said spouse.

    Did some just now, by invoking “spousal privilege”, open the door for a “proof of life” challenge?


    You say that he did?

    Oh, my.
    Oh, my oh my oh my.

  36. Newby here. I stumbled onto this blog a while back, and I have kept coming back because the drama has drawn me in. That and because I feel like a genius in comparison to what Bill and/or Cabin Boy (sorry, not really sure who is who — and my level of caring to find out is not very deep) keep submitting to the courts.

    Hey, two notes to pass along to the gentle host: (1) Please be careful to not over-state your case, or what a piece of evidence shows. If a writing states X; and the X implies that Y is true, go ahead and say that. But do not say that the writing states or shows Y. Always be careful in taking an inferential step without clearly saying that you are taking that step. (2) When (hopefully not if) the judge chews out the other side, listen politely. There is never – I repeat never — a need to interrupt the judge in order to interject additional material, no matter how relevant it may be.

    • My father was a lawyer, and one his rules of litigation was: When it looks like the judge will rule in your favor, shut up and let him before he changes his mind.

    • Welcome, newbie!

      D. E. is a noted lawyer, I believe, as are a few others here.
      Our gentle host, wjjh3, is the most brilliant legal mind to have never taken a bar exam.
      The rest of us are a motley crew of good ole boys (and some fine discreet witty ladies) having a bit of a hoot and eating popcorn. Some of us should be taken seriously, some of us shouldn’t (in this forum) and some of us like to keep Team Shutuppery guessing.

      All that said, F. S., that is very good advice, and again, welcome.

  37. This wasn’t Schmalfeldt’s stupidest filing, but it’s in the top 5. He really undermined his own position greatly both in tone and in his rather obvious misrepresentation of basic facts about events to the judge. Things that the judge knows he has misrepresented.

    And his ravings about Hoge are bizarre since Hoge could easily have put a great deal of material in his opposition to expose Cabin Boy’s BS.

    This is the incompetent we know.

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