55 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe that the title of your filing was MISINFORMED Motion In Limine.

    So who was Misinformed? The PedoBomber? No, he knew about when he received his copy, and it was all there in black and white.

    Sir John? Don’t think so, since he wrote it.

    the Judge? Again don’t think so since he probably read it by now.

    So what is the pips-squeak diddler talking about?

  2. Apparently, his every motion is misinformed. He seems to always be going in the wrong direction, against the arc of history as it were. How can he get everything wrong, every time? By random chance he would have to be right some small percentage of the time.

  3. Also today, in in a comment in “Are You Pondering…”, John Doe informs us of the bare facts of motions that were not misinformed but rather were misdirected.

  4. Not a lawyer here, but is there a way of saying “yea, but this guy has a criminal record which includes forgery” when discussing things signed by people not present under suspicious circumstances?

  5. That’s because it didn’t yet exist, not until 1787. They did lead an armed insurrection against the king.
    Did he really graduate from even high school?

    • Jefferson was first the governor of Virginia, then ambassador to France. He never led troops in the field, and felt it was not his metiere.

      How much ignorance was embedded in that tweet?

      Phone, back yard.

    • And, had King George captured Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would the claim that he “did not lead armies in open rebellion against the United States of America” make a distinction that made a difference? Or, would King George had hung them for treason?

      • I seem to recall Benjamin Franklin making a reference to this when he was pointing out why they all needed to hang together.

        • I also seem to remember reading about men pledging their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. It wasn’t an idle Declaration… if they’d lost, all three would have been forfeit.

  6. Didn’t his editorializing in the caption get a motion returned as improper? Or am I confusing him with another pro see?

    Phone, back yard. Wine glass in hand, dog at my feet.

    • Lefties, Liberals, Progressives, Marxists…whatever you want to call them…are an unhappy lot. They are profoundly unhappy. And they want their unhappiness to spread to everybody. It’s just Bill Schmalfeldt waving his freak flag. Again.

    • Couching that statement in the form of question doesn’t alter the fact that that statement may very well constitute sedition.

      The proper authorities ought to be notified.

  7. It will be interesting to know if, when and how those documents arrive to our Gracious Host. But of course, case first, blog second.

      • That explanation makes no sense. How does having the video let you differentiate between “em” and “us” that you can’t hear in audio?

        Oh wait. You mean this is just a “we did a hit piece and got caught and now we have to cover our ass” sort of statement? Makes sense now.

        • This.

          Very much like what the rabid leftists and their DNC “journalist” hacks tried to pull on the NRA by totally mischaracterizing (read: lying) Dana Loesch’s NRA ad.

          Even though the audio alone makes it *very* clear Dana Loesch says “FISK” versus “FIST” – the video puts every one of their dumb, transparent lies to rest as Dana Loesch was clearing making the “SK” sound with her mouth… NOT EVEN CLOSE to the “ST” sound.

          Lying liars lie… badly, and in the face of *all* evidence to the contrary.

          But, but, but.. duh narrative. 🙄

    • LMAO @ yet another “I’m relevant in the political conversation! Really, I am! ” tweet of desperation.

      Total lack of understanding of a Freudian slip from the GS-13 editor.

      Like I said on another blog, Mr. Fakinson’s comments are tantamount to watching him barge in on a conversation between Hawkins and Einstein on the merits of quantum gravity theory only to proudly exclaim “I JUST POOPED!!”

      Give it up, Fakinsons. You’re a crap “journalist”. I’d call you a low-rent Stranahan but even that is too insulting to Lee for me to even say it

    • Being a Police Officer is a job. And everybody who has a job expects to go home at night unscathed. I hope the Police Officers will wake up and understand what is going on. And protect their lives appropriately.

      Take paintball guns to the fray. Splatter anybody who does something illegal. Arrest a splattered person when they try to leave. QED. It’s all on camera.

      • Too easy to wipe, even the tournament paint that is designed to be hard to wipe.

        Lace the paint with low-grade radioactives, and arrest those the meter clicks on.

  8. I personally find the pedo’s attempts at little digs (SWIDT?) amusing, and if I were a party to the suit it wouldn’t change the number of f5cks I’d give over his mini tantrums.

    However, if I were the judge given what I’ve seen from the defendants and their disregard for court decorum (nicest way I can put it) I would be issuing whatever its called in legal jargon that says “if you disrespect the court in any way shape or form one more time I will rule summarily against you”

    Then again this is Maryland.

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