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One of the things that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has claimed in some of his LOLsuits is that the truthful reporting by my codefendants and me harmed a relationship between Justice Through Music Project and the State Department. He claimed to have had a business relationship with the State Department’s International Leadership Program to teach foreign activists how to use social media. As part of my preparation to defend those LOLsuits, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the State Department asking for the details of Kimberlin’s work for them.

Here is their reply—

TL;DR—We won’t admit to having anything to do with him.


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  1. No one – and I do mean no one – could possibly be dumb enough to admit to having anything to do with him, right?


      • Dumb*ss Schmaledt does tend to set the standards in some instances. “You have to be *this* dumb to admit to being associated with convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin.” Has a Disney-like ring to it.

  2. This is quite the conundrum. Who is more likely, here, to be lying? Not having seen your FOIA request, I find myself assuming it allowed them wiggle room, or perhaps dealing with Kimberlin just isn’t the sort of thing a professional diplomat documents.

    Or Kimby was just lying. That seems very likely, as well.

    • Maybe you should have looked at Hillary’s missing emails.

      The problem is DoS may have as little credibility as the wonder midget.

  3. His relationship with the State Department was kind of like his relationship with Neil Young. He promoted Young’s album and acts like he is deeply connected. All his “affiliates”, all the artists he claims he works with —have no idea who he is. He hosts some foreigners in his living room through some connection and claims a working relationship with the State department.

  4. And if that same query gets posed enough, E-FOIA basically requires something similar to that to be lodged in the departmental electronic reading room. I would be curious as to who all the grantees/contractors actually wound up being.

  5. To get anything from that supposed connection in court wouldn’t have to prove it exists/existed rather than just claiming it?

  6. I think the TL;DR is too harsh, via the use of the words “won’t admit”. It sort-of implies that there’s some level of intention to hide information (if it was available). I think the letter itself reads more neutrally: It tries to be more cautious in its statements.

    Having criticised, I’ll try a stab at a TL;DR myself; it’s possible my effort is worse than the original (it’s certainly much, much longer, sigh):

    TL;DR–We tried, in good faith, with due diligence, using experienced personnel, to search the records systems that we believed were most relevant, and would therefore be most likely to unearth information if present.

    Regrettably, we did not find any records.

    Note, however, that while our effort was conformant with the relevant legislation, and had a very high chance of success if the information was present, we cannot state with certainty that this result is utterly definitive; the law gives you appeal rights if you wish to pursue this matter further.

    • My read on the international visitor leadership program is that hosting the visitors is done by volunteer organizations, so even if there was a relationship the income would be none.

  7. To be fair – not that BK deserves any fairness – a No Responsive Records result for something that might prove uncomfortable for a government agency is not, shall we say, definitive.

    There does not appear to be any search of a contract or grant system, for example.

    I am sure, however, that BK and JTMP can produce the evidence that DoS has not. Right?


    • My suspicion is that they’ve never heard of him — to the point that they don’t even know to be ashamed of him. Outside our corner of the internet, and the older residents of Speedway, Illinois…or die-hard fans of Doonesbury cartoons…or Dan Quayle…Brett Kimberlin is a nonentity. His efforts to be relevant have…how did the judge say it? Failed.

  8. Kimberlin perjures himself again. No records exist because the collaboration never happened.
    Mr. Hoge doesn’t ask questions to which he doesn’t know the answer.
    The Diddler never fails to entertain as he continually steps on his crank.

  9. Well will you look at this LOLVII:

    Aug. 14, 2017 Mail Returned as Undeliverable. Addressee: William M Schmalfeldt, Sr. Document Returned: 40 Text Order on Motion to Dismiss. (mcot, ) (Entered: 08/14/2017)

    • WTF is he talking about? For his case, they’ve just lined up for the first snap, and Bill has already used three timeouts and half of his team is on injured reserve. The remainder are from the local peewee football league.

    • Bill shows why he shouldn’t make analogies like this, because he is flat out wrong. If “A defensive lineman bats the ball in the air. It drops to the turf” – this an incomplete pass, and the offense would retain possession of the ball. He understands football as poorly as he understands the law.

      • At this rate he is also the World’s Second Stupidest Man and the World’s Third Stupidest Man because he has few challengers for first place.

    • “Now Comes Pro-Se Place Kicker, William J. Schmaleldt…

      ….and the kick is….

      ….into the ribs of the Holder. No good!

      What a show we’ve had here today, Jim!”

    • You have to admit, if he really had any balls, we’d have to say that they were big brass ones for the bravado of claiming this would be an ADA violation. As it is, he is just being evil and crazy (normal Bill Schmalfeldt).

      • It’s hard to figure out what he’s talking about with this weird football analogy. Apparently the thinks something he just filed is The Great Motion that Wins All Cases, or something. Before the case actually starts, of course.

        Personally, I think he’s just setting up “justifications” for him not showing up and defaulting on trial day.

    • IANAL and my PACER account is still on hold, so this is a WAG…


      It looks to me like
      — The motion to dismiss now really is fully briefed, since Biwwy has “responded” [sic] to it.
      — The Court has ruled on the motion to dismiss with a Text Order.
      — Biwwy has NOT received his copy because he did NOT keep the Court informed of his changing address.
      ——– and …. (here’s the WAG) …. Biwwy is crowing SUCCESS!!! when his case has (presumably; I am guessing here) been DISMISSED already.

      as I said, its only a WAG…

      • Nothing so exciting, this is returned mail on the first motion to dismiss, which was Bill dropping the does. Just a notation that the Judge’s ruling is being sent again to a different address.

  10. With one second remaining on the clock, coach Porkinsons sends on the field goal team and…wait….what’s this? Coach Porkinsons is EATING the football! The clock runs out and that’s the game folks! Coach Porkinsons ate the ball! Coach Porkinsons ate the ball and is now convulsing on the sidelines with a half a football choking his airway….. and now there’s a flag on the field…. refs huddle while coach Porkinsons turns purple….and it’s official, personal foul, 15 yards and a 10 thousand dollar fine! Coach Hog of team lickspittle is being hoisted onto his teams shoulders in victory, showered with confetti while coach Porkinsons of the Carolina Sh!t Sniffers is carried off the field on a stretcher…. what a game folks, one for the history books.

  11. Even in his own fantasies he’s still the World’s Stupidest Man. Sad. Really, really sad. Pathetic even.

  12. the ADA is a government entity?

    no, it’s an act, oh guess who enforces it

    The United States Department of Justice

    Something someone should be avoiding

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