Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

A motion in limine is a motion filed before the start of a trial which seeks to limit the permissible range of evidence and testimony. I filed such a motion last Thursday in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

55 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • This is different how, from most days? Heck, even I, who can foresee little indeed, could foresee this. 😉

  1. You must THIS tall to be a meaningful participant in this legal proceeding…

    …. and weigh less than a pregnant manatee.

    Oopsie poopsie!!

  2. Bam!! What’s the odds of The Tiny Pedo Bomber not showing and losing by default? I can’t imagine the Huge Manatee showing up, and poor TK will probably never be seen again.

  3. Brett’s anger is going explode when he reads this motion. He has a short fuse and tends to bomb when things don’t go his way.

    Bill’s going is going shake and fear pee himself when he see this. He tends to bluster and throw his weight around.

    Tatyana may up and disappear even before it’s delivered.

    Oh and do I have only Brett showing up for the trial in the pool. I think Bill won’t show and Tatyana will never be seen again.

  4. It’s not unreasonable to look at a ‘landmine’ not only as a device but also as a concept.

    I submit that Brett walked into a landmine by going after John. El Kimbo inadvertently picked a individual uniquely suited, by intellect and temperament, to cause him real pain. Chance. And, now, this one is going to hurt. A amateur, no offense intended, is going to shortly make a real difference in Bretts’ life.

    I think of lawyers the same way I think about doctors. You never have their undivided attention. Almost all business models absolutely require multiple clients in order to achieve not only diversification but, and more importantly, sustainability. Brett has John Hoge’s full undivided attention. This disadvantages him in a way even more deleteriously important than facing fully qualified counsel who has to serve multiple clients concurrently.

    This latest motion is the most impressive work of legal sharpestry I’ve ever seen. Seems to me it will slam the door shut on multiple years of legalistic maneuvering bullshit enabled by Maryland courts (shame on them). Kudos to John Hoge. Steely-eyed missleman Genius.

    Schmalfeldt? Overmatched intellectually. Game, set and match. Temperamentally? omg.

    My ‘landmine’ concept is a important one. Somebody please forward this to Wretchard at The Belmont Club so he can incorporate the example into his next piece of geopolitical analysis.

    • “individual uniquely suited, by intellect and temperament”

      If you are privileged to attend the after court festivities, as our host to tell the tale of the major who insisted that John should play poker.

      • kinda reminds me of an arcade style video game from the 80’s. Brett had some successes in the early rounds, taking out early opponents and avoiding some attacks – but now he’s moved up to the BOSS level, and… uh oh. This ain’t like anything you seen before.

      • Insisting that engineers play poker with you is a good way to lose your money. They are great with numbers and very hard to “read’.

  5. But, but, but… Are you telling me that a signed, court approved contact is still valid? Even though someone thinks it isn’t? And that there are consequences to breaking it?

    This one is gonna leave a mark.

  6. “Limited to facts admitted”
    “Admitted by default”
    “Admitted by default”
    “Admitted by default”

    Hmm, looks like submitting nothing but a figurative middle finger in the discovery process is less of a trump card, and more like a petard with which the defendants have thoroughly hoisted themselves.

  7. Oh my. Now as I am not a lawyer, I have no idea or even a guess if this motion will be granted or not. But if it is, you basically pick up the trial in the tail end. The only thing left is to show damages. (more or less).
    Like getting the ball on the 10 yard line.

  8. Very well written motion, concise and to the point. I do hope Mr. Hope prevails against the Kimberlins. Their bad faith in filing false criminal charges against Hoge begs for punishment.

  9. The idiocy of these 2 really knows no bounds. Does John Tranny Denver really think this many people would launch some big campaign against some asshole who didn’t bring it on himself? Has she read one fucked up word he wrote about Strahan’s dead child? The attack he launched at a family out of pure, evil hatred? The people he has tried to destroy, because he doesn’t like their politics? Trying to get them fired? Just being a general, all-around asshole? She seems more brain damaged than he does.

    • In his defense he is, in my observance, stupid to the point of barely functioning, unemployed, lazy, and a tit sucker of the Schmalfeldt kind. He was just looking for someone who mouths the right ‘progressive’ words and has a pension to latch onto like a Remora onto a shark looking to suck whatever leftovers it can. He cares not what Schmalfeldt is or does. Just looking for a free ride in life.

    • Someone who just wants to be left alone and stop someone lying wouldn’t screw with discovery.

      Someone who respected the role of the courts wouldn’t refuse to turn up for an ordered appearance.

      Someone who wanted to be left alone most certainly would NOT breach an agreement that allowed exactly that outcome.

  10. “leave us alone..” No one is contacting the Lard Ass in Chief and his toothless imaginary boyfriend directly. In fact, for Bill to find all the butthurt he is suing over in his LolSuit he had to go looking online for it. There are no phone calls, text messages, emails or other direct communication of the defamatory content he references in his recent complaint.

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