Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed a motion in limine in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit seeking to limit the evidence I can present. My opposition to his motion was filed yesterday.

My opposition contains all that I wish to say publicly about TDPK’s motion until after the court has ruled on it.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

81 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Pedo bomber when he read this is going be so mad he might just blow his top. He is going find he is a little short on the law along with short in other areas. I wonder what goes through his mind when his motion blows up in his face. (Add final short joke, pause for applause for my gifted humor.)

    iPhone, hotel Oregon Coast

    • Short and to the point (A point which, as it is narrowly constructed, is only a minor intrusion, in any case.) and of small comfort to a party who is lacking in every considered item.

  2. “The little man went crazy, and in his anger he stamped with his right foot so hard that it went into the ground above his knee; then he seized his left foot with both his hands in such a fury that he split in two, and there was an end of that.”

    ps. Today I learned a rumpelstilt was a type of goblin that made noise by rattling posts.

  3. If the cabin boy™ were smart he would file an opposition against not wanting any evidence about the ownership of BU being presented. After all brett wants to leave him holding the bag over that issue.

    • No need. I’m sure the midget has already pinky swore that he would never, EVAR, throw Mr. Fakinsons under the bus. And I believe him.


  4. All I can say is that after reading Biwwy Schmallz and Brett Kimbergarden’s pleadings, the judge must read Hoge’s as a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of sanity. Finally, something that isn’t random assertions strung together with the glue of ad hominem as if that somehow turned a word salad into Shakespeare. Finally, logical and sane thinking!

    Hell, if I were the judge in this case, I’d print out Hoge’s pleadings and put them in a picture frame as a reminder that not every pro se is an outhouse short of a hippie commune.

    • Point of order:
      Isn’t a hippie commune, by definition, shy of sufficient outhouses, as evidenced by the smell? One would think remedial outhouses would lessen the resemblance to a bunch of stoned idiots hugging trees and crapping themselves in the woods, or in their fleabag motel room. Though in the latter case the stench is apparently offset by means of poorly executed bonfires…

      • Libel, defamation and false light!!!

        However, giving the benefit of the doubt, I believe that someone has confused “hippie commune” with “rock festival”. As one who was a medic at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival debacle in 1968, and having lived on one hippie commune and visited several others (including the one where i met [redacted]), I have yet to to find a hippie commune deficient in sanitation (making “one outhouse shy of…” an appropriate analogy). Woodstock, on the other hand, in all its self-indulgent irresponsibility, I would call an open sewer, except that such terminology would unduly defame respectable sewers.

        • LOL. Yes, I actually had a specific location in mind when I wrote this. It’s [redacted]–Biwwy’s gonna have to work to dox me. 😛

  5. I wonder if he really thought there was going to be a jury?

    I can’t imagine him not wanting one, guess he forgot to ask. What with all the goings on in the case and all…

  6. Oh sweetie. Everyone left little Billy alone for a long time. But he couldn’t take not getting any attention. See, he’d already been banned (3 times!) from Daily Kos, multiple times fired from the Examiner, banned from XMFAN. No family, no friends and only poor Gail to take his anger out on. He exploded with rage and started in defaming and harassing people on the internet again. No provocation from anyone. Just Bill being his usual self. All WE wanted was for Bill to leave people alone. He was left alone but couldn’t take it and just had to start up again. This happened several times. Now I know he has lied to you about this but just do a search. Multiple times he was left alone. Multiple times he popped back harassing innocent people because……reasons.

    Be Well.

    • Oh he most certainly wants me to shut up. He’s said so. Multiple times. He just doesn’t like being told his actions are awful publicly. Can’t stand the embarrassment, you see. He has to be all that. And he’s not. Too bad.

      Xe can tell xer life partner that it’s not nice to badger people over things that are none of his business. If he would quit that, perhaps people wouldn’t be so apt to jump all over him. Just a thought.

      • Some guy who wears Parkinson’s Disease as a badge of honor, living as a transient thinks he’s going to shut people up? Does that even work?

        Oh I see, he’s going to SUE..

        as a pro-se plaintiff..

        in federal court..

        as a pauper because he’s broke..

        Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh.. no..

        *writes more PLM posts about Schmalfeldt..

    • As a matter of law, I have never defamed nor lied about Bill Schmalfeldt. So let me echo TOLF. Every single thing that has ever happened to Bill Schmalfeldt has been the foreseeable consequence of his actions.

      If you want to get on with your life, I strongly suggest you intervene and get Bill Schmalfeldt off the internet.

      Phone, train.

    • Xhe says xhe has, remember? Following all of this since 2013. What does that tell you of the ethics and moral fiber of such a person?

      Summary: BS has the right to write what he wants about anyone. Everyone else has to shut up.

      Oh, I forgot: “Yeppppppp. Yessssss. XD.”

    • “Yepppp. Ya see, we’d be more than happy to just go on with our lives and never think of them again…”

      Riiiiiiiiiight. Apparently xhe is completely clueless about the demented nature and obsessed character of the Deranged (and, Adjudicated x12) Cyberharasser/Cyberstalker xhe has chosen to shack up with in the roach motel du jour.

      Ya see, The Blob DOES NOT WANT TO just go on with his pathetic life and *never* think of HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE! *ever* again. The Blob LIVES to stalk, harass, abuse, and threaten Team Lickspittle.

      Here is a bit of truth I will offer up to Pinky McTardsAlot… the fact of the matter is… WE are The Blob’s life. He loves us more than he loves xer. And, xhe shouldn’t kid xerself… this will *never* change.

      “…but they just don’t know how to *shut up*”

      And, guess what, cupcake? WE DON’T HAVE TO SHUT UP. Don’t care for what is being posted and discussed? We will offer the same advice to xer that we have offered to the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt for YEARS now… Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

      Easy peasy, dumbasses. 🙄

  7. Jumped to comment: Mr. Hoge, you did that all wrong. I don’t understand this orderly refutation of each of BKs points. Don’t you know you’re supposed to pad your response with page after page of spurious ad hominem attacks on your opponent, his family and disinterested third parties? Pro tip: it really helps if you insult the court itself; shows them you ain’t skeerd.

  8. Uh, BS has written about wearing adult diapers. Is it the brand name that he has a problem with? Did he forget his own mother asked him why he wrote about such embarrassing things?

    • “Is it REAL PD or is it FAKE PD? The doctors say its REAL.”

      In all the time I have followed this, Mr. FAKinsons has never, EVER, offered a doctor report from a specialist that based on clinical evidence shows he has Parkinson’s.

      Not ONCE.

      I have searched the internet and clinical trials for people with stage IV Parkinson’s. In all my research I have never found someone who had progressed to stage IV in a disease that never gets better recover to the point where they can make multiple long distance car trips solo.

      Not ONCE.

      So, Mr. Fakinsons, to answer the question, its 100% absolutely, positively FAKE and I’m more positive of this than a Maury paternity guest.

      Wanna shut us up? Stop using indirect “evidence” you skew to suit yourself. Get a doctor to go under oath that you have Parkinson’s and it progressed to stage IV. Make sure he can explain your impossible recovery from your own admissions too. Because until then in my opinion you are making people who REALLY have the disease look bad.

      I honestly don’t know what’s worse: when you faked valor or faking Parkinson’s. You’re scum for doing either in any case.

      Have fun getting destroyed in court!

        • I seriously believe from his past writings that Bill has repressed homosexual tendencies. (all anal all the time, boy scout porn, etc. etc. etc.)

          Unfortunately for him when he takes it dry in the court case, it won’t be in the way I believe he wants it done.

          But there is always jail .

          • He doesn’t deserve jail. He deserves to get Parkinson’s (for real), cancer or some other progressively debilitating disease so he can spend his final days living just like Gail had to.

          • His voice always struck me as having a serious amount of swish for a person with a midwestern accent. Not that there’s anything wrong with being farmed out the to the showtune channel at XM, and then fired.

    • It’s a pretty interesting “tell”, that with 2 court cases looming, both with disastrous potential outcomes for Bill, he has instead decided to devote his remaining time and energy to this new internet body-shaming jihad against an internet poster who was only tangentially connected to any of this.

      Deb Frisch territory, indeed.

  9. Transient, unemployed member of the twitter bar of J Walker and Howe, holder of two ribbons, 10th earl of restrania, staunch admirer of pedophile bomber, leftist banned from leftist blogs, defender of the indefensible

    Makes his case

    For the defendants…

    Breitbit News @breitbitnews
    Replying to @breitbitnews and @truth_partner
    Scott Hinckley should MODERATE HIS FUCKING TONE and STICK TO THE TRUTH unless he wants to squeeze his fat ass into a bus to South Carolina.

  10. I foresee that tonight’s “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day” will be very interesting and the source of much Butthurt in parts of MD and SC.

  11. this was a bombing too

    I find it ironic that someone claimed in 76, to be digging in the rubble of the unbombed embassy and evacuating civilians would support a bomber

    one ordinary day, a woman, ran towards danger, a Dantian he’ll of exploding cars, a furnace of flames, a rain of death in rocks, concrete, shattered furniture, she ran towards her people buried alive by a bomber

    like someone who didn’t get his ribbon in Lebanon, this woman didn’t earn a ribbon either, she earned the gratitude of a city, state and nation. They don’t make ribbons big enough, for this woman.

    Read her story

    http ://

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