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This came in yesterday’s mail—

Rather than educate the midget by commenting on this, I’ll let him find out what he’s done wrong the hard way.

As I noted a few days ago, things are happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. I was thinking about life, and it crossed my mind that it’s said to see a man, diagnosed as obese, calling another man fat.

    And it’s sad to see a woman with so few options in life, settling for an unemployed transient with 12 restraining orders.


        • If she’s voluntarily hanging around with Unca Biwwy, I’d hazard fewer brain cells than teeth.

          Honestly, at times the pair of them make my guinea pigs seem like rocket scientists, and we used to swear that the pigs only had two brain cells each. Except for CeCe who only had one; she couldn’t figure out that biting the treat while her head was over the edge of the pen would mean the rest of the treat would fall to the floor. In the more than a year we had her, she never figured that out. Sort of like Unca Biwwy and his law suits.

          But at least cavies have cute going for them, unlike Unca Biwwy and his … friend.

          • You should put a little pink bar across the eyes of your new avatar.

          • My wife has had at least two piggies since 1999. Some are pretty smart, some are not at all, but all seem to get more out of life than the Fail Schmalrus.

    • In her defense she does have a YUGE!! stash of gay incest porn. Heck, she seems to be more interested in men’s anus’s then Bill is. And that is saying something.

  2. Good grief, Breitbart Unread seems to be publishing a racist pedophile now, one Publius Varinius. Wow.

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that “Publius Varinius” is one Wee Wee Willy Fifi Fergie (Team Kimberlin’s anklebiter) poking his mangy head out from underneath his rat-infested porch where he’s been cowering in fear ever since he stupidly begged our Gentle Host to sue him… and, our Gentle Host obliged.

      Or… of course, it’s just the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt (once again!) doing his master’s bidding. The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin sure does lead those two sociopathic pigs around by the rings in their snouts.

      Typical and predictable Team Kimberlin harassing and libelous behavior… what with the sawed-off, dwarf felon making all sorts of racket about attempting to get AW on the witness stand here in less than a couple of weeks.

      Weak attempts at intimidation are… weak. 🙄

  3. The idiot has never successfully examined a hostile witness on the stand yet, but he is trying to subpoena Aaron? Wow, between he and Cabin Boy, its a contest of stupidest pro se.

    Come to think of it, he hasn’t successfully examined a friendly witness either….

    • I think the main difference is that the Cabin Boy has a kind of obvious stupidity while the Tiny Pedo seems to have a kind of off-kilter stupidity. At any rate, they’re different kinds of stupid.

    • “The idiot has never successfully examined a hostile witness on the stand yet…”

      Your comment, The Shoveler, prompted me to go back and re-read the transcript (Day Two) from the “Kimberlin v Walker et al” trial uploaded to Scribd via the National Bloggers Club. I am not going to post a direct link as the name of a minor child is not redacted in that version (and, with all due respect for our Gentle Host, and certain preferences he has outlined for his blog… I do believe he would *not* want it posted on Hogewash!).

      However, for anyone interested in searching for the NBC transcript themselves – and, refreshing their memories as to how the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin handles examining “hostile” witnesses on the stand:

      Aaron Walker’s testimony: begins on page 51
      WJJH’s testimony: begins on page 129
      Ali Akbar’s testimony: begins on page 147
      Stacy McCain’s testimony: begins on page 157
      (and, again on page 190)

      Looking toward August 21st… *popcorn*

    • No, he probably has no intention of calling Arron or his wife. This is his way of keeping Arron out of the courtroom during the trial and of course using the legal system to harass Mr. and Mrs Walker.

      If you go a read “Cabin Boy™” Unread all the questions he fantasizes about are not admissible.

      • This.

        Tis solely the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin’s desire and attempt to keep our Happy Warrior Aaron out of the courtroom.

  4. Just to recap –

    Kimberlin asks for a motion in limine to basically not talk about him. His Editor at Large Billy Schmalfeldt is publishing smear stories about Hoge and now the Walkers.

    Now Kimberlin wants to subpoena the Walkers and [redacted]?

    One wonders, what can go wrong?

  5. 9-5=4 Snails are slow this time of year.
    Is it due to the extra postage they should have had to carry?

    • Didn’t he file a motion to move the venue because it was too far to travel to Carroll county ?

  6. “… listed in his pretrial statement….”

    Is that anything like taking the complaint one has made to a doctor and calling it a diagnosis?

  7. The suspense! Can’t wait too see what you’ve already foreseen!

    Some things are happening NOT behind the scenes as well, like Billy & his he/she wanting to be part of a poor people/immigrant ministry campaign. If there’s anything ol’ Billy shouldn’t be around, it’s a ministry & an offering plate. Cannot wait to show Reverend Barber a few examples of the real Billy. Poor guy may have a dang heart attack when he sees the filth Billy slings around.

    • But they are “heavily” with the ‘Resistance’. Well, I guess when you are two obese lazy unemployed transients you are “heavily” with something. Resistance to work? Resistance to exercise? Resistance to doing anything to pull yourself out of the shithole that is you made of your life? Resistance to doing anything but living on the dole? Yeah, they heavily resist anything that threatens thier sucking the public teat.

  8. Dumbf5cks gonna dumbf5ck. There’s a reason Dumbf5cks in the subject is plural, cuz Biwwy ain’t the only Dumbf5ck around, Kimby.

    • Good science jokes can be hard to find, so when the opportunity presents itself, I like to share them:

      Heisenberg and Schrodinger are out for a drive. They get pulled over by a police officer.

      Heisenberg is driving and the cop asks him “Do you know how fast you were going?”

      “No, but I know exactly where I am” Heisenberg replies.

      The cop says “You were doing 55 in a 35.”

      Heisenberg throws up his hands and shouts “Great! Now I’m lost!”

      The cop thinks this is suspicious and orders him to pop open the trunk. He checks it out and says “Do you know you have a dead cat back here?”

      Schrodinger yells, “Well, we do NOW!”.

      • Dr. Einstein, knowing that it was no coincidence that he and his colleges were pulled over by the same policeman at the same time, meanwhile pulls the squalling cat off of the officer’s face and administers first aid.

        Dr Feynman soothes the purring cat while waiting for the previously summoned ambulance to join them.

  9. So, can Aaron demand Brett pay all his travel expenses… in advance? He’s not so good at paying his debts, you know.

  10. It’s hard to be able to figure out which mistake Brett Kimberlin made because I don’t know which, if any, of the subpoenaed witnesses want to testify.

  11. People can lose weight, what can’t be lost is a decade plus internet history and legal losses and face plants

  12. I thought he screwed up all his pre-trial motions so badly he couldn’t call any witnesses? Or was that in another failed effort at “shutuppery?”

    It is increasingly difficult to keep up with their remarkable strictly g of legal failures.

  13. Wait … Billy actually wants to be involved with a charity? He either wants to get next to the collection or wants more than his “fair share” of day old bread, last night’s pizza, out of date canned food and used clothing … Greedy bastard!
    He’ll be thrown out as all charities are on the look-out for users and takers (and fakers too) … Remoras like Bill are easily seen through …

    • Our gentle host and I disagree upon only one point, to wit, whether the tiny monkey and the huge manatee are minions of a vast global conspiracy, or merely self aggrandizing whackjobs.

      Having been myself, thrice in the past, the object of attempted recruitment of similar cabals, the pattern today is eerily familiar.

      So, while I do concede that contacts with a charity with “deep involvement in the resistance” (and here I rely solely on comments made above) could be entirely coincidental, I suspect that we may possibly be seeing the shadowy hand of an eastern European megalomaniac nazi ultrabillionare providing cover and legend for a change of handlers among his pawns.

      Pawns who have, perhaps, become a liability.

      • Quite possible … sadly, I see a lot of this in small groups of people infiltrating charities and hijacking them to other ends, usually leftist political ends … (Thankfully, not among the Orthodox)

      • Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D, sez:

        The homeless Afghan War veteran charged with gruesome the murder of the two transients in a Myrtle Beach motel last year has been ruled unfit to stand trial, as his PTSD makes him unable to participate in his own defense.

  14. I don’t believe you can use an out-of-state subpoena to require a non-party witness to travel to the forum state to testify at trial.

    There is, instead, a process during discovery to get an out-of-state subpoena to require a non-party witness to attend a deposition and give testimony – but the party taking the deposition has to travel to where the witness is to take the deposition (or use a live streaming video system to take the deposition or even take a deposition over the phone). I’ve never heard of a court allowing phone testimony or live streaming video testimony at trial unless maybe if the parties agree to it.

    Then, if the out-of-state witness won’t come to testify at trial, depending on the state’s rules of evidence, the deposition transcript can be used. But here, Kimberlin failed to take any depositions during discovery so he lost the chance.

    So, putting aside every other issue the request for a subpoena may have, I don’t believe the Court has authority to even issue such a subpoena.

    • And of course, the questions Bill posits at BU are irrelevant to the issues of this case and wouldn’t be allowed.

      Not sure how he believes whether or not Aaron is “illegally practicing law in Maryland” is relevant to the issues in this case. Or the questions regarding Aaron’s wife. Even taking into account Bill not being an attorney — he has to realize those questions have no relevance to any issue in the matter.

      Instead, it appears Bill simply used his “musings” regarding potential questions as an excuse to write nasty things about Aaron’s wife.

    • i’m pretty sure, Monkeytoe, that if the court found the request to be a timely and otherwise proper one, it has the authority to issue a subpoena no matter where the nonparty witness lives, and even and what is term day “foreign state.” The issue then becomes for the requesting party to get the subpoena domesticated in the foreign state and then served. With trial just a few days away even under the best of circumstances that would be a real uphill job.

      • LOL, I shouldn’t dictate a post while driving.

        That should have read, “… even in what is termed a ‘foreign state.'”

        • they can issue a subpoena, but cannot force a witness to incur travel expenses. Even in Federal Court, you can only require a witness to travel up to 100 miles.

          I’m pretty confident a state court does not have authority to order a resident of another state to cross state lines and attend a trial. Now, maybe if the court is close to the state line and the non-party witness lives just across the state line, a local court might domesticate such an order because it isn’t an undue burden on the witness. But as a general rule, state courts have no authority to require out-of-state non-party witnesses to attend trial.

          That’s why evidence rules (both state and federal) all have various exceptions for using deposition transcripts of “unavailable witnesses” and one of the basis for “unavailability” is living out of state and not subject to subpoena power.

          • I agree completely that a court in Maryland cannot compel a non-party witness in Virginia to attend a trial and provide testimony. But there is nothing that stops the court from issuing a subpoena. The party that requested that subpoena then can file an action in Virginia to domesticate the subpoena. The action is one of comity. The Virginia court would almost certainly not issue an order directing compliance unless the prospective witness identified in the subpoena had the opportunity to appear and, as appropriate, be heard in opposition. In Alaska, a party desiring an out of state witness to appear and testify at a trial under a subpoena pretty much always had to guarantee to the domesticating state’s court that he, she or it would cover the cost of appearance, to include travel and lodging. Alaska has very liberal telephonic appearance rules and so quite often we would resort to the use of a court reporter’s office in the witness’s state of residence with videoconferencing facilities if we wanted to have the court observe demeanor but the cost of having the witness appear in person was out of reach.

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