124 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

  1. Returned mail again? Damn, Schmalfeldt is even stupider then I’d imagined. How hard is it to keep the court apprised of your correct address as required by the statutes? Unless, of course, you are ducking service.

  2. On the alleged medical exhibit attached to his motion, I just noticed that he said he’s 6 feet tall. In moments of honesty, he has admitted that he’s 5’10”.
    Lying liars and all.

  3. Referring back to his exhibit:
    Hmm, no diagnosis of cachexia BY AN ACTUAL MD on that medical form.
    He’s also on the following meds: Zoloft, Clonazepam (Klonopin – can be addictive), Metropolil. None of those are for PD, and from what Rich Buchanan has said, Klonopin is no longer a drug of choice for PD. The form says he already has Levodopa.There’s one more at the top of the list on the bottom right of the page that I can’t quite make out – can anyone else. PAGING RICK BUCHANAN, RICK BUCHANAN TO THE LICKSPITTLE DIAGNOSTIC AREA!

    • You know what else is really, really cool about that “medical” exhibit? The name of the alleged clinic is obscured, and there is no contact info on the form at all. Also, no doctor is listed.

      Other items of interest: good balance, no pain. Odd, given that he claims he can barely walk and falls down a lot, and that he’s in constant pain. That there is some interesting case of “PD.”

      Finally, on the left hand side, someone noted the following: PD, something that looks like HIV(!) or HDV or HDN, anxiety, and obesity.

          • Too advanced for levodopa to help the dopa, but NO VISIBLE SIGNS REPORTED.

            Nor were any visible signs apparent in the video he posted of himself.

          • “Too far advanced” but able to drive cross country multiple times.

            IT”S A MIRACLE

            or not

        • Those are his presenting complaints, not a diagnosis.

          This intake form proves merely that he has good balance in direct contradiction to assertions made in his motion.

          Very, very bad.

          I’m neither a doctor nor a lawyer. But I can read.

          Phone, train.

          • Well, not precisely. The assessment the “action list” for treatment. The assessment note is, however, based primarily on his history. and a cursory exam. I discuss that more in TKPOD The care provider does not attempt to do a comprehensive neuro exam, and part of thr plan is to refer him out to be evlaluated ….for the purpose of determining if he would qualify for a scooter.

        • No one has trouble with that, even if the notes aren’t the most legible I’ve ever seen. I guess he missed the post about his linsinopril in TKPOD, where I mention his assessment note, its CONTEXT, and the fact his linsinopril can cause the throat issues he complained of as well as associated weight loss.

    • The not in th hart is “has had levodopa already” which in his case doesn’t mean a current script. By his Hx,they were no longer effective. Interstingly, in his account of his road to diagnosis, he received a diagnosis of not PD but extrapyramidal syndrome.

    • It isn’t a drug name if you are looking at the extreme right underneath the Clonazepam. It is instructions to be taken by mouth at bedtime. Underneath that it states, “wrote a book”.

  4. Nope. No one is “suggesting” that BS has HIV. Remember, folks, this is the guy who kept making fun of a woman, accusing her of having AIDS via “spoiled weenie juice.” She had to get a restraining order against him. Moreover, Mr. “Context Is Important” and everyone else can see that I was asking for help interpreting the scrawl on the form, and offered several different possibilities.

    • Oh, my. BS is asserting that what is written on that form is a diagnosis, when it is clear that much of what they wrote, as is the case with all doctors, was recording what HE told them. Did they witness him falling out of bed? Having to change positions frequently? No, of course not. Did they witness him writing a book, which is also noted on the form?

      Now, I am merely observing what is on the form, on a public blog. A form that BS put into the public record. That is not libel, per se or otherwise. When a president has an annual physical, and it is posted publicly, people opine on it. People ask questions. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

      • “Did they witness him writing a book, which is also noted on the form?”

        Maybe. Depends on how closely they have him under observation.

        Alternatively, they wrote it down because he kept saying “I really have Parkinson’s, your know. I wrote a book!”

      • This is not merely an intake form, it’s SOAP visit notes. However it’s useless to the court for the purposes Bill intends. Yes, the context is new patient and the physician is relying on a history, he has not reason to discount, but it history nonetheless, with the objective evidence of Bills head dents to support this history. BUT any disability is to be evaluated elsewhere with a specialist…the doc or PÅ isn’t qualified to do any in depth evaluation or manage to of his neurological Issues (if any).
        The judge will simply not attempt to decipher the level of Bills disability from this note, and will not be studying Bills Feldtchart internet excerpts. The judge already understood Bills claims, and there is nothing in these notes to make a difference, even if the judge attempted to interpret them, which he won’t. BIll should have sought something more to the point in a summary from his treating physician (or PA), it’s a mystery why he didn’t , IF he didn’t.

        Even generously assuming that travel is more uncomfortable for Bill that any old geezer, there is no hint he cannot travel, and there is positive evidence that he can, and Bill has had ample notice and preparation time to soften the strains of travel if he chose.

    • They did not diagnosis him with PD. He told them that he had been diagnosed with PD, which I believe he was. I don’t think a bunch of surgeons are going to drill into the skull of someone they don’t think has PD. After his miraculous improvements, it is my belief that he was misdiagnosed. That is also common with PD, which mimics other disorders, as BS himself has written about extensively.

      • Reading his own accounts of his road to diagnosis, there are disagreements about what is wrong with him. more than one physician questions…and one Doc leans toward extrapyramidal syndrome (Bill had been on some heavy meds, and who knows what else might be in a fuller history)

    • More to the point. All that proves is that you told the Dr. you “have” Parkinson’s, and you “fell” out of bed twice.

      History: What YOU told the Dr.
      Diagnosis: What the Dr. thinks is wrong with you.


    • Falling out of bed is more a symptom of being drunk or on drugs. Especially when you get injuries that look suspiciously like cat scratches. 😀

      • I can read fellow doctor scribbles: it says “fallen oob 2x last mo”
        oob is a commonly used acronym.
        But again, this isn’t a diagnosis, this is just taking notes on what is being relayed by the patient.

    • Falling out of bed is also a symptom of two really fat people trying to share a small flop house bed together.

      • Hypothetical: A and B, both physically repellent, go to bed together. A awakes on the floor. Accident by A or tort by B? Bonus question: if tort by B, is it justifiable?

  5. Ah, hypertension. Good to know it’s not something more serious. I, unlike someone else, don’t laugh at people and imply that they’re infected by “spoiled weenie juice.”

    • Gimp it yourself.

      Try a 3:1 scale using Cubic, then filter with Unsharp Masking 5.0,0.50,11 for starters.

      Notice the difference between the bold strokes of the original notations, and the shaky nature of the (…ahem..) “other” pen strokes.

      Who knows? Perhaps the physician’s hand slipped, and the doc had to correct his own notation to read HTN.

      Perhaps Nibiru will destroy the earth before any of this is decided.

  6. Gee, the pain assessment is left blank. That suggests no pain of note. One would think that if a patient was complaining of chronic, unremitting pain, that would have been filled in. That’s why I’m just asking questions. Glad to see that BS is willing to clear up some things before the show cause hearing.

    • On the left side under EARS:
      Hearing & Balance are normal is checked.

      That Doctor needs to print because he sure can not write cursive.

        • You know what’s really hilarious? That he submitted this page of scrawls expecting the judge to interpret it, which I can assure Bill he will not attempt to do. He should also,have submitted a note from the treating physician or physician assistant with a clear text summary of the visit and findings, and even then that’s mostly useless without an assessment that you can’t arrange or tolerate travel with many weeks notice, although you fit in a several hundred miles round trip within that interval already.

      • Maybe he thinks it’s pronounced “libel pussy” and the second word means it applies to him because he’s being libeled?

  7. “Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews 1h1 hour ago [2:34 PM – 8 Aug 2017]

    Replying to @breitbitnews @wjjhoge @truth_partner
    Needs frequent position adjustment for comfort. Refer to neurology for mobility scooter eval, diagnosis, Parkinson’s disease.”

    You stooopid stooopid DUMBF5CK!

    It does NOT say “Refer to neurology for mobility scooter eval, diagnosis, Parkinson’s disease”. NO, NO, NO.

    Instead, it says “Refer to neurology for mobility scooter eval, FOR:, Parkinson’s disease”.

    There was NO diagnosis for PD. Je repete, NO DIAGNOSIS FOR PD!

  8. In the hope of having my comment read:

    I am all agog at the filing discussed earlier. While not a lawyer, I can’t see how the tone of breath-taking insolence helps convince a judge.

    Further, that clinical checklist proves nothing about his assertions, and demonstrates the exact opposite!

    I have said before that whoever is encouraging Bill Schmalfeldt in these antics is not his friend.

    Phone, train station.

  9. As usual, Dumbfuck being a Dumbfuck.

  10. Let’s put some “context” around all of this:
    1. BS publicly details his everyday life as a PD patient, from his surgery, to the effects on his sex life, to his bowel habits, the last in great detail.
    2. He writes books about his medical condition.
    3. He gave talks about his medical condition.
    4. He is sure to mention his medical condition in court documents.
    5. He tweets and posts photos of his half naked body, all to discuss his medical condition.
    6. He files exhibits in the court about his medical condition.
    7. He claims that his late wife forced him to do things for himself as much as possible and not feel sorry for himself.
    8. After she passed away, he exhibited a remarkable improvement in his mobility, which he attributed to . . . his wife not being there to do things for him all the time. Compare this claim to point #7.
    9. He blogged about feeling great, getting more exercise, and losing weight as a result.
    10. Then Hoge’s case started its last leg, and suddenly, the weight loss that he had attributed to taking better care of himself, he now suspected was due to esophageal cancer.
    11. He started a GoFundMe to fund an extensive cross-country jaunt, for which he would be driving himself, having obtained a driver’s license about 2 weeks after telling a court in Maryland that he was unable to travel and leave his Life Alert.
    12. He got screened for esophageal cancer, which came back negative.
    13. He then drove himself back and forth from Iowa to South Carolina three times in less than three weeks, over 3,000 miles in total.
    14. He has posted about how good he feels and he’s losing weight, all of which his Maryland neurologist had advised him to do to improve his symptoms.
    15. Now that the trial is 13 days away, he attributes the weight loss to “cachexia,” a self-diagnosis. He is once again claiming “end stage PD.”
    16. For years, he has detailed his medications, PD-related hallucinations, executive dysfunction, etc.
    17. In other words, he not only welcomes discussions about his health, he encourages them. He has made money off his health conditions.
    18. In contrast, he has ridiculed people whose kids are severely disabled, like David Edgren and Patrick Grady, even going so far as falsely accusing Grady of causing his son’s disability. He has accused, without an iota of proof, Ash’s boyfriend of being a meth head. He has accused Hoge and others, such as BPO, of being either “racketeers” and/or molesters of children. These are actual examples of libel per se. Wondering what the doctor’s chicken scrawls actually say is not. Even BS himself admits that parts of the form are INDECIPHERABLE.

    • “He got screened for esophageal cancer, which came back negative.”

      From what I heard, it was just bruising caused by repeated impacts.

    • that particular scribble on of the form is Hx only. It’s what Bill is telling the doc about his condition.

    • Illness Anxiety Disorder, AKA Hypochondria:
      By Mayo Clinic Staff

      “Illness anxiety disorder, sometimes called hypochondria or health anxiety, is worrying excessively that you are or may become seriously ill. You may have no physical symptoms. Or you may believe that normal body sensations or minor symptoms are signs of severe illness, even though a thorough medical exam doesn’t reveal a serious medical condition.
      Illness anxiety disorder is a long-term condition that can fluctuate in severity. It may increase with age or during times of stress. But psychological counseling (psychotherapy) and sometimes medication can help ease your worries.”

  11. Why does dumb fuck always go off the rails when I’m out of town. This is not fair. Damn it he needs to schedule his feltdowns and Johnny walker red benders damn it.

    Phone, Mexican Restaurant, Oregon Coast

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