Google Fires an Employee

Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo which escaped into the wild and caused a brouhaha on the Interwebz. The reason given was that the employee had violated the company’s “Code of Conduct.”

When an employee and a company’s Code of Conduct are at odds, one of them has to go. Time will tell whether Google has made a wise choice.

18 thoughts on “Google Fires an Employee

    • Yep. Glenn Reynold’s has already commented that he’s looking forward to seeing what comes out of discovery in the likely lawsuit based on California’s law outlawing employment discrimination based on political beliefs.

  1. Buying popcorn futures, and advising my brother-in-law, who farms about 7500 acres in Iowa, to skip the beans (soybeans to non-Iowans) and feed corn this year, and PLANT POPCORN!!!!

    Side note: was mentoring a young engineer, and he mentioned he’d been offered a position at Google. Asked him if he was considering it, and he replied, “HELL NO! I’m not working for those f*cking spies!”

    He will go far. 😉

  2. While I doubt it will hurt their business in the short term I don’t think it will be all that useful to them in the long run. If, as reported, 1/3 of those responding to the memo were supportive they’ve got problems. And knowing the people I do I also suspect that there are more than 1/3 are supportive and that it includes most of their really good software engineers and hard core computer types.

      • They created the seeds of their own destruction when they said that Brian was “not a cultural fit” at Google.

        What was that code words for?

        I was present in the Cambridge A lounge a half century ago when Brian walked in and called on all present to witness that on this day Brian K. Reid renounced atheism and embraced the Christian faith.

      • Yeah, it’s too bad. I liked a couple of his early books. But I refuse to put money in the pockets of totalitarians.

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