Prevarication Du Jour

David Edgren has a post over at the Artisan Craft Blog dealing with a recent blog post by the Cabin Boy™ which quotes Schmalfeldt as saying that the emails he sent back in 2015 which had a now-infamous picture of his late wife attached contained “instructions” that the picture not be published.

One of those emails was sent to the Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees and several of his deputies. I was cced. The email to Sheriff DeWees contains no instructions regarding publication of the picture. The Gentle Reader can read that email (with the images redacted) here. The other email was sent to a law enforcement agency in Massachusetts. I haven’t seen it, but I’d bet folding money that it also lacks any prohibition on publication of the image.

Of course, I have never put that image in a blog post here at Hogewash!—it’s not in the blog’s media files to be posted—and if I found it in a comment, I would immediately delete it.

UPDATE—This just appeared in my Twitter Notifications as part of what appears to be a Feldtdown.There are quite a few other possible explanations about how that picture of Mrs. Schmalfeldt made it into the wild on the Interwebz. One obvious possibility is that the Cabin Boy™ published it himself. I’m unaware of any evidence that would prove he did, but it’s still possible. Certainly, there is no evidence that Scott Hinckley or I ever published the photo.

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    • That’s the thing. He says he only sent it to two people, but that was obviously not true.

      One way to make sure a photograph never appears anywhere – don’t put it anywhere online. Or don’t take the picture.

    • It was to a group inbox monitored by more than one person.

      The only way to know what’s up is for Shakey to post the original. Was this the Microsoft account that was shutdown for reasons that may include child pornography?

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt’s twitter case is falling apart. I wonder how his real-life legal issues will fare. I also wonder which is more important to him.

  2. Its impossible to follow his krazy “logic” here, the idea that he is “proving” something with the lies themselves is just demented. I can’t follow how he thinks such restrictions, even if they existed, are somehow legally significant.

  3. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    What a pathetic, desperate attempt to fabricate something- ANYTHING- actionable. Mr. Fakinsons is reeking of desperation (among other things).

    If only you had taken your own advice (keep your mouth shut and if possible SETTLE) but its too late for that now. Hopefully there isn’t even a speck of u left when team free speech is done with you in court.

    The pedo master you worship won’t get away either, FYI. Hoge et al have learned from their mistakes of giving the benefit of the doubt and are smarter on their worst day than the two of u put together on your best.

  4. Don’t forget that Dumbfuck is mad at you for claiming he was fired when they didn’t offer him his job back for the third time AFTER he got shit-canned twice from Examiner.

  5. Just a reminder. Mental illness does not mean you cannot be held liable in a court of law.

    Insane is a legal term. Crazy, deranged or nuts is not.

    Now back to regular mockery with intent to lurk.

  6. Just….. wow. Billy is even more vile than I thought, and I already think he’s a f’ing deranged pig. Anyone past the age of 5 can see how pathetic that little set-up was, and even a 5 year old wouldn’t call the police to bawl about someone calling them names.

    I’d say, “Keep digging, Billy”, but he has to be damn near close to China by this time.

    How freaking messed up does someone have to be to do this shit?!

  7. I mean, best case scenario, what’s he trying to prove by sending out, unbidden, to many (on his side- he selects them even if they don’t think about him much, or at all) foes and more strangers, that kind of sensitive image? That strangers he’s intruded upon don’t obey him?

  8. He’s still on the Grady = Krendler train.

    He didn’t imply shit. The point is Dumbfuck has a habit of sending stuff to people that are unsolicited and he loses control over those images / statement once it’s out on the internet with or without disclaimers.

    Hoge doesn’t have to do shit about defamatory comments by commentators either. Quoting your Dumbfuck ass is not defamatory.

    • He is going to file a document in court – a public venue accessible to all – and condemn Hoge if Hoge subsequently publishes that filing on his blog.

      That’s pretty much the definition of insanity.

      But I think that that hints at what he going to try next – some bizarre insane attempt to avoid having to appear at trial.

      • He’s made a new motion to the court, I bet, claiming he just can’t make it to Westminster. Because John dares to follow thru with his suit, despite Bill suing him.

        By the way, that doesn’t look good. He’s well enough to start a brand new lolsuit in South Carolina, but he’s not well enough to defend himself in an earlier lawsuit and needs to plead whatever it is he’s pleading. The judge ain’t gonna be happy. In either court I’m thinking…

        • Well good grief, he’s going to (or already has) made a motion including freaky pictures. If he had any sense he’d remember that he’s cried wolf a thousand times about his frailties, that everyone knows he photoshops, and forges. If he had any sense he’d document his troubles with verifiable medical records and an affidavit from a current treating physician. He put the lie to his claim he couldn’t travel just short weeks ago, and everbody in this space has seen him eleventying off this mortal coil every single time he’s ask to show up to something he’s scared of.

    • And the rants about “defamatory comments” about a “current fiancee” are nonsense. I assume he’s referring to the person he claims is his girlfriend, the one who tweets obscenities (see above), has anime incest porn in a photobucket along with photos of young kids (odd combo), and made a video in which xe yowled “f*ck you Krendlerrrrrrr” at a man xe does not know and who, until that point, had not written a word against xer. What a saint.

      Trouble. In. Paradise.

    • Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews 2h2 hours ago

      Replying to @breitbitnews @wjjhoge and And when he receives my filing in his woebegotten lawsuit today, he will no doubt publish the attachment with photos meant for the court… meant to demonstrate the extent of my disability and deterioration to the Judge and Plaintiff. Hoge will publish, they will be…..copied by his readers and spread all over the net, out of context, proving that Hoge uses his blog as a weapon to punish enemies.

      If you are not in the grave or a hospital judge does not want excuses.

      Did you file under seal? Then tough kitty.

  9. I’m confused. What difference does it make who “published” the photo or who “sent it” to Krendler?

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Bill can prove that Hoge sent the photo to Krendler. And? What does that accomplish/mean? It doesn’t break any criminal laws I am aware of and does not appear to create liability for a civil cause of action that I can come up with.

    So, what is the point?

  10. How quickly people forget. He didn’t simply send it to AD’s wife’s email, an uninvolved woman, by the way. He sent an email to a common mailbox at her workplace, a mailbox that was viewed and used by a dozen people or more.

  11. now I remember why I keep looking at this site. It’s just strangely fascinating to watch new public displays of mental illness on daily display. I could never fake what he’s doing; he shoots off on tangents in ways that I could never even imagine.

    And now apparently he’s done something extremely weird and bizarre in his latest court filing, and this feltdown is a pre-emptive “reaction” to what his fevered mind thinks is going to happen, I guess. I think he’s got cobwebs in the windmills of his mind.

      • Wasn’t it comedienne Brett Butler who said the difference between the North and the South is that “up North y’all hide your crazy relatives in the attic, Down here we put them on the front porch so everyone can enjoy the.”? [That would make my home area part of the South even if it’s well north of the Mason-Dixon line.]

        Bill has made the internet part of the South. He’s put his crazy out there so everyone can see.

  12. I can’t say this enough, and I will say it again: Bill Schmalfeldt did NOT send that picture to me. He has no proof I even ever had it in my possession. The instances of it I have filed in court documents are direct printouts from the shared inbox used in a corporation (yes, a real corporation, registered with the state/feds, with shareholders, board of directors, and legal counsel). Between the 7 people he sent Hoge’s message to, and the 6 people who had access to that inbox, there are at least 13 people who had that photo, and there were never any instructions to not publish it. And just to pick a nit, distributing an unsolicited picture to another person would NOT qualify as publication in a court of law (unlike Twitter Court). Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar.

  13. The idiotic schemes this FatAss comes up with are completely mental. How could he or his dying wife benefit from that photo a) being taken in the first place and b) emailing it to uninvolved & unknown strangers and finally c) sending it several law enforcement agencies?? He had to have other motives that are not known to anyone but him. The story that he only wanted to show his enemies that his wife was a ‘real person’ is complete bullshit.

  14. Just let me get this straight….

    Bill is sending something to the court. ANYONE can access it. BUT, if Hoge dares to show a public document that Bill himself sent then Hoge is the bad guy? WTF kind of deranged thinking is that? Don’t want it public? A) Don’t file it. B) File it and ask for it to be sealed. If you don’t do A or B you lose your right to bitch about it DUMBF*CK.

    • TOLF, he’s not really complaining. That is EXACTLY what he wants to happen. He has no readers except us, so he wants to use us to spread the fake news that he’s a victim, and oh, look, “PD”! He wants all that info out there, that’s why he tweeted about it.

  15. Of course, demands not to publish the contents of correspondance to you are not binding in any way. Anything sent to you belongs to you, so you may do with it what you wish. Techdirt, and I think Popehat as well often like to publish bumptious threat letters so readers can point and laugh, even when such action inspire the message’s sender to falsely claim “it’s illegal to publish this.”

      • I’m with Ashterah on this – the root cause of this latest outbreak of lunacy is that he’s desperately trying to work some way out of showing up for court. I’d say that it’s now pretty certain that he won’t show up; he’s just trying to manufacture a plausible sounding excuse that will keep him from being sanctioned.

        Too bad he made such an effort to show up for the R.O. hearing last month. I guess it’s also too bad that selfies made with a frowny face aren’t quite the same thing as a documented medical diagnosis.

        • Those are not the only options. Plus, he did mail the horse poop to himself, and then publicly admitted that he had done so.

          • “Thus, in April 2014, “Paul Krendler” was born. As Paul, I wrote disgusting, filthy works mocking things I had written on Patriot-Ombudsman. Because I was selling hatred, there was no shortage in buyers. Hoge decided to blow a significant portion of his blog earnings on filing a copyright infringement suit, a suit fraught with so many errors that it would have no chance of success. We’d both walk away unscathed. Paul Krendler and Hoge made money hand over fist. And mailing the horse poop? Stroke of genius.”

            He admits he wrote “disgusting” things as Krendler, which included things about his wife. He admits to mailing the horse poop, calling it “genius.”


          • I have no doubt his reaction to receiving horse crap involved stroking, but it wasn’t genius.

          • I was thinking the same thing. Since Bill admitted to being Krendler I figured that meant he sent it to himself. Circle. Squared. Solved.

            OTOH… We know there are multiple voices in Bills’ head. IF there’s a unique voice for each twitter handle or blog handle THEN I could understand how he might lose track. That’s a lot of voices.

            Unless some of them are re-entrant. Can somebody spare a brother a primary key? We’ll INDEX (UNIQUE) the voices, spool the output to a file and then grep for the number of ‘DUPLICATE KEY IN INDEX’ errors. We bounce that against total number of rows and THAT will show us the number of voices.


          • “Unless some of them are re-entrant.”

            Nope. Bill’s behavior is the result of hundreds of threads running at once, all stepping on each other and overwriting memory seemingly at random. Some of those threads are apparently running in alternate realities.

  16. Oh my god. Dumbfuck thinks this is a damning statement that hurts Hoge.
    Hoge’s statement is simple. If which I have to emphasize IF Hoge saw it, he would have deleted it. He’s not responsible for any comments made here and doesn’t have to monitor all comments either. That’s not a damning statement. You lose again!

    • Is there no section on this website that actually talks about this? Oh wait there is!
      Here it is:
      So how is Hoge responsible for any poster who reposts a picture of your urn clock that you released everywhere?

      • This is the best part:

        B. In exchange for access to the Hogewash! content described herein, you agree not to sue W. J. J. Hoge or Hogewash! for its content, whether original or linked or quoted from any source, in any court on any grounds in law or equity. Should you violate this agreement by filing such a lawsuit, you agree to pay Hogewash!’s owner the sum of one-thousand dollars ($1,000.00) as liquidated damages in addition to all attorney’s fees, court costs, or other expenses associated with such litigation and to indemnify and save harmless Hogewash! and its owner from any damage award made against them in such action. Should this agreement not to sue be held unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, you agree to binding arbitration with all arbitration expenses paid by you. The arbitration panel shall be composed of three (3) weblog operators selected by Hogewash!’s owner from those in the links list on the Hogewash! site. The award in such arbitration shall be limited to (1) a monetary sum not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) and (2) the publication of a retraction or correction on the Hogewash! site. You agree that you will be entitled to no other relief of any kind in law or equity. You agree that all disputes concerning these terms of use or the content of Hogewash! are to be resolved in the courts of Carroll County, Maryland, under the laws of State of Maryland and the United States of America. You agree that if you are outside the State of Maryland, service of process by First Class U. S. Mail shall be adequate service upon you or your legal counsel.

  17. There appear to be pictures of his wife all over the internet. Just google “gail schmalfeldt picture” and you’ll find pictures everywhere. He took these pictures. And he must have sent or posted them at some point. You would be hard-pressed to find a picture of me on the internet anywhere. My pictures are my business. I keep them private by keeping them off the internet.

    Vile and evil are words that come to mind here. There are a few other words that come to mind as well but I’ll keep those words to myself as well.

    When the day of reckoning comes, it won’t be pleasant.

  18. UPDATE—This just appeared in my Twitter Notifications as part of what appears to be a Feldtdown.

    The source of the image is not in question. One person, and only one person, put that image on the internet. That person is a DUMBF*CK, and a weak ass copyright complaint is the only possible salve he could discover for his butthurt, but it would probably cost far more than he wants to pay.

    If you don’t want the world to see the pictures you’ve taken, DON’T TAKE THEM AND PUT THEM ON THE INTERNET.

    Tweens need to be told this. Geriatric DUMBF*CK’s are ineducable.

  19. I’m still sitting here dumbfounded that anyone with an OUNCE, a SMIDGEON, a microscopic dot of love for someone would take a picture of them at death’s door and use it for cheap publicity and f’ing drama. Billy Boy, I’ve said it before, but I am now totally convinced there is a special place in Hell for you. And sending it under the pretense that someone allegedly said you were making it up?
    I’ve never seen such meanness, such lack of actual human emotion. You make serial murderers look like Hallmark characters. The fervor with which you attack (often the wrong) people, try to get them fired, publish their personal details, encourage violence then say you didn’t… for god’s sake, man! How do you live with yourself?! As for that cow you call a fiancé, you’re definitely a match. If anyone can believe the entire world is against you when all the evidence clearly shows otherwise, you both deserve the squalor and filth you obviously live in. You lie when the truth fits better. You waste your limited resources on the most stupid shit. And wonder of wonders!! The shit is about to hit the fan again, and all of a sudden you are frail?? Again?? After launching a miserable failure of a country tour fund raising campaign?
    Wallow in your self-made muck, you piece of shit. Gail is truly the winner by escaping the misery that is you.

  20. considering all the ugly things he wrote about Connie’s sad passing, this is soo wrong and self serving

  21. This again. Haven’t we been over this before. You took a picture of his dying wife and distributed it to numerous people. You then included the photo as an exhibit in a publicly available court docket.

    Regurgitating Feldtdowns does not change the outcome. A picture of your wife in her last moments of life is out in open. And you put it there.

    Peak Schmalfedt.

    Then came the pink-haired, inflatable Soulmate 2.0, the bald cat, and the burning motel.

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