Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt logged in to Hogewash! yesterday morning just a few minutes after he received email service of the motion to dismiss filed for my codefendants and me by our attorney in Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al. LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. Since then, he has been relatively quiet.

He has 13 days to get his response to our motion filed, and four additional days to prepare for the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. trial and his show cause hearing.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

120 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Don’t worry about Bill having time to prep for the hearing. I’m sure he will have his fear pee soaked response to your motion in your attorneys inbox by COB tomorrow. It will probably involve the phrase “plaintiff moves to dismiss his lawsuit.” Sadly, it won’t include “with prejudice.” He’s learned that much. (Even if he doesn’t know if it’s wise in this particular case.)

    Tick, tock, Shakey.

  2. There is of course nothing to prepare for, in the upcoming trial, as the sanctions for his discovery misconduct is that he cannot introduce any evidence. Preparation for the criminal contempt of court hearing is for him to bring a toothbrush.

  3. He’s already on priceline looking for a cheap hotel in some other federal district.

    How many courts does he have to file the same case in before his ability to do this is taken away FOR EVER?

  4. I’m still surprised about his casual attitude towards possibly (likely-) losing.

    This particular lawsuit is not his problem. And I don’t mean the Maryland lawsuit either.

    Ram. Wall. Something or other…

  5. “Imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments should I pull of an upset and win this thing.”

    Imagination is a wonderful thing. Just ask the fine folks at Gamblers Anonymous.

    • I imagine that in the highly unlikely event that this should come to pass, any judgment awarded to the Porcine Pro Se will immediately be subject to a lien in Maryland…

      Imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments THEN!


  6. I knew there’d be no Feldtdown over this motion. Bill’s too much of a toady (heh!) to let his true colors show while he knows Nettles is watching. But he hasn’t got the self-control to maintain this behavior for long. Eventually, the veil will slip and it’ll be spectacular.

    • “Eventually, the veil will slip and it’ll be spectacular.”

      Put me in the pool for “5 minutes after he realises the ram has indeed touched the wall”

      Or inflatable soulmate forgets to get more JWR, whichever comes first.

      • I’mm not getting in the pool if Schmalfeldt is in there. He’s already proven he can’t control his bladder…

  7. Does Florence, SC have enough JWR for the DF to prepare his response AND get ready for court in Maryland?

    And does the Bumbling Butthurt have enough breathe to blow up his Zombie John Denver Doll to help him prepare?

    • We hold these truths to be self-evident- that all men are CREATED equal…

      After that, all bets are off.

  8. Prediction: Schmalfeldt will treat this as an opportunity to amend.
    We will see a brand new set of accusations, personal attacks and inappropriate legal citations. He will work in the Communications Act of 1932, the Smoot-Hawley Tariff and decisions by the Federal Railway Administration.

  9. The ONLY reason why Mr. Fakinsons is being so cordial to the defendants’ attorney is because despite the Dunning Kruger effect he still has JUST enough wherewithal to know if he acted toward a member of the bar the way he acts toward the defendants there wouldn’t be enough left of the body to be identified (metaphorically speaking) when the attorney was done with him in court.

    • gb, Aaron is a member of the bar, and the Bill Schmalfeldt acted in his regard was appalling and inexcusable. Mr. Nettles is getting Bill’s patented schmooze treatment, which will last only so long as Schmalfeldt thinks he is gaining some edge from it. It’s the kind of behavior that was very much in evidence when he was dealing with me in 2015- all sorts of false bonhomie and ingratiating words. That’ll change, and sooner rather than later. My best guess is a little bit less than two weeks from now.

        • I think anyone who can demonstrate a substantial interest in the subject of a litigated matter can file a “friend of the court” brief, but rarely if ever at the trial court level. The court has wide latitude in whether to accept same. I doubt that being a member of the class of people who loathe and despise Bill Schmalfeldt intensely would justify submitting such a brief.

  10. IANAL, however…

    Upon meditating upon and reviewing the Summary of the Nature of the Case, I believe that I see a trap being laid. A clever, subtle, devastating trap. (Sorry, no spoilers.) An almost irresistibly baited trap.

    Please God, may he take the bait.

  11. Bill likes dealing with a professional. But he forgets that professional has just filed a motion to remove all of Bill’s childish crap he wrote in his filings. Seems…..QUEER….that Bill forgets that it was HIS childish actions that necessitated this filing.
    Also, I see Bill is really starting to shade his odds of winning. Where is all the bluster of “I’ll have your houses, cars, and wives”? Bill assured us this case was a slam dunk. Wonder what changed his mind? Could he be he had a flash if insight and suddenly recognized what an incompetent idiot he is? Maybe Inflate-A-Mate is tired of being dragged around SC by an unemployed transient and is giving him lip? Maybe after the fire Bill found himself shuffling around among the other unemployed transients, meth heads, hookers, etc and realized that THIS is his life now? Who knows what shook the great confidence he once had. Shame to see Bill predicting his own defeat after just one opposition filing. Oh well, as Bill has said in the past, Too Bad Poop Flake

    • Lawyers are human. Judges are human. There is a human tendency to read through long documents (especially long, poorly written documents) in a cursory skimming fashion. (Which is why “Upon further consideration…” is from-the-bench for “Oops, I missed that one.”) Now, however, every single one of these childish actions is the subject, individually and specially, of “Did he really say that? Is the esteemed L. D. Nettles Esq. correct that this particular vituperation must be stricken from a federal pleading?” Line upon line…

    • He doesn’t have the education, intellect or skills required to properly answer the motion he received from Mr Nettles yesterday. Attorneys must be able to determine the fundamental elements of their cases and be able to respond accordingly. Bill has shown that he is incapable of these basic skills which is why there are 7 prior failed LolSuits. So rather than buckle down and hit the books to prepare the very best response, LardAss will submit a distraction filing attacking the defendants, Mr. Nettles or the judge in the case. Or he will dismiss the case thinking he has ended his latest mistake in LolSuitVIII. Not so fast Billy.

      Bill has shown over the years that he can’t or won’t put forth the effort to prepare, research and write proper court filings. No matter which side he finds himself, Bill usually half-asses just about everything as if he isn’t very motivated. However, what if Bill’s limited resources were placed on the line? Would he be properly motivated to take the time and put forth the effort to save those resources? He just might hire an attorney to represent him in his quest to “keep what ya got”. What if Schmalfeldt’s actual freedom was on the line? Would he take the time necessary to adequately defend his freedom? Hummm…….

  12. I’m starting to see why Nettles took this case.

    One, easy win.

    Two, the story will pay for drinks at the bar association get togethers for the next ten years.

    “No shit, there I was, reading a filing from some pro-se loon who’d already racked up multiple restraining orders…”

    • Yeah, I assume lawyers tell stories the was salesmen do. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the damned hilarious. I’d love to hear the story he will tell and buy him a drink.

      • There are attorneys who have ALREADY told their Schmalfeldt experience to their peers. And my definition of peers includes attorneys, judges, court clerks and other staff. He would flip the F out if he knew what was said AND by who!!

    • Hell, I might travel to Florence just to buy him dinner. And gift him a choice bottle of lovely brown spirits.

  13. The Scat in the Hat
    wrote to a magistrate

    I hope you decide
    these monsters due fate

    they forced me to live
    in a small dank room

    populated with smells
    and a sour swine too

    and now forklift parking
    is scare in this place

    where transients live
    out of a suitcase

    so what if I moved
    around the country

    I ended up here
    among the gentry

    I wrote raping children
    is something to do

    I did it more than once
    after fleeing the zoo

    I followed a pedo
    with glee and zeal

    I made cute hats
    to support his appeal

    I made some skits
    of raping little boys

    was it for politics?
    or am I being coy

    I am the Scat
    on my breath and my hat

    I live in my filth
    what’s better than that


  14. The only reason why Dumbfuck [REDACTED] Nettles requested the court [REDACTED] when Dumbfuck first filed the suit.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dumbfuck [REDACTED] because he is a Dumbfuck.

  15. WTF, man?!?

    It’s past 4:30 in South Carolina and Schmalfeldt hasn’t filed his blitzkrieg opposition yet!

    Is he sick? Dying? Dead?

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