Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

In the false Applications for Statement of Charges that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed against Aaron Walker and me in 2013, he stated that Tetyana Kimberlin has “a long history of mental illness,” and it appears from the transcript of one of the bench conferences during the the 2014 Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. trial that he intended to have Tetyana’s daughter testify to her mother’s alleged mental problems.

THE COURT: … but you’ve got to understand something, you are the party in this case, not your daughter. She’s not a party here.

MR. KIMBERLIN: I understand, but I need to put on, I need tho put this information on and I ask you to let me put this information on. She was listed as a witness.

THE COURT: The problem is what did she witness?

MR. KIMBERLIN: Well she witnessed the bipolar and present activity of my wife.

THE COURT: A 15-year old is not competent to testify about any bipolar —

MR. KIMBERLIN: Well she can testify —

THE COURT: That’s subject to an expert witness.

Kimberlin v. Walker, et al., Case No. 380966V, Transcript (Md. Cir.Ct Mont. Co. Aug. 12, 2104) at 48.

Of course, he wasn’t able to get away with that sort of claim when he and his wife were codefendants in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial.

MR. KIMBERLIN: Oh, the July 30th charges against you? I don’t believe that made any false statements. You know, in retrospect, I regret using the term mental illness. I’m not a doctor.

MR. WALKER: With regards to who, sir?

MR. KIMBERLIN: I’m not a doctor.

MR. WALKER: With regards to who? Who were you calling mentally ill?


Walker v. Kimberlin, et al., Case No. 398855V, Transcript (Md. Cir.Ct. Mont. Co. Oct. 13, 2016) at 78.


69 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • It depends on how old the spouse is at the time of marriage. Just as the judge said, the young cannot distinguish among adults who are quite odd but sane and those who are total whack-jobs.

    • Oh, I dunno. Lots of teenage girls running off to join ISIS for the glamor ending up being oppressed sex slaves. This is not dissimilar. It just seemed to be a good idea at the time.

  1. I’m hopping that your upcoming trial against pedo bomber, fake shakes and rest of team terrorist becomes a beacon that shines a bright light on there activities.

    iPhone (iOS 11 developer beta 4), home office

    • If she is still missing in action by the Hoge v Kimberlin trial, someone might want to file a missing person report. Maybe try to talk with her family in the Ukraine and ask if they have seen her in the past few months. Surely they must know about the type of predator Brett Kimberlin is. I fear for her safety & well being.

      • Please delete this ^^^comment by ghhh. I misspelled my email address.

        If she is still missing in action by the Hoge v Kimberlin trial, someone might want to file a missing person report. Maybe try to talk with her family in the Ukraine and ask if they have seen her in the past few months. Surely they must know about the type of predator Brett Kimberlin is. I fear for her safety & well being.

      • A local news story reported that the police recently found the remains of man buried in his backyard. This man was a criminal, who killed a PA cop 30 (?) years ago. He was injured during the crime, and his death (many years later) was related to those injuries. He had been in hiding ever since. His wife had a secret room for him to live in – they even moved once and built another secret room. Nobody ever saw him enter or leave their home – he was hidden from public for close to 20 years. He and his wife agreed that when he died, she would bury him in the backyard so no one would know he lived there. Finally, the wife told police where he was – I think she was selling the home, but I’m not sure why she did.

        I don’t know if we’ll ever see Tetyanna again ….

    • BOLO for “trophies”. In one of the more famous photos, he seems to be wearing an article that had been the trademark possession of a lady who is missing and presumed dead.

  2. I believe he did, because he admitted it in writing on the internet.

      • A tweet from the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s @YouGetNoQuarter archived link:

        “So, if I go to the hearing next week, I’m a liar because I said I couldn’t travel. (Never said that, said it was difficult, not impossible.)”


        • Now that the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has had his long-awaited wish fulfilled… gotta wonder if he would still describe it as FUN.

          I’d bet the answer is… a big, fat, blobby “NOPE!”

          😂 #pwned

          • I don’t think he liked my responses at all. Too bad, because they were the truth. He doesn’t seem to understand that perceived truth varies from one person to another. It doesn’t make one a liar, it just makes both takes be true. Also that certain things, once given (like a notification to never contact a person again), are only rescinded if they are actually, you know, rescinded.

          • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt despises truth… in each-and-every form.

            The truth is not in him.

      • I love how Billy tries to implicate anyone besides himself in the hastened death of Gail. Know who killed her, Billy? YOU, you fat f*ck. By making her wait hand and foot on your fat ass, bringing you “FroYo”, cleaning up your shit, and living a miserable, doomed life being married to a retard faking symptoms that miraculously cleared up after she died. There’s a special place in Hell for you, Billy Boy. I’m sure her life was so enriched with your daily blathering about lickspittles and the evil people on Twitter. Not once did you even consider showing her a little attention, a little appreciation. No, you just kept blowing through failed radio bullshit, failed lawsuits, failed everything. What did you blow on all that, sparky? What an ass.
        I’m guessing you’ve blamed others for your failures your whole damned life. No one but you is to blame for living in squalor, crawling from one motel to the next, wasting Gail’s insurance payout, and god knows what else. You have the life you deserve, pal. Have another pack of cheese crackers.

        • Yeah, Billy’s own discriptions of his recovery from a disease that never gets better after Gail passed away are why I believe he’s at the very least faking the extent of his Parkinsons if, in fact, he even has it at all.

        • If he could do all that after Gail died, he could have done it before she died and not taken such advantage of his “soulmate”.

          I put that in quotes, because you must first have a soul for there to be a mate for it. And since he doesn’t, she wasn’t.

  3. Did you tell him you urgently need a couple of lawyers?

    • How would Bill know anything about “acting like a Christian”? He isn’t one, and has no idea what it means to be one. Why does he assume this lawyer is one? I’m sure the many other faiths are represented in the lawyer community.

      • Uh… no. I had this argument in a completely different setting, but somehow I’ve been drawn out of my shell to sketch it out here.

        My understanding of the Christian faith is that only God can make the final judgment, and each of the statements “I’m a Christian”, “You are a Christian”, and “He is a Christian acting like a Christian” involves a human’s judgment, which is unreliable.

        The Christian ethos goes on to state that God only accepts people who have lived a perfect life, and that Jesus Christ is the only one who has achieved that, together with taking the punishment and death that is the deserved wages of sin.

        So, a Christian is ultimately an internal matter of faith and belief, that your own imperfect life and deserved punishment has been swapped with the perfect life of Jesus, with the punishment washed away (see also, communion rites etc).

        It is basically impossible to truly know another’s inner beliefs and values. The nearest that Western society has come to try and build an “inner belief meter” is a jury panel with 12 of your peers, and a careful, controlled adversarial trial procedure. This is used, for example, to distinguish between murder (“I wanted him dead”) and manslaughter (“I did cause his death, but I genuinely did not intend to do so”).

        Personally, I do not dare to pass judgment about the likely afterlife destination of any living person in the current wider situation. The question of how much empathy a person exhibits, as evidenced by their writings and other actions, is, by contrast, measurable: For example, cruelty to animals is punishable within society, as there has been a well-established link between past cruelty acts and future propensity to cause harm to others in society.

        • The Christian faith does NOT believe “… that God only accepts people who have lived a perfect life, …”

          We are supposed to try our very best to live as perfect as a life as possible. Since there is now no one living on earth who is both fully man and fully Divine (and hasn’t been since approx. 33 A.D.) that goal would be unobtainable. And living a perfect life or not doesn’t really matter, since we have been saved by Jesus and not through anything we do or can do.

        • Matthew 7:16-20 (NKJV)

          16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

    • Of course the lawyer wound write to you. It’s his job to maintain communication with the opposing party.

      Of course hoge wouldn’t write to you. The first thing a lawyer will say an retention is that their client shall direct all communication with the opposing party through the lawyer from that point forward.

      Of course you don’t understand why this is so, because you’re a sociopathic dumbfuck who cannot learn from the consequences of his actions.

    • “The Red Cross announced they are opening a shelter to assist those who were displaced by the fire, about 300 people, according to hotel officials. The Florence County Salvation Army is also assisting those displayed by the fire, and said they can be contacted for assistance.

      The FCSO arson unit is investigating the fire’s cause. Major Nunn with the FCSO is requesting that anyone with any photos or videos of the fire or the events leading up to it send them to the FCSO. ”

      That last bit is …. interesting.

    • Seems to me that this is an admission against interest.

      Surely he needs to feign ignorance of what a gentleman is, in order to claim that his behaviour was acceptable?

  4. “THE COURT: That’s subject to an expert witness.”
    Yes, an EXPERT who can be cross-examined at TRIAL.
    Old letters and affidavits from doctors who never examined you, or haven’t seen you in years, do not count.

  5. Listen up people- More admin stuff.

    I’ve received several emails regarding A Reader #1’s archived link. No. The answer is ‘No.’ @YouGetNoQuarter does not constitute a re-branding because that handle paid off in January. The August ’17 pool for re-branding is still open.

    The pool for Pinkie Pie leaving the Laardvark is still open. Don’t know how much longer. Bets received POST-event will not be paid.

    Half of you, and you know who you are, still haven’t completed this fiscal years courses for Sexual Harassment, Insider Trading and/or Corporate Ethics training. All are online. Do NOT wait too much longer. Trial season will be here before you know it. Use the time you have now wisely.

    A Rescue Mission to Maryland has been proposed. IF you are SPECOPS qualified and/or know how to drive a Prius shoot me a line. Who among you has bolt cutters? As of now, we are undecided on this one. Yes we are conscious of the time component.

    The August newsletter is out. If you haven’t received it you need to update your email address with us. Go to the PROFILE link on our Sooper Sekrit site.

    Other news? We got out-bid on the B-17(wreckage; no longer flyable) but it’s going to a good home. Details to follow if you’re interested.

    Enjoy your vacations and keep having a great summer!

    – The Management

      • Since you’re interested-

        ‘My gal Hil’ was bought by Eric Trump for $113.91. He was particularly interested that the nose art was intact. It was. Laser strikes laterally missed the forward fuselage and bullet strikes forward were forward.

        The B-17G will be placed at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum per the President’s request. No effort to restore it- DJT wants the shot-up airframe viewable as a example to all those with out-moded ideas, tactics, airframes, dumbf5kery and Progressive-ness daring to oppose his divine right to govern (constitutionally, of course and in accordance with said document; ignore the media-baiting tweets).

        Boeing B-17g ‘My gal Hil’ will be placed next to Enola Gay. A similarly historic aircraft- Acosta, at CNN, objected at todays White House press conference: “Don’t you think it’s significant that the President chose ‘in your face placement’ next to a historically notorious aircraft?”

        The Presidents’ spokesman was like, “Whatever. Draw your own conclusions.”

        Strong New York Times editorial to follow shortly. After they pick themselves up off the floor.

        How ‘My gal Hil’ got purchased, and aftermath of said purchase, is another story entirely. And an interesting one. Which occurs in a galaxy far far away.

        Home. 3 IPAs.

    • So if I had been a slacking journalist and medic in the Navy and wore glasses, that counts as SPECOPS right?

    • I have both the small and larger size of bolt cutters, so we are covered.

      I want 2 inches off the floor as my guess in the pool on the length of skirt Bill wears when he runs away from this court date.

    • Re the Sexual Harassment courses.

      “and you know who you are” – yea, but half the people who put together that course seem to be really, really confused about it.

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