Light My Fire

John Hinderaker has a piece over at PowerLine about the Doors’ Light My Fire which was released 50 years ago. He includes a link to

the seven-minute version of “Light My Fire” the way the band wanted it played, with keyboard and guitar solos intact. I heard it this way countless times after the 2:45 radio version had faded from the scene …

I fondly remember the album version. I was working as a DJ that summer, and it was one of the few songs that I could get away with playing that was longer than three minutes. It was long enough to allow me to leave the control room, go down the hall to the men’s room, and make it back in time to play the next commercial or next song.

And then Alice’s Restaurant was released …

31 thoughts on “Light My Fire

      • The AskWoody web site (for MS windows stuff) had group A and group B for updates. (A is take most everything, B is security only, without the MS “enhancements”.) Group C rejected everything, but within a couple of days, it evolved to Group W. No mention of the 27 8 x 10 color glossy photographs, though.

  1. Depending on your format, or American Pie worked also. Those were the days before automated crap. Nowadays half or more of the “local” djs are actually voice tracking short segments of talk from another studio. IMHO, radio left the listener…not the other way around.

    • There are radio beacon transmitters set up at many airports which operate at frequencies below the AM broadcast band. They are a heritage system designed to work with radio direction finder receivers, and those receivers also cover the AM broadcast band to allow commercial broadcast stations to be used for radio location. During the Vietnam War, almost every helicopter I flew on had that receiver running in the headphone system and tuned to AFVN, the Armed Forces Vietnam Network. One of my oddest memories of the war is of listening to Inna Godda Da Vita on my headphones and watching a door gunner firing bursts in sync with the drum solo.

        • Remembering listening to “Breathe” and “Time” as we are taking 30-40 ft seas in the Bearing Straits when we went from DefCon 5 to 3 during the Isreali Yom Kippur War.

        • Ah, memories. My favorite college roommate had a great band [better than REO Sppedwagon at the time] and their drummer did some of his own improvisation on “Toad” so good that his nickname became “Toad.” Before that it was “Orby” from “Orbit” because he was seriously way out there. That would have been just after Fresh Cream came out.
          They averaged a paying gig 3 nights a week in the Champaign, IL area and probably got a request for Toad one out of every 4-5 nights.
          I was their only roadie because I had a car.

        • A meditation and not a memory, in my case. Gatling for the right hand, Bofors for the left hand, howitzer for the kick-bass…

          My only memory is of the An-34, which is too loud for music even with noise-canceling headphones.

      • That beats my “arriving in Korea” memory. Got off the plane, April 15, 1988, with “Welcome to the Jungle” blaring from the speakers at the reception center.

        Still seems apt, despite there not being any actual jungles in Korea.

  2. On youtube, some one posted ‘Papa was a Rolling Stone’ by The Temptations, the 7:01 version, along with the comment ‘great song’, or ‘great lyrics’, or some such.

    Immediately thereafter a comment came up, ‘What do you mean? There are no lyrics!’

    Apparently Commenter 2 couldn’t get past a 2 minute intro.

    Kidz 2day …

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