52 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Starting to look like what ya call a Preference Cascade.
      I’ve noticed this in a lot of conflicts, both current and historical. The conflict will look like a long hard grudge match, neither side appearing to make much headway, but one will start to slip a bit – and then slip a bit more –

      and when the end comes, it all comes at once, everything falls apart in a rush, and people wonder how it could have taken so long when the true weakness behind the facade is truly revealed.

      • Sort of a variation of the fabled “hundredth monkey effect” theory.

        Which theory, I might add, does not require the monkeys to dance. But it couldn’t hurt.

  1. Does anyone think Stranahan would have pursued the story with such vigor if BK wasn’t involved? Or that he wouldn’t have made him so prominent in the story if he’d kept mostly to himself?

    The Streisand effect is a bitch, innit?

    • Yep. And it’s just ramping up. The little scumbag hasn’t seen anything yet. He’s about to get more attention than he’s ever had in his life and he’ll hate every bit of it. “Be careful what you wish for…” indeed.

  2. His brilliant reputation management strategy has been shown a complete success and is really reaping benefits. Soon his criminal past will be forgotten and he will only be known for his political activism and his great charitable work through his nonprofits. Oh wait….

    • I know I would never have heard of him if R.S. McCain hadn’t kept putting this picture of an unpopped zit up on his page. Reading about Bill there, and at A2B, led me here. If Bill Schmalfeldt had simply shrugged off being called “some bozo” I’d likely have never heard of Brett Coleman Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, the domestic terrorist who set off a string of bombs in Speedway, IN, apparently in an effort to distract police from the murder of the grandmother of the underage girl he was frequently visiting.

      • It was actually a chain of links that led me here way back when.

        It all started when I added The Oatmeal to my list of webcomic bookmarks. Then the FunnyJunk incident happened, and as I searched for more coverage on it, I stumbled across Popehat. While following that, they ran a story about Aaron defeating the unconstitutional gag order, which included a link to Aaron’s five-part series. I’m not sure, but I think it was a link on Aaron’s blog that led me to Hogewash. Somewhere along the way Patterico’s Pontifications is in there as well.

        • Patterico started it all for me. I remember reading his original 2010 post about Kimberlin. Recognized his name because of his infamy here in Indiana. Still shocked that someone with a 50+ year sentence got out in less than a third of the time.

          Aaron was a frequent contributor at Pat’s place back then. I followed him there, then found Our Esteemed Host through Aaron.

          (I was already a lurker at both Pat’s and Stacy McCain’s sites thanks to Michelle Malkin.)

  3. It’s strange when team pedo bomber says team free speech is trying to “defame” them.

    Breaking down the word defame. De the prefix means to remove. Fame means to make more well known. (I know how they use the term defame but since we speak the truth about them that definition doesn’t work.)

    It the opposite I want them become more famous and more well known. Truth and sun light is the best disinfectant. The more well known they are the less they can get away with.

  4. Brett Kimberlin ought to change his name and move to some remote village in Alaska. Since he started this lawfare campaign, his already poor reputation has undoubtedly gotten worse. He would have more peace and money in his pocket by assuming a low public profile and learning a useful trade.

      • Ahem, he’s never been directly associated with murder; he’s only been obliquely associated with the assassination of Ms. Scypers, and Karl DeLong’s death is most appropriately defined as Manslaughter.

  5. “IF I somehow survive to age 62 and DON’T pay the deposit, my yearly annuity from the Federal Government (not including Social Security) will be about $9,000 less than it would be if I DO pay the deposit.” – Bill Schmalfeldt
    This increase was supposed to activate on January 4, 2017. Did it? Did he disclose it on his IFP form?

  6. I’m laughing at Brett’s total incompetence here and realizing that whole “birds of a feather” thing has been proven once again. Billy counts this guy among his friends, along with Rauhauser who is currently sympathizing with Bill’s mess he perpetuates. They are all the poster children for victim mentality, when all they do is leave behind a string of victims. Self awareness is a lost art.

    • Shakes is concerned that all of this “incitement” may lead to physical violence against him. He told yuckmouth (the one he’s not living with) that only his tires have been assaulted.
      By the way. I hope he tweets when his gender reassignment surgery is complete.

        • That was one of his funniest tweets yet!! 😂 As if anyone gives a shit enough to really give him something to whine about.
          It’s a good thing his mom has passed. If she saw this sniveling, quaking, gelatinous mass of delusional self pity, she would disown him. Kind of like his spawn already has.

        • Nobody is going to waste a single calorie performing an act of violence on Shakey. For one, there would be no challenge in it. 2, he’s so fragile from a life of sedentary inertness and poor nutrition that any assault might result in accidental death, and nobody wants to deal with a potential homicide investigation over that worthless sack of sweating stupidity. Finally, seeing his evergreen failures is just so darn entertaining, and if somebody smacked his big, stupid mouth into silence, we would have nothing of comparable incompetence to point, laugh, and mock. No, he and the blow up doll are as safe as a bug in a rug. Just like the millions of other fleas and cockroaches living in the put hotel room he calls home. Bill Schmalfeldt, William Schmalfeldt, Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt, you are one of a kind. And for that we are thankful

      • He really should be worried about people he hasn’t yet offended. Keep it up and sooner or later he’ll offend someone with sociopathic qualities who doesn’t mind inflicting extreme violence on those bothering them. Already almost happened once. But he has demonstrated that he’s uneducable, so . . .

      • “Shakes is concerned that all of this “incitement” may lead to physical violence against him. He told yuckmouth (the one he’s not living with) that only his tires have been assaulted.


        I just dropped this comment in the most recent “Blognet” post/thread.


        In fact… I do believe I will drop this very same comment *every* time any mention of the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s tire lie makes an appearance.

        #LyingLiarsLie *HIC*

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