A Close Encounter

This animation shows flyby of asteroid 2012 TC4 as it passes near Earth on Columbus Day, 2017. We can’t yet predict exactly how close it will approach, but the data from previous observations suggests it will come no closer than 6,800 km from Earth’s surface. The current estimates of the asteroid’s size puts it in the 10 to 30 m range.

Animation Credit: NASA

Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven were unavailable for comment.

5 thoughts on “A Close Encounter

  1. When Niven and Pournelle get together, Earth takes damage. This would be much worse than the Foot. I’m reminded of a throwaway line in The Mote in God’s Eye where Rod Blaine ponders how humanity must be united under the Empire. Every officer in the Navy knows this, they’ve seen the horrors of war. That’s why New Annapolis is located on Terra, and not a habitable world.

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