Why Trump Won

Edward Luttwak has an essay over at The Times Literary Supplement in which he speculates on the Trump family’s future. In the process he reviews the state of the American economy during the 2016 election to explain his thesis why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the two most electable candidates and notes that in 2016 the average family in Detroit did not have enough income to be able to afford a new car.

Detroit, the Motor City, was too poor to afford new cars, and Trump carried Michigan by surprise.

10 thoughts on “Why Trump Won

  1. He was more interesting. I have never seen a more pre-packaged, boring bunch than his Republican opponents.
    We all know the status quo cannot be sustained. Only Trump hinted a change. Like Obama before him, the change might never happen.
    Are Obama and Trump over-corrections, like a driver swerving wildly left and right just before impact? I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Well, Obama was ‘allowed’ to swerve Left by the media and the Establishment while the same people are trying their best to prevent Trump from swerving Right, so there’s that.
    And a great many of the people I talked to [I’m in Michigan and John may remember that about two weeks before the election I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump carried the state] were 1) unhappy with ‘experts’ who didn’t seem to be helping them much, 2) unhappy with the prospects for their children’s future, and 3) damned sick and tired of having them as individuals and their cultural preferences condescended to while being held to PC corrections of their speech and thought. The last really worked for Trump.

    • I’ve also read a few places that Hillary’s campaign workers on the ground in MI and the DNC kept telling the campaign that MI wasn’t safe, they needed more money, ads, etc., but the campaign ignored them. And then wondered why they lost. /eye roll

      • Some of their workers in Iowa wanted to go to Detroit to help out. They were told by the Clinton Campaign’s midwest office, _in Brooklyn_, that Michigan was safe, and they needed to stay in Iowa to make Trump spend money there.

        Oh, and the Russians hacked Hillary’s travel office and made her never set foot in Wisconsin…

    • The polling fir most reported by Michigan media is Epic-MRI. On Sep 15 they showed Clinton/Trump at 38/35 with 13% Undecided, 10% Johnson and 4% Stein. Not only is that a statistical tie, the undecided 7 weeks out is huge. Given that most of these polls in my 30+ years of experience using them tend to run about 3% high on the Dem side it was obvious to me that Hillary was in trouble.
      Also, I’m betting many of the Undecided were “bashful” Trump voters who wouldn’t admit it.
      Despite this, the media in Michigan, especially Metro Detroit, kept insisting Clinton had a huge lead.
      The final result was Trump 47.6, Clinton 47.3, Johnson 3.6, Stein 1.1, and Castle 0.4.
      I’d even guess that if more people thought Trump actually had a chance they would have turned out and he would have won bigger.
      When I told my wife that unlike years past I saw basically no Clinton yard signs she pooh-poohed that as an indicator because “the Clinton campaign said they were spending their money better in other areas.” And among the many Dems I know there seemed to little GOTE going on.
      Here is a link to that poll and the reporting.
      I’m totally sure that truly experienced Dem campaign staff were scared sh*tless.

  3. Don’t forget the HIllary component. Even people who like her can’t stand her.
    So maybe I was not so hot to vote for Trump, but I was definitely casting a vote for not her.
    Recent Norm McDonald:
    “I don’t know. I always wrote non-political jokes, because I just hate politics so much[. ..]And I was kind of shocked, because someone sent me a thing of all the Hillary jokes I did. It was like 20 minutes of them. And they were all, everyone of them, the premise was that she was a huge liar. And that was like 20 years ago. I didn’t know that. I guess she was. My theory is this: People hated Hillary Clinton so much that they voted for someone they hated more than Hillary Clinton in order to rub it in.” (emphasis mine).

  4. Something to keep in mind when you hear or read about companies moving their manufacturing out of the US. Note that they ALWAYS blame labor costs! They almost NEVER mention the villainous business mindset in many state & local governments these days, no mention of the higher business taxes, they miss mentioning the heavy gov regulatory burdens, nor the complicated union rules that they live under.

    A perfect irony for me is that Hollywood complains about NOT paying enough in taxes, while going to those states that offer the biggest tax breaks & incentives to film there… Huh? For example, the movie “Only the Brave” is about the Prescott Fire crew (19 hotshots) that died fighting a fire 50 miles from where I live in Phoenix. It was filmed in New Mexico because they got a better deal from NM… even though we are closer to Hollywood and have just as much in the way of production support, likely more.

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