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I spent Thursday evening going over various online case dockets to make sure that I’ve kept up with all the open items in the various Team Kimberlin related cases and appeals. I believe I’m caught up, and I also believe that some of the other parties aren’t.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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  1. Shut the front door!
    Someone on Team Sinking Fast, hasn’t crossed all the Ts, and dotted the Is?
    That’s down right expected!

  2. Well, if he doesn’t [redacted] or [redacted] before [redacted], the judge will [redacted] on his [redacted] which will be lols for us but a world of hurt for him.

    So let’s not educate the [redacted].

  3. Poor Judge KrendlerHecker. I hope he realises that William has got him right where he wants him. I fear for the good judge once the Prosecuting Pro-Se unleashes his unique interpretation of the ADA upon him.

  4. I wonder if BS has even been preparing. When he’s not screaming about Trump/Russia, he revealed that his cat was literally imported from Russia. That’s doing business with Russia, no? To the Florence brain trust, that = traitor.

    But, it seems BS was right about Russia trying to influence the election. Only it wasn’t with Trump, it was with a private company, Fusion GPS, a DNC contractor. The House Judiciary Committee has asked the DOJ to investigate.

    “During Mr. Browder’s testimony the origin of the Fusion GPS ‘Russian Dossier’ was discussed. Browder stated the Russian government actually paid Fusion GPS to create the Steele propaganda dossier on candidate Donald Trump. That same dossier was used by the FBI in June/July 2016 to generate the FISA surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign.”

    • To be fair, some of the better Sphynx genetics are coming from Russia at the moment. But that’s only if you are showing/breeding that that should be a consideration. Otherwise for a pet it’s just a waste. I’m considering getting a Scottish Fold for a queen from there because I would be guaranteed a cleaner genetic line break due to the distance. [/cat sperging]

      But yeah, that’s totally traitor behavior. Buying from another country that we hatesess!

        • Then I’ll be a dang dirty traitor when I get my new queen, now won’t I? lol

          Their hand-wringing only shows how pathetic in the mind they are. Because they don’t realize they are exactly what they claim others are.

          • LOL According to the #VeroBeachCrybully I have “Russian contacts” because I lived in Kiev, Ukraine. ‘Cause we all know the Ukraine is in Russia….somewhere

            Oh and I have a Russian vocie teacher (who has recently become US citizen). Clearly I’m a nefarious character! Нет?

    • But, it seems BS was right about Russia trying to influence the election. Only it wasn’t with Trump, it was with a private company, Fusion GPS, a DNC contractor.

      It was both. And in ways apart from either party. Putin sought chaos, not a Trump presidency. He wants Americans to distrust the system and their government. Both parties are giving him exactly what he wanted.

  5. At least one of the Team Kimberlin serial litigants has established a reputation as a “big picture guy,” and I don’t mean the bathroom selfie. He seems to know exactly what accusations he wants to make, and precisely the arguments he will use in his dramatic cross examination, as well as the closing argument just before the last commercial. But he knows nothing about anything in between.

    The other guy just knows enough about the law to lose later, rather than earlier.

  6. the Scat in the Hat
    said to no one at all

    I once was a navy man
    I once stood quite tall

    I danced on a stage
    with a womanly man

    I once had a thrill
    with pay I’m so glad

    I pretended to be
    a hero somewhat

    but they found out
    ,the dd214 did suck

    I only after 8
    years in the service

    found only two badges
    for all my perversions

    so I made up a story
    of a faraway shore

    that I was a hero
    not just an old bore

    I dug in the rubble
    of a building still standing

    i was the hero
    of this July landing

    even though pictures
    show me on deck

    I rewrote my diary
    oh what the heck

    I was there
    or maybe not

    but no can tell
    if it’s smoking the pot

    that made me dream
    of things that were naught

  7. Good grief, what a joke:
    “Lady Di and I have been following politics for years, and this is the first time either of us can recall a time where Congress is going to attempt to pass a bill without knowing what the hell they are voting for. ”
    Just a few years ago…

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