Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Now that we know which one of the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit VIII complaints must be answered, my codefendants and I are working with our lawyer so that he can deliver timely responses to the court. The Gentle Reader should not expect to see any details about our filings here at Hogewash! until after they appear on PACER or the legal strategy behind them until the court has ruled on whatever issues they address.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

68 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • BTW, does the clock start ticking from service or from the magistrate signing off? Could be a LONGGGGGG time that we wait. Might have to turn our attention to MD.

    • Since he evidently expects people, including judges, to jump to his command and cower in fear of his mighty, ummm… intellect, I believe every single event in this legal circus has been a complete surprise for him.

      Below a certain level, being dumb makes the world a source of constant wonder.

      • I dunno, when you reach dumb near to absolute dumb, the rules get a little funny.

        Honestly, I don’t think blob is capable of much surprise. Anger, yes. But not surprise.

      • I agree with the anger. Ever notice that nothing is Bill’s fault? Go to a Restraining order hearing and get you ass whooped? Judge was in the bag for Sarah. Get whooped by John? John’s lawyer was making googly eyes at the judge. Have your own welfare lawyer throw you and your case out on your ass? Oh wait, he’s never addressed that one has he? Get whooped by Aaron? Judge didn’t understand jurisdiction as well as Bill. No, Bill is never surprised, just pissed he didn’t get his way and that people don’t bend to his will.

  1. He is going to be so lost without TFS pointing, laughing and mocking his every legal filing. It’s going to be interesting to see his reactions when his case doesn’t go the way he envisioned.

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  3. How far in before the Court has to tell Schmalfeldt to stop f’ing emailing the Magistrate, the Judge, the Clerk & opposing counsel? And I can’t wait to see the Twitter Attorney at Law Schmalfeldt in outrage mode because Mr Nettles, the Judge and the Court Reporter failed to show for Twitter Court. He’ll ask for sanctions because DumbF@#k!!!!!

    • He didn’t even make it to the magistrate for review before he had to be told to stop emailing the court. This guy is not right.

      Now, admittedly my kids were precocious as toddlers, but even they at 2 and 3 had better manners and ability to learn to JUST NOT DO THAT if it hurts.

      Reminds me of the old joke:
      Patient: Doctor! Doctor! It hurts when I do this! (waves his arm up and down)
      Doctor: Well, don’t DO that.

    • Pft, I doubt this will happen. I believe the secret society of midnight clerks and Christmas & Easter magistrates will give him a direct line of communication. He will have to just speak loudly into the bottle of maddog 20/20 for the most direct line in.

  4. So your not going litigate your case in Twitter court. This is my surprised face. See look at it don’t I seem surprised. Who would of foreseen that you were going not telegraph your strategy and argue you motions over blog posts instead of in front of the judge.

    I have three guesses what your next moves will be.

    You , your co defendants and your lawyer are going follow all the courts rules instead of say violating a rule then ignoring a summons to appear in front of the judge?

    You and your co defendants are going to file all filings with the court and effect summons correctly instead of claiming a blog post should count as a filling of a response.

    You and your co defendants are going to make sure all filing with the court will spell each of your own names correctly.

    • Objection, lack of foundation. That lumpy poatoheaded freak lacks the qualifications to render conclusions as to his own mental health and is attempting to offer an expert opinion which he is not qualified to tender. Move to strike the testimony.

      • In a darkened room in an extended stay hotel in South Carolina, a shadowy figure hunches over a tiny white keyboard. He types in “Can I sue for lible if I’m called a potatoheaded freak?” Later, Esomirelda Dias, a Guatemalan immigrant who does not speak English, checks her email to see she is being threatened by a foul-mouthed man who calls her “honey,” and begs for the real name of Paul Krendler.

        • “Many miles away there’s a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore of a dark Scottish lake.”

        • Meanwhile, as we wait, another technoid is sweating over a grimy keyboard.

          Two large, well armed men stand too close to him, their faces something between stern and blank. Between them another man scowls, a man known only as Sin Nombre.

          The aging hacker wonders yet again why he thought it was a good idea to get into this, and again thinks of getting out, knowing he cannot.

          “Esomire… Esomi…” The name chokes in his throat as he tries to block what he has heard for – how lon? – from the next room. Again… “She is telling the truth, Jefe. I have traced the line to a motel in Florence, South Carolina. I have identified…”

  5. the Scat in the Hat
    waited with glee

    I have them now
    just wait and see

    Admitted, I did
    my writing so awful

    about sweet little children
    let’s not be bashful

    I did it proudly
    to show my intentions

    to exploit the most vulnerable
    to wrack up the tension

    i attack little children
    dead or alive

    is something I’m proud of
    and certainly thrive

    so what if I’ve got
    six, seven or ten

    orders to stop
    bothering good men

    Women children,
    and dogs too

    are something I disdain
    something I abuse

    no way I will stop
    until late August

    when the peace
    and the justice

    are so called served
    I won’t dare be present

    for my comfy porch
    under I. …

  6. What I would like to see is his previous court claims that his reputation has been destroyed beyond repair rubbed in his face repeatedly. First by noting jurisdiction is improper. Since his reputation was destroyed beyond repair before his fleeing Wisconsin the last damaging act was done in Wisconsin. Any allegations of damages to his reputation allegedly occurring in South Carolina are akin to accusations of shooting a corpse! I would then note his lawsuit is futile one the grounds that damages to his self-acknowledged reputation at best properly belongs in small claims court, that his long history of abandoning lawsuits for no particular reason indicts it is only a theoretical possibility that the claims reach final adjudication, that while what and where’s differ in time and place to other causes of actions the new accusations he lost on the merits they don’t differ in kind because butthurt is not a tort in South Carolina either; and that plaintiff is incapable of prosecuting his claims because he is both too dumb and impervious to absorbing information that differs from his pre-conceived world view (which are little more than a paranoid’s fantasies of persecution at the hands of dark conspiracies) to met his obligations to the court as plaintiff.

    Then, I’d countersue the doctor’s for their misdiagnosis of him, and the drug company Acme for selling drugs that create grandiose pricks. Then, I’d move to have the trial moved to Maryland where one of the competent defendants resides. By the time I was done with the counter defendants I’d expect to watch commercial huckstering for law groups by asking, “Have you or someone love ben annoyed, or harassed by a self-important prick with Parkinson’s Disease who took the drug X? You may be entitled to financial compensation!”

    • Wow, that is one unhinged rant. I don’t know how to even punctuate it with a pithy gif. Well maybe.

  7. “Here’s my strategy. Survive dispositive motions. Get discovery. Go to trial. Prove my case. No mystery. I feel for Hoge’s lawyer.”

    No, yer just going to stumble into court, and f*ck yourself.

    Just like you did at Ash’s recent RO hearing.

    All the bright boys and dim girls have you figured out, Cousin.

    • Your cousin plan is missing a few elements like it straight out the underwear gnomes playbook.

      Step1 Sue Hoge, and the rest.
      Step 2
      Step 3 Profit.

      His lawsuit will not survive any number of dispositive motions. He will never get to discovery . This will be dismiss long before there is a trial ( unless there is a trial because of the counter suits.

      DF and I have one thing in common I feel for Hoge and companies lawyer. He has to deal with DF and that would be painful. Though on the other hand he gets to kick his ass in court so there is that,

  8. I’m still coming down from recent “that took too long but it’s great” news in the Kimberlin vs. Frey case, hard on the heels of related and spectacular courtroom crank-stepping by a the socially not well patsy type.
    I am Lou Reed waitin for his man impatient for more.

      • The #VeroBeachCrybully lost his in depo so now Thomas Mix has gone full and complete Bill Schmalfeldt trying to get me arrested because I screencap and comment on his tweets! Further, just like Schmalfeldt he deletes his tweet and changes his nick like underwear

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