More Federal Follies

This appeared on PACER—

My named codefendants and I have filed our consent to this motion because dismissing the D’oh! Defendants will expedite our bringing certain matters to the court’s attention and spare the D’oh! Defendants the hassle of dealing with this frivolous LOLsuit.

59 thoughts on “More Federal Follies

  1. Ha, I bet it will be late August or early September before the Report&Recommendation is done. I do believe the dates August 10 and September 18, 2017, where mention in the courts order granting amendment.

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    • By the way, your friend Kimberlin failed, and in the most important way. Everyone knows what he did, and what he is. I eventually concluded Rauhauser spun him up the same way he spun up Barrett Brown and got some personal jollies and swell cash – and now Kimberlin will never escape the story, nor will be the protagonist.

  3. for lack of information currently available to this Pro Se Plaintiff as to their identities as anonymous commenters on blogs operated by the named defendants in the instant case.

    BUT…..BUT…..Bill swore he knew who everyone was! Don’t tell me he lied! Again! He promised to have them added because of HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!!11!!!! And yet, here he is dropping them. That doesn’t make sense does it? So what is it Bill, did you lie and just pick random names out of a hat, or do you know who the Does are and are just too scared of them to add them?

  4. So Bill is crowing about not seeing SPQR around since he threatened to sue him. Class, can anyone explain why this is a very stupid move in Bill’s part? And no easy answer like “It’s stupid because Bill thought of it”.

  5. The Scat in the Hat
    Remarked to no one at all

    I’ll amend my lawsuit
    And they’ll have a cow

    Just watch me pick six
    He cackled with glee

    Two maybe lawyers
    That won’t bother me

    I’ll taunt them with twitter
    And strike them with fear

    I’ll kill them with politeness
    He said with a sneer

    Going to the court
    He sauntered and shaked

    I am doing right
    not just half baked

    But the seeds of doubt
    We’re Planted firmly in ass

    The magistrate did say
    With a measured pass

    Don’t bother the court
    And don’t be so crass

    To think we at justice
    Could allow this to pass

    You can’t pick just anyone
    Randomly Out of a glass

    Drinking and pleading
    Is no way to last

    No put up or shut up
    The judge glared down

    The Scat did scoot
    With pants that were brown

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