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2017 JUL 23 06:29:46 UTC 2016/04
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UPDATE—2017 JUL 23 16:20:40 UTC Home Page
2017 JUL 23 20:45:51 UTC Home Page
2017 JUL 23 20:46:06 UTC search=spqr
2017 JUL 23 20:46:38 UTC 2016/08
2017 JUL 23 20:57:23 UTC tag=writing

21 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Lmao… Totally NOT what he should be looking for.

    Your pedo master/jailhouse-attorney is going to LHAO when the bus he threw you under collides at full speed

    Once this is over remember what white knighting evil got you.

  2. On the rather thin assumption that the manatee is NOT about to amend his suit to allege threats of flea-collars, duct-tape and velcro, I can see how someorangutan might see relevance of the motions of that month to the present awkward predicament. Yet to go directly there without a search of related terms would indicate a level of acumen and memory more consistent with the primate order. So it would seem that someone has a monkey as his consulting attorney. Since such are not employed at AVVO, this would lead to the inevitable conclusion that [redacted] which would [redacted] adjudicated conspirator [redacted] six weeks [redacted] counter-suit [redacted] sanctions.

  3. That search on “spqr” looks like an admission he’s searching for grounds AFTER he filed the case.

    “Your honor, not only did the paintiff not state any cause for suing the Doe defendants, the following shows he was searching for cause AFTER filing his case. This case was filed in bad faith, intended solely to harass, and we ask it be dismissed with prejudice and the paintiff be required to have legal representation in any future court action.”

    (Yeah, it was a typo, but it’s so appropriate…)

  4. There is a level of stupidity and evil at work that defies reality.

    It’s like the Ghostbusters crossed the streams while firing at the love child of Sandra Bernhard and Rosie O’Donnell and created this guy.


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