Oooo, Lightning Bugs!

We have a new cat in our household. My son Will picked her out at the local shelter. She’s acted as if she wants to be an indoor cat and has only rarely gone outside. At dusk this evening, she went out when I opened the front door to do an errand in the yard. She had only been out during the day before.

She soon discovered fireflies, and even managed to catch a few, but didn’t seemed to like the taste.

15 thoughts on “Oooo, Lightning Bugs!

  1. “When writing, the difference between the right word, and the almost right word, is the difference between “lightning” and “lightning bug”. – Mark Twain (Sam Clemens)

  2. My sister had some citified friends visit her on the farm, and one of them picked up one of the cats. Now, our barn cats were always good with people, so picking them up and cuddling them was no big deal.

    However, my sister’s friend was quite surprised by the huge grasshopper clenched in the cat’s jaws.

  3. Congratulations on the new cat. Glad you rescued one from the shelter. One of my cats likes to catch and eat flies, licking his chops with a satisfied slurp, which is really quite gross. His littermate prefers hummingbirds and will leap 5 feet in the air to try and catch them.

    • We had a Siamese cat, when I was a teenager, who would catch bats.

      We had a three foot tall brick garden enclosure in the front yard, and Roscoe would crouch there in the light of dusk, wound up tight, and explode straight up to catch the fluttermouse as it bumbled by. He would catch one every week or so, after thirty or forty attempts.

      And yes, he ate them.

  4. I have two cats and two dogs. One cat and the little terrier mix hunt rodents together. I never seen such a thing before.

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