Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has maintained a perfect record in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit: every one of his written motions has been denied by Judge Hecker. (I did agree to one oral motion relating to discovery if it were amended per my suggestion, and the judge granted my amended version.)

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

21 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “Lawsuits for the rest of their lives”……Brett REALLY picked the wrong people to mess with this time. Imagine how miserable his life has become, his wife and kids have left the home, is failing in most of his 10 active legal cases, his nonprofits are not active and bring in zero funds. One big one is that his current lawfare victims and many judges have wised up and discovered most of Kimberlin’s legal tricks and have educated others to them. I’m sure there are many more hardships in the tiny terrorist faces. Which brings me to this question for the group:

    Whose life is worse right now??……1) Brett Kimberlin ……………or….2) Bill Schmalfeldt?

    • I looked down at his other headlines (eye bleach please!) and he still seems to be suffering the misapprehension that his SAC was approved by this last order. Some free advice for the reading-comprehension-challeneged, take it or leave it: It says the FAC was a freebie. It says the clerk has been instructed not to accept the SAC without correction of deficiencies. You can tell this because there’s a whole section that says even IF the SAC deficiencies are corrected and accepted BY THE CLERK, the defendants may still file oppositions, and there is no guarantee the motion will be granted BY THE JUDGE. Reading is FUN-damental!

      • Said the Sky Man to the Pie Man, “What do you see?”
        Said the Pie Man to the Sky Man, “An even worse SAC, headed for thee”.
        Said the Sky Man to the Pie man, “I care not how.
        Rid me forever of this vermin, and do it now”
        …….King Crimson, revised

      • The SAC is now being treated as if it was the FAC and so it is now the complaint. What the court meant by “correction of deficiencies” is he must submit the proper paperwork on all named defendants in order for them to be served. He can not amend his compliant any more without leave of all the named defendants or the court, and as pissed off as the court seems to be that may be a chore.

    • I’m still putting my money on BK fleeing the country to parts unknown on or about the trial date. For several reasons.

      • I have always loved that genre of literature which is now known as Speculative Fiction.

        A certain marine mammal with travel difficulties is secretly offered a ride to court by a recent widower.

        A small man goes on a pre-trial family vacation to the lonely Outer Banks.

        An adjudicated stalker is conspicuously absent at a civil trial.

        A teenager alibi’s her aging lover totally, absolutely, and with lifelong devotion.

        Here ends The Saga of the Manatee.

  2. the scat in the Hat
    strutted around his hotel

    I’m winning, I’m winning
    they’ll all goto hell

    for i added 6 more
    to my crazy lawsuit

    2 maybe lawyers
    I don’t give a hoot

    so what if 3 lawyers
    file angry motions

    i’ll have them disbarred
    for any such notion

    for I am the king
    of room thirty the three

    I have a fat cow
    who worships just me

    so what could go wrong
    with me against three

    lawyers went to school
    I went to sea

    what ribbons they have?
    I have just two

    They read law books
    I wrote some spew

    These three lawyers
    will regret meeting thee

    I can always run
    to Tallahassee the

  3. What? From his blog:
    “So, I’ll proceed with the motion to dismiss the Does, the case will be in Proper Form, and we can continue with me dealing with a sane, mature adult and not a pack of whick-whack nutcases.”
    Maybe he needs this spelled out, but none of us were representing Hoge. None of us were contacting him. None of us determined litigation strategy. This is an example of BS babbling nonsensically.
    As for mature adults:

    Hey, wasn’t this libel?

      • And then….
        “But I am 61-years old. I have Parkinson’s disease but the rule of thumb there is that you die WITH it, not OF it. I’m taking care of myself, seeing my doctor regularly, monitoring my blood pressure, exercising, doing everything I can do within the limitations of my condition.
        I simply cannot envision spending the next 20-30 years by myself.”

        Wow. From “dying” to 20-30 years! The powers of windex are amazing!

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