117 thoughts on “LOLsuit VIII News

  1. Any takers on the pool for how long it’ll take BS to apologize to Aaron Walker for harassing him over this? I’ve already got “Right after the heat death of the universe”

    • It seems to me that he was correct in that Sarah pointed to Aaron as his lawyer, but I’m guessing that the better approach would have been to put his business in a letter. Of course, that would have involved sharing the fact that he didn’t *have* any legitimate business.

      • Bill has the normal means of business communication, and of course his conduct was improper.. The stupid demand to be “followed for DMs” or else “Sarah Lied” s just his bumptious dumbassery again and was properly disregarded and his impatient feelings are not the the arbiter of anything reasonable.

    • Any bets on how long before Mr. Nettles is forced to take out a restraining order because of constant badgering and harassment?

  2. Bill scribbles on his pseudo-blog:

    OK, cooler heads have prevailed. Mr. Louis D. Nettles, previously attorney for WJJ Hoge III, has overruled the decision of the Hoge Legal Board of Review and agrees with my motion to dismiss the Doe Defendants.

    So, Bill did not want to add the Does as defendants, but Hoge decided he did?

    Bill’s completely lost touch with reality.

    • He’s babbling nonsense. We are not Hoge’s lawyers, and have no say whatsoever in his defense. Hoge is his own man. Someone like BS likely wouldn’t understand that.

      • But nothing Bill is discussing was John’s decision in the first place. Bill added the Does, Bill belatedly put names to them, and Bill is withdrawing the Does (as soon as he figures out how to do it.)


          • Yep — just imagine what someone with fetal alcohol syndrome would come up with while tripping on mushrooms and you’ll get close to Bill’s thought process.

            Or what passes for it.

          • Is “Pretendy Land Court” what we’re calling the bottom of a bottle now?

            Just trying to stay current.

          • Nah. If it were truly Pretendy Land, the case would already be over and he would own the houses, the cars, the wives…..HE WANTS IT ALL, DOUG!!!!

    • I see that bill has never had dealing with a lawyer as a client, lawyer does not over rule the client, he advices the client and does what the client says to do.

      • IIRC – the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt *did* deal with a lawyer as a client some years back. If memory serves, it was for one of The Blob’s *many* Peace Order hearings in the crap state of Maryland. Tae Kim was the poor sap’s name, I do believe.

        But, you are absolutely correct, John, regarding a lawyer not overruling a client. A lawyer simply advises a client. And (again IIRC), that attorney advised The Blob to knock off the unwanted contact, stalking, and harassment or he was going to eventually find himself in a whole world of hurts.

        Now, here is the Deranged and ADJUDICATED Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt… some eleventy Restraining Orders (and, extensions) and eight vexatious LOLsuits later…

        The wheels of justice do indeed grind slowly. And, quite apparently… slow learners be very, very slooooow. However, there will come a day…

        Keep stretching those LULZ muscles, my friend.

    • Observation: Lawyers (within reason) have to do what their clients want, and are have a fiduciary duty to advise the clients what’s in their best interest. That probably applies here in some way.

    • bystander –

      but is Bill’s scribble correct? I’ve seen that Mr. Nettles is generously defending all four named defendants pro bono. I have seen nothing on the docket to suggest he has even been asked, let alone opined, on the D’oh defendants.

    • DUMBF*CK fails to notice that the Horde just loves when he does exceedingly stupid stuff, like adding the Doe defendants. When the Court then kicks him in the balls, and he acts like it was his idea to grab his crotch and lose the ability to breathe, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

      Meanwhile, I don’t this our Gracious Host gives a damn what DUMBF*CK does in this LOLsuit, because he’s got the Blob hogtied and ready to roast over a very pissed off judge in Maryland.

      Hey, DUMBF*CK, how do you think the SC District Court is going to view your carpet bagging ass asking for discovery when you’ve just been sanctioned for failing to provide it yourself? How do you suppose they’ll view your integrity when you default and find yourself facing even more contempt charges?

      Some one has not thought things through.

    • Is he in touch with reality? That’s an impossible to answer question. Malignant Narcissists only express themselves to cause their targets pain. Their quality and accuracy of their perception of reality cannot be deduced from such expressions.

  3. My apologies, Mr Hoge for the long comment below:

    He must really HATE my asking QUESTIONS about legal matters like what proof he provided the SC DMV to allegedly establish South Carolina residency. Or if he has arranged travel plans. Questions or not understanding how someone could fill out a form legally aren’t libel. Isn’t Bill questioning how Sarah filled out a form?

    I don’t care about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis or care to question what gender his apparent to me woman girlfriend is and I don’t write in a defamatory/libel manner. Rarely if ever do I joke or get sarcastic but even so; jokes and hyperbole aren’t libel. If Bill can’t remember what he posted months ago, I can’t remember every single comment. But I’m 99% sure I’ve never written libel.

    I speak specifically to the subject and legal matters at hand.

    And I challenge Bill to screenshot whatever defamatory/libel comments he thinks I made. If I phrased my opinions wrong I’ll correct or explain further. I will always correct when I make mistakes.

    As for a conspiracy … I have never outside of public comment sections spoken to any lickspittle. NOT ONCE! I’ve never spoken to Hoge, Krendler, Eric, Sarah, MJ or anyone else outside of comment sections and that’s a FACT.

    • Bob –

      The truth matters not to the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt… nor his master Satan. But, to Judges and Magistrates and the rule of law? It matters very much (and, Toto… we’re not in Maryland anymore). 🙂

      Worry not, my friend. I’m not trying to come across as flippant and uncaring here, and I know “worry not” is easier typed than done… but, do try *not* to let this evil, dishonest, vexatious POS get under your skin and cause you to fret.

      You have much support. The Blob? Not so much… and, he’s dumber than a box of hair to boot.

    • Bill questioning how Sarah filled out a form?

      My thought is that all of that business with Sarah was all bout his own issues with forms, residency. He was deflecting to defend himself.

    • BB, I am truly sorry that he decided to draw your user name out of a hat. The butthurt is strong with him, and this is his way to salve it. Of course anything you have said isn’t libel. Bill doesn’t care. He does this to get a thrill of it. To make your heart jump out of your chest. He’s a sick, sick man who gets his jollies by doing this to people. Over and over and over again.

      Don’t feel that you need to explain yourself in public for him. He won’t listen anyway. Just do you. Hugs!

      • I imagine he drew my name out of the hat because of my SC MV-94 form questions. I’m guessing he didn’t like them. Obviously not libel and probably not a question he should present to the court. Technicalities unforeseen could pop up on that account. I don’t know?

        I’m also interested in how he filled out forms for a driver’s license in WI because WI has some pretty specific questions. Obviously not libel because like Bill I’m interested in how people fill out forms under penalty of perjury.


      • Schmaleldt is too stupid to be afraid. He lacks even the self-preservation instincts that nature gave ferrets.

    • On reading the list Does, Poes and Woes, I was SHOCKED yes SHOCKED to see that he LIED. Only a few days ago (or was it weeks; I am getting old) he promised, publicly… … …what… …you say that’s NOT an honor?… …never mind.

    • Well, he threatened to add me to one of the LolSuits for writing “This, a million times”, so there’s really no telling what he considers actionable.

      • He threatened me because he assumed that I was talking about his fictional(?) felony victim, when I made an oblique comment about the midget’s former girlfriend.

        “He’s so vain, he prob’ly thinks this post is about him”

      • The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has actually added me to two of his vexatious LOLsuits for… wait for it… wait for it…

        … for referring to him as a “Sociopath” and a “Deranged Cyberstalker.”

        😂 You just can’t make that shit up! 😂

        • He added me to one and, I swear this true, I forgot about it for several months. Don’t get wrong, I read about it every day, it just slipped my mind that I was on the list of Doe defendants.

          It was just that scary.

          Phone. Sean Spicer’s retirement party.

          • Speak for yourself Neal. I’ll never forget the day the Amazon Review Police kicked in the door of Wymbourne Manor, after several hours of kicking – oak & wrought-iron is like that. Maling was still struggling to get me into #7’s suit of armour when they finally fell through the doorway, wheezing.

            As an aside, haven’t the generations got larger over the decades? I really must call upon a bespoke armourer sometime.

            I was in sheer terror, in the sense that my terror was incredibly thin and transparent. That reminds me, it’s almost 3am.

            Sipping port. In a chesterfield at White’s.

  4. looks like the entirety of the SAC was just a waste of time wasn’t it?

    I’m sure the courts wont mind their time being wasted at all right?

  5. So just to sum up. The named defendants all have a lawyer. All the Doe’s are still unnamed and still have no cause of action stated against them. The DF is still an idiot. Did I miss anything?

    • “Did I miss anything?”

      Just the part where the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt is (fail) d0xxing random Zombie Lickspittles so he can plunk someone’s (read: ANYone’s) name and address into a D’oh Defendant box in a ridiculous attempt to save his vexatious, butthurt LOLsuit which was filed solely for the purpose of harassment and shutuppery.

      In short… SSDD.

  6. So, then, this means that Aaron was not Sarah’s attorney, and Bill was contacting him directly for no reason, in violation of a restraining order?

    Or does Aaron have a restraining order against Bill? There are so many I lost count who has them, who doesn’t, and how long they last, which varies from state to state, and there are so many states……

    My head hurts now.

    • No, AW doesn’t have a restraining order against Dumbfuck. The problem was Dumbfuck thinks he’s entitled to an answer to every question that he asks.

      He can go fuck himself. Well he already does daily.

    • Instead of counting who has a restraining order it might be easier to count who doesn’t have one.

      I don’t but DF will never find out who I am.

    • Went a-searching for three more names to add to the Defendant List and found these three characters.

      Oh, that’s gonna work. Hey DUMBF*CK, you haven’t alleged any tortious conduct by any of them. This is because you’re dumber than gravel.

    • Meh, that’d be nice, but isn’t necessary.

      This lulzsuit will be afforded the same ignoble burial as the last seven. The only difference is that its author will be thrown onto the casket as they grave is filled.

      As Dave pointed out at the Artisan Craft Blog, The defendants don’t need a lawyer to merely dismiss Drunkenstein’s fevered dreams of vengeance. Congenital mouth-breathers can do that. Something else is afoot, something that should have a lulcow deeply worried.

      This time is different.

  7. IN particular the one guy. He looks like he might be annoyed by a botherating restraining order collector, and have some friends to advise him, though Bill was heretofore a stranger.

    • I don’t. I see a great deal more lulz before a stake is driven through the heart of this one. The defendants seem pretty pissed.

  8. IANAL, but at the same time I don’t want to educate the monkey.

    That being said, our gracious host’s attorney being kind enough to pro bono the other defendants was a stroke of pure genius.


  9. Mr. Nettles,

    As the attorney for the parties that I am suing, I demand that you settle on your client’s behalf. I have done my research doxing you and find that you have a history of settling out of court so you know this works in my favor! My demands are the following:
    1. All of the parties’ houses
    2. All of the parties’ wives
    3. All of the parties’ children
    You have no hope of winning because the courts have agreed that I do have a case! I demand an answer within the next 10 minutes or after I sober up from this bottle of Johnnie Walker Red that I just opened.

    Thank you,

  10. I’m finding everything hilarious today! Especially shit like this!!

    This trash duo has such glorious illusions of grandeur, I find myself constantly entertained.

  11. Bill still doesn’t understand the difference between a welfare lawyer – one the State appoints because your life has been so pathetic that at 60 years old you still haven’t got any money to afford to hire one; and a Pro Bono lawyer- one who helps people out for free just because the adversary is such as huge pile of smoldering shit everyone wants to see him get his ass kicked.

    • The list of things Bill doesn’t understand is long. People have tried to document it in an website called “Wikipedia” but their efforts fall far short so far.

  12. So, today I heard that Deb Frisch is wanted on a no-bond warrant.

    This is the end-game of the kind of antics we’ve been seeing.

    Drink and arrogance. It will not end well.

    Laptop, home.

    • She was. But she’s been residing in the Weld County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond since 2/16. Some people really don’t know when to shut up.

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