103 thoughts on “Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. News

          • My parents get 1:52 of totality (my backyard gets 30 seconds or so.) Their house is a backup plan, but every town around here is throwing massive events, WashMo is opening it’s fair grounds. So we figure we’ll go out that away for the 2:20-2:40 time range.

            (We’re leaving our 2 year old in day care because she’ll throw a fit since it’s around nap time, they get 8 seconds of totality. I can make this choice because in 2024, when she’s older and can appreciate it, we get a 4 minute (?!?!) total eclipse within about a 90 minute drive.

  1. So the judge said he’s not going to spank you for refusing to answer Tiny Dancer’s questions after Tiny Dancer refused to ask them at the right time? And the judge said he’s not gonna reschedule the start of the courtroom drama? Who would’ve guessed that?

    • I have to admit I was on the “because Maryland” side of that wager. I didnt expect the court to actually mame team pedo follow rules.

      Perhaps SC is rubbing off on MD?

      • The court has gravitated towards not punishing, but it’s also gravitated towards keeping it simple.

        This is essentially asking for an exception to the rules, rather than breaking them, so it’s simpler to deny.

  2. This doesn’t cover the “Oops, I guess we’ll be taking that family vacation after all motion,” I guess.

  3. Disturbing thread at AOSHQ today. List of “nonviolent” offenses in CA now to include “exploding devices with intent to cause injury” “https://t.co/PKWaYeKBYc

    • I saw that. I don’t like how they went about it (Obama and several other states) but we’ve got to find some way to allow felons and people who have served their time to find gainful employment. I would rather address such issues through employment law than de-classifying crimes.

      • Except the “time” is supposed to include a stigma that lasts a lifetime, unless they earn restoration of rights forfeited by the violent crime against others.
        I have exactly zippo problem with drug crimes being decriminalized or downgraded, ( heavy criminalization of drug use has created a more unjust world.)

        But setting off bombs to hurt people – no, never. Especially since those bombs can be those used to intimidate and shut other people up.

        I think rehab doesn’t mean you get to go about as if you had done nothing, once the prison sentence is served. The reputation OUGHT to be sticky.

      • How would that work? For example, an employer is going to be liable if he hires a convicted sex offender, even one who’s served his time, and allows him to be around young women. Suppose you take away that liability, and then everything turns into a real free for all, where everyone would have to be suspicious of everyone they worked with all the time.

        I can think of one way out – let California be the place where any felon can work anywhere with anyone no matter what they’ve done. Then let all of us in the other 49 send all of our cons over there.

        • You take liability away via employment laws. Gainful employment would reduce recidivism. Sex offenders can work at McDonalds with kid playgrounds and not run a CNC machine? When I mentioned gainful employment for felons I didn’t mean let sex offenders become teachers; some professional requirements and criminal histories will still need to be reflected. And people always use sex offenders and not the idiot kid who at 18 made a mistake and got charged with a property crime type felony.

          Brett Kimberlin would be better for society if he was operating a machine at a factory.

          • I see our philosophical difference in your last line. My position is that no, he would not – he would just have far more resources to use in his endless quest to inflict his own viciousness on the rest of society. I actually want to see someone like that barred from all normal employment around decent people forever.

            The most I would say is that for *some* people gainful employment can reduce recidivism – but for others, it may just as easily increase it, by giving them more opportunity and more access to victims.

            I do agree that the sex offender laws are much too punitive in allowing an 18 year old to be charged with a felony if they make a mistake with a 15 year old – that’s not the same thing as a 45 year old man with a 12 year old at all, but the law right now can treat it as such.

          • I’m not sure you understand how corrosive to society and the rule of law your preferred outcome [eternal ostracism, poverty, and second-class status for every convict] truly is. I’m a big fan of truth-in-sentencing, not only because I want the convicted to pay consistent and complete penalties, but also because I don’t want vindictive second and third parties imposing their own ad hoc penalties because they find themselves particularly offended by a given criminal or crime.

            So no, once the miscreant has indeed served his sentence [Kimberlin hasn’t], paid his fine, made his court-ordered restitution [any or all, whatever the legislated penalty may be, and again, Kimberlin hasn’t] then we, both as a society and as individuals, should be all done punishing him unless and until he re-offends. To do otherwise is one of the nastier forms of tyranny.

      • I follow him, but I take all his tweet storms with a grain of salt. I have a pretty good background in photography, and some of the “doctored” photos are nothing of the sort.

        Oh well, YMMV

    • Its already a greater crime for a law abiding citizen to possess a firearm or firearm parts that California disapproves of, than it is for a criminal to steal a firearm from a law abiding citizen.

      Think about that one.

    • This is entirely predictable. The who Democrat Party is essentially an on-going criminal enterprise. The large and growing terrorist wing of the on-going criminal enterprise is about to take over full control. They obviously want to make it impossible to hold their minions in jail pending trial. Otherwise, mayhem could be averted.

      Get armed, get trained, and carry every day, everywhere you can legally carry. They are among us and mean to do us harm.

  4. Hoge and his damn sexy irresistible eyes!

    If I was Bill and Brett I would motion the court to have Hoge blind folded for the trial, so the jury won’t fall prey to them.

      • Stand before the bench, drop ’em, bend over, this is gonna hurt me more… haha.. sorry, let me try again… this is gonna… snerk.. This will not be over quickly.

      • Ah, WJJH, you reminded them. I was hoping BS would show up for trial and wonder where the jury was, then sue the judge as a disabled American for some reason.

        • That’s only if you believe in googly eyes monogamy. My “googly cheating whore eyes” look forward to your next Rule 5. LOL

  5. Bill has 30 days to arrange for a bus ticket. Or maybe one of the nice truck drivers from the truck stop up the road from him will give him a fast ride…….and then take him to MD for his court date.

  6. Im Shocked, see my face shocked. How could the Judge deny little man’s sanctions motion. Was the motion too short. Was it to tall of an order for a motion that small. I guess maybe the motion just bombed in front of the judge.

    Personally, I am for throwing people who can work at something off ALL welfare, but who sit around playing video games all day.

    • I support no cost healthcare too, but I keep having this sneaking suspicion that somebody, somewhere, is going to have to pay for it.

        • In Ontario, where I live, “no cost universal health care” is about 42% of the provincial budget, When you have an aging population, that could leave a mark.

          The second biggest line item is education. Third is the interest on our $310 billion debt, the largest sub-national load in the world.

          The United States can’t afford single payer health care.

      • Id hate to see the cost of free health care. When its free it really costs you. Long waits to see your doctor. Rationed care. Reduced access.

          • Your Department of Veteran’s Affairs runs what is essentially a socialist model. Good thing it hasn’t been in the news much over the last decade.

          • Actually, Neal, the US VA system runs on pure capitalism at its worst. That whole VA scandal that was underreported? Here’s how it works.

            You’re a vet, I’m a clerk. You need to have X done. The first appointment available is in 90 days. You and I make that appointment, I write it down on the paper system. I enter into the computer a date 29 days from now. A day before it’s due, I tell the system YOU cancelled, and reschedule for 29 days out. Repeat as needed until the day you were told is inside the 30 day window.

            Now, as far as the paperwork is concerned, you were never facing any delay of 30 days or more. So my administrators get big bonus checks, and beat me less.

            Capitalism, with no competition, and lousy incentives. And lots of dead people.

          • Except, Dr. Mike,…

            “Capitalism, with no competition, and lousy incentives. And lots of dead people.”

            Capitalism with no capitalism isn’t capitalism. VA is not capitalism. Kaiser Permanente (Yay!) is capitalism (well, as much as it can be in our growing
            government economy)

            And a heck of a lot less people die under KP’s care than VA’s care.

            And why did proud vet John McCain (I assume he’s proud of being a vet, it’s his go to line every time he screws us) get his blood clot operation at Mayo not VA? I bet if he had it done at VA, he’d not know he even had another, more serious problem.

          • Yeah, crapola…. Capitalism, with no competition, not with no capitalism…

            The heck with the infinite like button. WHERE’S THE DANG EDIT BUTTON.

        • I’ve lived in both Canada and Kiev and I’m very familiar with “universal healthcare” In short it sucks. In fact I know Canadian MD who moved to the US because thy could never book an operating room when they practiced in Canada

    • Looks to me like someone isn’t dreaming of getting a seven figure punitive damages check. I do find her more intelligent than her fiancee.

      • THIS!

        You’ve hit upon the fundamental difference between TeanKimbo politics and yours. And mine.

        Somebody has to pay. In our world somebody has to pay. In their world ‘the government pays.’

    • The red-headed Rauhauser is also a fan of Universal Basic Income, aka “just stealing from the productive to subsidize the useless.”

      She’s[sic] noting if not all-encompassing in her[sic] greed for the earnings of her[sic] betters.

      • He hangs out with the useless and “unconventionally useful, at least to himself.” Idle hands are the devlil’s workshop so that works out better for his employer.

      • Hey, we pay for those games (and the machines to play them, and the electricity to power them) ourselves. Ain’t nobody got room to knock on working people who play video games.

    • Well it’s easy for really stupid and really lazy people to want to suck the the tit of productive people. Maybe we should just legalize prostitution and give both of them a fair shot at a career.

  8. I’m waiting for “I strenuously object!” “I’m filing a motion for reconsideration.” “I’m filing a complaint with the MD Bar.” “I’m going to appeal.”

  9. What does The Diddler have (or will soon have) in common with OJ Simpson?

    They’re both on parole and they both got away with murder!

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