53 thoughts on “Go Back 3 Spaces

  1. Given that it took the magistrate about a month to plow through a DUMBFUCK’s first incomprehensible filing, this one should be ready by about the 19th of August.

    Does anyone have plans for the end of August?

  2. Looks like the Judge kicked the Cabin Boy’s complaint back down to the Magistrate for another review. While I am not currently a defendant or a doe, I hope that the Magistrate approves the SAC (which is now the FAC) and allows the LOLSUIT to proceed. Again, I know its easy to think this without any skin in the game, but I have high hopes that this will the the FINAL lawsuit by the Cabin Boy against any member of TFS.

  3. Clerk 1: “This came back to us.”
    Clerk 2: *reads through first few paragraphs.. “You’ve got to be kidding.”
    Clerk 1: “It gets worse.”
    Clerk 2: *sighs* “Do you know how long it took me to liberally construe this the first time?”
    Clerk 1: “Yeah, it’s going to take much longer this time. Hope you didn’t plan on a vacation.”
    Clerk 2: “Do I just kill you now or wait until the day ends?”

    • It could be the end Of August before the magistrate issues a report. Everything is essentially on hold until then. Certain things will, by then, we expect, be res judica. Such things as conspiracy. I suspect, merely suspect, that I might be seeing what the judge is doing here. An opened door, a familiar lawyer known to be smart enough to see it and walk through it…

  4. Yesterday: “Hoge’s lawyer must be having second thoughts about representing him.”

    Today: “I’m not a lawyer.”

  5. So is the judge telling the Magistrate to go back and look at the First amended complaint or the second one? Need a timeline here. Did Stolen Valor get his first amendment in before the magistrate approved it?

  6. I already like this honorable military man and George W. Bush appointee. Don’t agree to hear this case before the magistrate, defendants. IANAL and of course my opinion doesn’t matter, but I don’t understand the concept of allowing a magistrate to hear and rule upon a case?

    At least Bill now has a month or more to fully concentrate on his Maryland case. Has he made his travel arrangements yet?

    • I don’t believe the magistrate will actually “hear” the case; he’ll examine the documents and give it a pass/fail grade for further consideration. For busy courts, it’s a docket management tool.

  7. First a pro bono lawyer in Chicago ditches the bottom-dwelling scum sucking racist liar and gets the case dismissed, then a Federal judge does the same (or is trying to do so).

    Anyone noticing a pattern here?

    • No, that’s the one that needs to be reviewed. The approval of the FAC is now moot, because DUMBF*CK filed the SAC.

      • Only if there was a set of rules somewhere that explains this process. Oh wait, apparently that advice was a threat from Hoge so he disregarded that advice. Such is the life of a dumbfuck.

        Meanwhile he’s still tweeting away up from 3500 to 3511 now under the protected status.

  8. By making ECF 20 moot does that mean that the original approval to go forward is moot? That everything that has transpired up to this point is now null and void, there is no service, no other doom clocks until (AND UNLESS!) the new is assessed AND approved?

    South Carolina is not Maryland, then?

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