Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed an improper reply to one of Aaron Walker’s filings in his appeal of Walker v. Maryland, et al. in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. That’s the combined case against the State and the Kimberlins. The suit against the State seeks to have Maryland’s harassment laws declared unconstitutional as applied to the Internet on First Amendment and other grounds. The case against the Kimberlins seek damages for malicious prosecution using those laws.

Here’s the certificate of service filed with TDPK’s improper reply.(Alexis Rohde is the lawyer representing the State.)

The Gentle Reader may notice that a word appears to be missing from Kimberlin’s last sentence. Actually, there appears to be a great deal more missing than just one word. The most glaring omission is the signature for Tetyana Kimberlin’s attorney who should be filing the reply on her behalf.

Meanwhile, we’re at T-minus 14 days and counting in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

51 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Lying through his teeth? Or practicing law without a license?

    Personally, my opinion is to embrace the power…

    • I don’t think the pedobear is really even trying anymore. Just going through the motions before he bugs out of here.

      • Nope.

        Brett knows he’s going to escape in the final reel. Always has. Maryland courts, and all that.

        Until he doesn’t. HOGE YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! I think I see where you’re going. My GUESS is that Shakes cued you on how to pursue the end-game for Kimby.

        Fascinating to me that Schmalfeldt is far more at risk of serving jail time, right now, than Brett will ever be. In all of this Bill is a bit player who has parlayed his personality into personal risk. All the Lickspittles’ multiple references to ‘holding the bag’ and ‘under the bus’ have meant something very real (whether intended or not; personally I don’t see that Brett intended this and/or how Shakes’ incarceration benefits him personally. Other than Hoge-effort expended? Small beer.).


        Just wow.

        Brett’s not going back to jail, UNLESS…

        Nah. Not going to educate the vertically-challenged guy.

          • I rather enjoyed sitting behind the tiny pedo in court and watching him laugh at Bill. But Bill being Bill won’t ever abandon his most excellent bomber and pedophile friend. Probably not even when the bus hits him. He’ll just take Brett’s word that it was just an unfortunate situation and nothing of his doing.

  2. As much as it pains me to divert attention (all of it way more than appropriate) from Kid Dynamite El Kimbo, Kimbermeister The Brettster, ‘Boom-Boom’ Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber- I want to note, for purposes of the betting pool…

    I figured out why John did what he did with his SC Lawyer. Second-party references indicate Shakey is crowing over ‘Pro Bono’.

    As that wise man, Admeeral Kirk once said (or will say?): “Standby.”

  3. Is the reply improper just because Brett is trying to represent Tetyana without being a lawyer, or for other reasons too?

  4. Since he has admitted to the courts that she is unavailable, he can’t just forge her signature. But this was a stupid move on his part, very stupid and utterly unnecessary.

  5. “(H)as seen a copy.” How? Email perhaps?
    So then she would have been able to contact the Court about her absence herself.

    • No, the court should just take his word for it. Its not like there’s any reason to disbelieve him. Its not like he has a conv… Never mind.

    • Hmm she “sent it” but also “has seen a copy.”
      Strange grammatical construction there. Implies quite a lot (some of which is contradictory).
      But that’s all I’ll say.

      • That kind of inconsistent grammar is typical of the point with lies which are so bald-faced that they exceed by a large margin the usual degree of dissimilitude of the speaker. Thus this seems to be indicative of going beyond the usual wholesale twisting of the truth to an attempt to spin a fabricated story out of utterly thin air. In past communications with the courts, “I did thus.” has stood in in for “I could have done thus, but chose note to.” When faced with the challenge of fabricating a story concerning an action absolutely beyond his capability to perform, he futilely grasps at random straws. Hence the randomness of the grammar.

    • That was my thought. If she could be apprised of the situation and communicate her intentions about the case to BK, she could have done so with the court directly herself.

      That she isn’t seems like a valid line of questioning for the court*.

      *For a certain obsessively F5ing reader, you’ll notice I said “for the court” not that Walker should call up everyone in TK’s life demanding answers because of “mah raghts”.

  6. I’m thinking of “Bernie”, the true story with Jack Black based on events here in East Texas. (I actually knew a couple people connected to that case) Bernie had complete control of Ol’ Ms. Nugent’s estate, and she never had many real friends, or family that would talk to her. So Bernie was able to make excuses about her traveling or just being unavailable for 9 long months while her body lay in a storage freezer in the house.

    As people in the town of Carthage said, nobody much liked Ms. Nugent, and if Bernie woulda called up and confessed right away after he shot her, he probably could of got off with manslaughter and no more than 2 – 5 years in prison. But it was the way he kept her body in the freezer for 9 months, in the house, that really put everybody off.

    For those 9 months, Bernie got really good at coming up with stories about why no one could ever talk to her. It was finally her accountant, who figured out that Bernie was forging her signatures on some important tax documents (after he tried passing off a forged power of attorney) who figured out what was really going on.

  7. Permission, something you don’t need when they are dead or chained in the basement.
    From the upcoming Rules for Domestic Terrorists manual.

  8. Because I cannot find my original comment About Mrs. Kimberlin and the Ukrainian Orthodox Patriarchate, here is an update.
    Via telephone today, my friend at the Patriarchate reports that the Ukrainian Government has no record of Mrs. Kimberlin entering Ukraine at any time this year.

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