Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Judge Hecker directed The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt to get access to the Maryland Rules and to start following them. It would also be wise for him to get access to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Local Rules for the U. S. District Court for the District of South Carolina and to start following them.

He’s running out of time to mitigate the consequences of the problems he’s caused for himself.

Murum aries attigit.

104 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I noticed that word choice too.

      If he chooses not to mitigate, make the rubble bounce!!

      I mean come on, its William “stolen valor Parkinson’s faker adjudicated cyberstalker” Shmalfeldt!! Even an “average” lawyer (by AVVO ratings) should be able to handle that!

      (AVVO ratings…. *giggle*….)

    • He’s trying to read tea leaves, when he can’t understand tea. Or leaves. Or anything else, for that matter,

      Those GS-13 editing skills coming into play again, no doubt.

      Good thing I’ve been working out the LULZ muscles.

      • And the attempt to sow distrust among the defendants …. that’s worked so well before … based on the fact that many of the cases the attorney has handled have settled … as 99% of all civil cases do.

        Truly he has reached new depths of stupidity.

        • Once again, it is the attorney’s job to best represent and advise his client.

          If a settlement is the best outcome, the attorney will say as much.

          Cabin Boy needs to stop getting his legal instruction from TV and movies.

        • He always tries this. Always. It never, ever works. If anything, his wild speculation that someone will bail on the others making them “hold the bag” practically guarantees the opposite will occur.

          He really should quit while he has half a broken stool leg to stand on. (Yes, I’m being generous.)

          • He’s tittering right now because you said “stool”…

            Probably choking on his own spit from me saying “tittering”.

            That is the level of intellect we are dealing with, folks.

          • The irony is that he actually has been left holding bags, and can’t dare save himself because his chosen cohort of pals is evil.

          • It might be a sound strategy if there was actually a “bag” to hold, other than just the product of his paranoid delusions.

    • Will Mr. Hoge tell his “welfare lawyer” (no offense intended to Mr. Nettles) to cut a deal to get him off the hook while leaving the other defendants hanging and twisting in the wind?

      No. If “off the hook” were the result John was looking for, he’d just strangle your idiot LOLsuit in the crib on jurisdictional grounds because you’ve farked that up again, DUMBF*CK. This time is different.

    • That archived bit doesn’t disappoint, he’s as cringily stupid as ever. (PS Bill, it’s the “government paying because you pleaded poverty, in large part to weed out useless crazy people’s bad cases that waste the governments time” might have something to do with the characterization of the lawyer stuck with you.)

    • ….is a prominent attorney in Florence, South Carolina, with a distinguished record that makes one truly wonder if Hoge gave him the full lay of the land in the case before he agreed to accept Mr. Hoge as a client — for free.

      All he had to do was google bill schmalfeldt, then look at Mr. Hoge’s Scribd account.

      Food for thought why did he file his Notice of Appearance so soon?

  1. tick….tick….tick….tick…Time is running out for the Twitter Attorney at Law. Will he be smart enough to make the appropriate legal maneuvers to keep his ass out of [REDACTED]. This could be a very interesting week for Team Kimberlin and Acme Law.

  2. The best predictor of what Bill will do is to ask, “What would be the smart thing to do?” then know he’ll do the exact opposite.

    • Therefore he will refuse to settle, send another letter to the judge, misspell his name in an unnessessary filing and say idiotic things all over the internet.

      Did I miss anything?

      • It’s hilarious that Drunkenstein thinks that any of the Florence Five will settle with him unless they he offers them a ton of money that he doesn’t have. Besides, a DUMBFUCK is already being sued for violating one settlement agreement. Why enter into another?

        They want to destroy him in ways that he’ll feel for the rest of his life. Things are lining up in such a way that they’ll probably succeed.

        Tick, tock, fatboy.

        This time is different.

      • I’m staying near Ely at the moment – the city on the Fens of cambridgeshire, that is, but I can ask anyway.

    • *Facepalm*

      He’s so dense I fear he may become a singularity.

      It’s not Avvo. It’s the questions posted to them by self-defeating idiots.

      Phone, train.

      • Exactly, I have a family member who advises people on Avvo simply as a way to aid people who need local representation find a good fit for their situation. The better percentage of Avvo users aren’t really sure they have a case or need a lawyer, and often really can’t afford a lawyer and are doing the best they can to understand their options. But, in that latter category many shade their fact situations to get a desired answer, and an all too substantial minority are what I would call bugf5ck crazeee.

    • Do you think he understands that AVVO ratings include the opinions of people like him who get angry at the failure of online attorneys to give better advice than “you know, you should really hire a lawyer and take their advice before you lose everything you own?”

  3. And Dumbfuck is still going on about this “welfare lawyer” bullshit.

    Big difference here is that John didn’t file for IFP status with the court. He managed to obtain counsel who actually volunteered to take the case pro bono.

    Quite a bit different from filing a lawsuit, filing for IFP status, and then turning into the world’s biggest pussy and dismissing said suit with prejudice when his IFP status was challenged by an actual competent attorney (e.g. a REAL lawyer, not his “excellent friend” who is not only not a lawyer, he’s too fucked up to play one on TV). Or the more recent case, where the court appointed a lawyer for him, and said lawyer told him to drop the case because he didn’t have one.

    But that’s none of my business, right?

  4. “Great Caeser’s Ghost!” as a much better editor than the noted GS-13 routinely said. The World’s Stupidest Man (TM) is at it again. Doesn’t have the comprehension skills of the average 4th grader. The Stream of Stupid is more routinely a torrent than a trickle, but now it’s reaching flood stage. I wonder if it ever reaches a crest.

  5. Maryland has rules now?

    I think Fat Bastard should just go ahead and keep not following them. And if the judge tries to enforce them, he should file ethics charges against the judge.

    • The ethics complaint might well be upheld if Hecker applies the purported rules. It appears to be considered untoward for a judge in Maryland to pay attention to the rules of procedure (or even to decisions by the U. S. Supreme Court).

      • I think billy should make a complaint to the FBI and Justice Department about every Judge that has ever been over a case BS has been involved in, because clearly they have all been involved in a vast Criminal Conspiracy against him.

  6. Rather than ridiculing John’s Lawyer for taking the case Pro Bono, maybe Sir Toddler Stalker ought to be wondering WHY he took the case Pro Bono.

    I personally think lawyers like to Bitch Slap assholes too.

    • We know exactly why the Fail Wail’s “pro bono” lawyer took the case. And it wasn’t that he thought it was a noble cause for a poor disabled soul. It was because he wasn’t given a choice and ran screaming from it as quickly as he could.

    • That would require insight.

      And if he had any insight, he’d never have filed the thing in the first place. Or tried to talk to the person who got a restraining order against him immediately after the order was granted. Or…

  7. I actually wonder if Mr. Hoge’s lawyer is a silent lickspittle, as I’ve been for quite some time. I can’t imagine that I’m the only person that’s followed the Misadventures of the Malignant Manatee for quite some time without commenting.

    • “Your honor, I call Mr. Hoge’s lawyer to the stand!”
      “You do know that’s not how this works, right?”
      “I only want to ask him one question.”
      “I want to ask him ‘Are You Now Or Were You Ever A Member Of The Lickspittle Brigade?'”
      “No, sit down.”
      “I can’t sit down. I might fall and hit my head on the table.”
      “Fine, you can stand up.”
      “But my Parkinson’s makes that difficult.”
      “How does a jail cell sound then?”
      “I’ll sit down.”

  8. What is the over/under on how many email, phone calls or letters to Mr Hoge’s lawyer will Bill attempt this week? We can assume that he has already send a few introduction emails to Mr Nettles and his staff. I’ll also offer that by close of business Monday, he will have sent at least 1 long form(20 typed pages plus exhibits) email that attempts to explain the ‘situation’ that Mr Nettles has just became involved in.

    While most of us know there are very specific rules that attorneys must follow when dealing with a pro se party. This will not stop the Twitter Attorney at Law from lawfully communicating with a fellow attorney regarding a case. He must be allowed to conduct settlement talks, plus First Amendment and stuff. Dis’ gonna be gooood!!!!!!

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