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I’m told that the Cabin Boy’s™ demeanor before Judge Brown during last Friday’s Palmer v. Schmalfeldt restraining order hearing did not help his case. Also, his appearance at that hearing—which is documented in the No-Contact Order signed by Judge Brown—may have an adverse effect on him in relation to pending matters in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

83 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Let’s see how well he runs circles when he discusses with Judge Hecker his reasoning for ignoring the Show Cause order.

      I foresee a great monkey dance.

    • According to Wikipedia, methamphetamine is soluble in methanol both in free base form and as a hydrochloride salt.

    • It seems that my pro se skills were greater than his. He was the one fumbling and stumbling and stammering.

      • Was it as irritating as in his testimony by Skype (lately published)? He’s really insufferable in that. I’m interested to here from you or anyone else present what his tone and affect was.

        • It was his normal laconic style that I’ve heard in his podcasts and in the Skype testimony. Obsequious. Combined with stuttering. Irritable. And yes, irritating.

          • He was intolerable in that court recording – snide and supercilious and obsequious all at once. He doesn’t do himself any favors, that’s for sure. That upside down monster mouth of his is kinda punchable, and I don’t think of punching mouths very often.

  1. I’m told that the Cabin Boy’s™ demeanor before Judge Brown during last Friday’s Palmer v. Schmalfeldt restraining order hearing did not help his case. anyone, ever


    • Oh no! His demeanor helped me greatly! I’m pretty sure it convinced the judge that I was telling the truth about everything.

      • Extraordinary that he would argue, let alone believe, that he is permitted to contact someone repeatedly after being informed no contact is welcome until he is personally, satisfied that the person has a feldtchartworthy good reason to be annoyed or distressed by thet contact, and that the person must go to some extraordinary lengths including independent corroboration that his contact causes annoyance or alarm.
        Don’t contact me suffices for normal people.

      • Maybe, but given his demeanor is the reason you had to be there at all in the first place, I’m still going to call that a net negative of helpfulness.

    • If he’s smart, he will.

      I think we all know what that means ….

      What I’m looking forward to more than anything is the show cause hearing on August 21. That’s going to be the most awesome thing ever, assuming that he shows.

      After all the bluster of “standing up for disabled Americans” – including threats to sue the judge because he’s the Rosa Parks of not taking the bus – a DUMBFUCK’s turning around and taking a minimum 16 hour journey on Greyhound to lose in court is going to make for the most sensational hearing in American judicial history for somebody not named Manson.

      Once that happens, I’ll probably die of happiness, which will be okay, The trial itself will be an anti-climax.

  2. Are restraining orders on one’s fiancé a negative when running for office?

    • Sure, because the best way of winning a Republican primary is to have no fixed address. Everybody knows that.

      • Her manchurian candidate shenanigans might’ve worked but won’t now after that tweet. I say that because she looks the twin of that anti-gay marriage Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis. Put pink hair on Kim Davis and I swear she could be @ truth_partner’s twin.

        p.s. That’s an opinion based on looks and my own perception and @ truth_partner isn’t Kim Davis’ twin sister.

      • Not to mention pink hair, rotten teeth and a demented hippo on your arm. All SC conservatives look ,like that.

      • Not where they plan to move. Didn’t they indicate they would be moving to a new motel room near the federal courthouse? That’s Jim Clyburn’s district and a D+19 congressional district. They talk politics all the time and act like they know what they’re talking about when it seems to me they don’t have a clue.

        To give them some benefit of doubt; Bill was the last I knew a transient motel room resident in a R+9 district.

        • Their political knowledge is simply D = Good, R = Bad. Anything past that taxes their tiny pea brains. Plus they heard the Ds talking about all the “free” stuff they want to give them. To a couple of lazy grifters that must sound pretty good.

          • True, gay incest porn is usually a deal breaker for anyone running as a Republican. However, I do believe it’s an enhancement if you run as a Dem. Just watch the underage stuff. You don’t want to get Weinered.

          • Plus the voyeurism/rape fetish , forwarded animal torture stories, etc. The wicked crossbite and slurping speech put her several steps behind Meg Lanker Simons

          • Are you really sure neither one of that pair doesn’t want to get Weinered?

      • I am waiting with baited breath for the campaign ad consisting of her shouting in libtard gbberish, “FRUBUCK YROOOOOOOO, KRENDLERBERUUUUUURRR!!!”


        • Grammar Police on patrol. It’s “bated breath”, but, I too, would love to see that ad. I’d probably play it over and over and over and . . .

          • >> Grammar Police on patrol. It’s “bated breath”

            Hopefully. I don’t think “How To Eat Fried Worms” was meant as a cookbook.

          • Sorry, orificer….

            Wont hapen agin…

            -some off in his Dodge Demon at the speed of light, laughing as the ticket flutters in the cloud of burned rubber surrounding Officer Barbrady-

          • *speeds off…

            I am waiting with BATED breath for the inventor of autocorrect to choke bad schnitzel

    • As I recall, from the account I read, he flat out admitted to doing the things that Sarah complained of. At that point, he was civilly on the wrong side of stalking and harassment, and a restraining order almost begged to be issued. He can’t say the judge was on Palmer’s side, when he admitted he wouldn’t leave the woman alone when she aked him to.

      I know that logic, good sense and consequences don’t fit his world view. But if someone says, “Don’t contact me”, it’s usually a good move not to contact them.

      Laptop, home.

      • As best as I can determine – to the extent you can determine anything with someone so drunk and stupid – Schmaleldt wanted to argue that he had really good reasons for his stalking and harassment.

        The court wasn’t having it. At all.

  3. That was fascinating reading through the wordpress article and comments. I was perhaps most surprised that Sarah seemed to be surprised that BWS truly believed that he had the Absolute Moral Right to do everything he did – that’s what Crazeee is. I guess it’s easy to say someone’s crazy, but then there’s that moment when you finally realize “oh wow, this person is truly, completely, and certifiably nuts. wow.”

    which put me to thinking, and this is what I put on the Dave’s blog:

    “he is determined to spend the rest of his life and nearly every waking moment left of it spent on his enemies,”

    The really sad part is that he’s doing this because for him, this was the best option he had left. He desperately craves attention, and yet his family hates him, he has no “friends”, not in the real world, he has no work buddies, he certainly isn’t a member of any social organizations.

    So for him it was sit in a recliner and watch replays of “Lost” on an endless loop, or this. Even when he loses, he’s still going to be able to feel a huge amount of self pity and he will take a great deal of personal pride in being able to tell himself that Yes, I am the Ultimate Victim, and the Whole World is Against Me.

    Now as for the rest of us – just remember that what he really craves is punishment, to prove his victim status, so he needs to be obliged and given as much of it as possible.

  4. I haven’t read this anywhere, did the Johnnie Walker Red Baron use any mechanical device (walker, wheelchair or cane) in the court room?
    I’m trying to salvage anything from the Office Pool.

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