21 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Memo to a DUMBF*CK: pro bono counsel is only a welfare lawyer when they’re ordered by the cpourt to represent you because you’re a pauper. When they take a case for the LULZ (or perhaps righteous indignation) that’s not welfare, that’s FUN!

    • I’m not surprised Dumbf5ck is unable to comprehend the subtle nuance between his begging the court to forceassign a lawyer to represent him, because he was too cheap poor to afford one (not to mention completely unable to convince any lawyer to take the case pro bono)
      a client having a lawyer offer to handle a case pro bono for reasons that did not include being forced assigned by a judge to handle one.

      he is after all a Dumbf5ck.
      he still doesnt realize why Hoge chose to get a lawyer rather than pro se bench slapping him (yet again), but when he finds out the hard way, the feltdown will be magnificent.

      One thing Shakes can be glad of at least.
      He gets to be humiliated in a new court, before a new judge by a new lawyer, instead of embarrassed by Walker again.

    • If you don’t claim to be too poor to be able to afford a lawyer, it’s not welfare. If the government doesn’t give you a lawyer (whether the lawyer likes it or not), it’s not welfare.

      No lawyer will take the Fat Pedoketeer’s cases, pro bono or otherwise, because there is an ethics clause in their licenses to practice law, and they want to keep their licenses to practice law.

    • He also misrepresents (that means lie for you DUMBF*CK) what is said here about AVVO. We don’t mock the lawyers there. We mock YOU. You only give information, most of it lies, that support your predrawn conclusions. If you hit Person A and Person A hit you back, you would got to AVVO and tell the lawyers there that you were assaulted for no reason and want to sue Person A. See? We mock your lies, not the lawyers. There is no way a lawyer could make a sound judgment based on the lies you tell them.

      PS. Get ready to get your ass stomped, yet again, by a lawyer. And remember Bill, lawyers working Pro Bono get ask the judge to force you to pay their fee after they stomp your ass. Wonder how long the Inflate-A-Boy will stick around when you can afford meth vinyl patches anymore?

      • I’d love to know how many billable hours will be completed BEFORE Bill attempts to drop this case? If he is smart(yea I know) he will call the Court Clerk at 8am Monday morning and cuts the cord on his idiotic suit. This might keep the fees under a grand. But each day he continues this thing the fees are just multiplying. As additional pro bono attorneys are brought on board the billable hours he can be responsible for start climbing by multiples of 2, 3 then 4.

        My guess is that by Friday, Bills tab will be in the $10,000 range.

        • According to reading about fighting against patent trolls, plaintiff’s unilaterally dismissal of a suit becomes MUCH harder (if still possible at all) if a defendant can file counterclaims first.

    • Thanks for the image link. I haven’t laughed at Mr. Fakinsons spin on this in a long time

      And I live his depiction of the pedobomber
      I wonder if his tune si change when the bus smashes him head on after admitting ONCE AGAIN he is editorially responsible for the website in question.

  2. WELFARE LAWYER is on the taxpayer dime. Unless I’m mistaken, Senator Durbin got some pork into an omnibus spending bill to test giving lawyers to paupers in that one district. More likely to pay off his creditors and trial lawyers political spending.

    Idiot is now a transient motel resident in South Carolina.

    South Carolina has one Republican Senator and an idiot who would never pull a Durbin when it comes to such wasteful welfare spending.

  3. The Twitter Attorney at Law has spoken and bacause of his vastly superior education at Twitter School of Law plus his years of practice at the Tweet, Tweedle & Twee Law Firm, he knows so much more than anyone on TFS. His performance in the prior LolSuits really speaks for themselves and demonstrates his surperior legal intellect. And who can forget the ass-whoppen he rained down on Ash in Court yesterday?

    I’m sure Bill Schmalfeldts understanding of pro bono legal work is spot on!!

    • Who can forget the epic courtroom struggle between Bill and a 3 year old. After 10 mins of hard fought courtroom stuff, only the 3 year old remained standing. Bill got his ass handed to him. BY A 3 YEAR OLD. Oh Bill, you are in SO much trouble. Bwahahahahahah.

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