Unregistered Voters

There’s a report out saying that angst about President Trump’s election commission is causing Democrats in Colorado to deregister themselves. This could become a significant logistical issue for Colorado Democrats, but they should be able to get some advice from Chicago where the unregistered voter problem was solved decades ago.

6 thoughts on “Unregistered Voters

  1. Won’t that make them more difficult to gather up and place in the re-education camps?


    They are deregistering because they’ve figured out that the Democrats are losers, is a more likely explanation…

  2. I never was a Trump fan (historically he’s been a NYC democrat), but his mere existence is changing behaviours of large population segments. Illegal voters are unregistering, illegal aliens have ceased crashing the border, leftist media having daily meltdowns. Very entertaining.

  3. This is another story the media has propagandized. The commission asked for publicly available information, basically the information every state already sells to companies and political parties. So called Republican/conservative sites are peddling the liberal talking points on the matter.

    RedState today is peddling liberal talking points on the matter. I understand people disliking Trump, but like him or not, he will select conservative judges and really that’s all that matters to me in the end … everything else conservative he might do is cake.

    • Here are some of the ala modes:

      1) Would be terrorists are having harder times obtaining a visa to enter the USA.

      2) School lunches will soon no longer consist of salad and tofu.

      3) The federal government will no longer drop lawsuits if the defendants donate money to liberal “charities.”

      4) The current border wall will be expanded.

      5) NATO countries other than the USA will pay their fair shares rather than continue to receive a free ride courtesy of the American taxpayer.

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