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As I noted yesterday afternoon, my lawyer has filed his appearance in LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact. I was served day before yesterday, and an answer or dispositive motion must be filed within 21 days of that service. My lawyer and I are working on getting the appropriate paperwork drafted, and it will be filed in a timely manner.

The Cabin Boy™ may soon wish that he had never filed LOLsuit VIII.

Murum aries attigit.

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  1. Get the diminutive diddler to forge you up some passports, and you’re on your way! Just watch out for the landing those dirigible cables will spark up.

  2. Are you saying that if the Overweight Cabin Boy, aka the Worlds Best Twitter Attorney at Law decides he wants to just drop this case, it will not be over for him? Bill is a pretty ‘wise’ litigant and although his previous LulzSuits have ALL been lost or dismissed, I’m sure his wise strategy has accounted for this minor setback. It’s fun to imagine the possible outcomes with this case. I hope he is prepared for living with LESS the remaining years of his life.

    • If he would scurry back to his hovel du hour, immediately craft a MTD with prejudice, send it next day (fax preferred if the court would accept it) then there is a slight chance he could unfuck himself in the LOLsuit.

      Unless John’s attorney was prepared and has already sent in the counterclaim, and it just hasn’t made it to PACER yet. In that case, Billy is screwed. Not in a good way, but in the manner of the victims in his ‘satires’ and ‘spoofs’.

      • If what I think is going to happen does, Schmaleldt has a week, maybe two, to find an escape hatch. In the past, John has used the full 21 days to file motions. But now BPO has been served, and he says that he has representation. And Patrick Grady and Ash are still out there waiting. Our lulcow might lose any means of escape even sooner than even I think.

        All four have grounds to counterclaim. If any one of them does, game over. I don’t imagine that any of the defendants will be particularly receptive to a non-monetary settlement, nor will their attorneys.

        I also agree with David Edgren. If this goes forward, I expect that the odds of Drunkenstein’s being able to file another lulzsuit without a judge babysitting him drop to almost zero.

        Of course, Dumb Unca Bill hasn’t considered the ramifications of that, If he trips and has a boo-boo at the mall or get involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, he won’t easily be able to sue for compensatory damages … for the rest of his life. If there’s a vexatious litigant designation, it’ll be all over the Internet because we’ll see to it.

        The Diminished Capacity Kid, as always, decided to push again, this time with Ash. And he was thoroughly humiliated after an eight hour bus trip that he’s sworn under oath that he couldn’t take.

        I still don’t think that he gets a very simple fact, this time is different.

        I hope Oliver Wendell Jones, as is his practice, doesn’t listen.

        • Out of all the people parties to LOLsuit VIII, guess which one the District Court of South Carolina actually has jurisdiction over to apply SC law?

          Did you guess Bill Schmalfeldt? I’ll bet you did!

          • If i were a betting man, I would put money on the MTDs highlighting the fact that this is substantially the same lulzsuit that he’s filed against the defendants seven times before in three different states in just over three years,

            That might leave a mark in South Carolina. I can’t imagine that they cotton to that kind of thing, lest they become known as a forum for libel tourism.

          • Neal, come sit beside me and let me tell you the stories my lawyer told me about how they treat… Now what was the word? Oh yes! Carpetbaggers down in South Carolina. I had to put down the phone I was laughing so hard.

        • And I’ll take that as confirmation that at least three of the four defendants are represented by counsel.

          Oopsie poopsie.

          • “This is MY Town. These are MY people. They know me here.” – DUMBF*CK’s opposing counsel.

          • And as for the fourth, well… in prior LULZSUITS, Bill at least put _some_ evidence that Grady might actually be Krendler. Here he just asserts it without any pretense of having evidence.

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  4. I love everyone’s optimistic views of our gracious host being victorious, but Maryland has shown time and time again that…

    … oh wait …

    *limbers up lulz muscles for the workout of their life*

  5. Dear MethMouthed Inflate-A-Boy. Please keep telling Bill how he is going to win big. Try to remember that he is, at his core, a coward and will need lots of encouragement, especially when he is flooded with motions from four different lawyers. But keep his spirits up. Tell him he can win this. Keep pushing him to not fully read the cases he is citing. Keep telling him that judges really love it when he puts the personal insults in his motions.

    The Popcorn Council of America

  6. It’s like he continues to throw himself down the stairs, over and over again. Even a child learns not to touch a hot stove again.

    He has caused chaos in his own life as he has moved all over the country. He has spread fear, loathing, ill-will and disgust as opposed to “goodness and mercy.”

    He has not learned, and one wonders if he is able to learn.

    Talk about a miserable wretch. Hatred and misery seems to be his universe. If he hadn’t brought it upon himself one might feel compassion for him.

    Reminds me of the old saying, “Everyone brings happiness here: some by coming and some by leaving.”

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