Meanwhile, in Westminster …

I dropped this off at the Clerk’s Office on my way to this afternoon’s show cause hearing for Tetyana Kimberlin in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit.

Stay tuned.

35 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Westminster …

  1. Judge Hecker must be astonished by the frequency with which the phrase “last known address” has been attached to Defendant Schmaleldt’s name.

    By my count, this is the fourth time that’s been necessary since this case has been filed. Were I on the bench, I might be forgiven for thinking that he’s of a mind to evade something someday. Most retirees don’t tend to uproot themselves this often.

    • It’s pretty common with transients, although actually finding them is usually easy; just send someone to check out the drunk tank.

  2. The eleventh hour nature of this demanded postponement is a sign that it is in bad faith. There would have been no need to delay or escape the court’s scheduled settlement conference, or to avoid any response to a request to show cause why that order was not obeyed. No contact information for this party has been provided by Tetyana, and if she is in good health anywhere there is no excuse for her failing to have court documents of any kind mailed to her court-listed address sent to her whereever she might be. In fact, on information and belief, anyone might send her an SMS and it beggars belief that if Brett Kimberlin still feels authorized to speak on her behalf, that he has no way of communicating with her.

  3. And Brett is a poor representative indeed if he failed to send information about the show-cause hearing. He has sent in documents purporting to have her signature, but the signature does not appear to be hers at all. Why should the court accept any statement of Brett Kimberlins on her behalf?

    • He’s not a lawyer. He can’t. Even if he were, he would have to enter a formal appearance before he could represent her.

      • I don’t know why, but his very transparent angling to control the judge on the date of the trial is infuriating. He’s done worse but this is really under my skin.

  4. Well John didn’t bring it up explicity but It can’t be lost on the judge that there is a wall between the court and Tetyana that Brett has erected.

  5. They way Our Gentle Host cut the PedoBomber down with that filing, the miget will be able to walk under closed doors now.

  6. I didn’t even think about she could’ve appeared by skype in Hecker’s courtroom. Good job, sir, good job indeed!

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