87 thoughts on “LOLsuit VIII News

  1. Bill had been warned and warned he should hire an attorney. He had been warned to drop the suit. Now it is too late to just drop it and face no consequences. That time has passed. Now we get to see how Bill enjoys getting his ass kicked, in public, for all to see. What trouble lie ahead for the Overweight Cabin Boy.

    • I wonder if Bill has anything to say about this. Hey Bill, why did you turn off your twitter feed? Everyone wants to know what you have to say! We’re all curious, everyone wants you to broadcast all of your inmost thoughts to the world. Why did you quit? Are you scared? Are you beaten? Are you admitting Hoge was always right, about everything, all along?

    • “Now we get to see how Bill enjoys getting his ass kicked, in public, for all to see.”

      I know I will enjoy it… Immensely.

      Karma ain’t just a river in Egypt, you fat racist stalker.

  2. he’s been warned.
    he failed to heed the warnings.
    the first dominoes have begun to topple

    what happens next will be based entirely on his own actions.
    and he will not like the consequences his own actions have put into motion.

    Murum Aries Attigit

  3. Remember folks, as bad as it’s going to be with Hoge releasing information slowly, drip drip drip, it’s going to be 10 times worse for Bill.

    And if he understood the situation, it would be 100 times worse.

    • 35+ years? Well, then, Hoge doesn’t stand a chance. A high school graduate who can’t spell his name correctly against law school grad and seasoned attorney? Hoge had better settle. He is doomed. Remember, Bill is going to own everything he has.

        • actually the lawyer and his father practiced for over half a century in that federal court

          ohh, nooooo

          • They say the way to pick a lawyer is to sit in the courtroom of the judge you’ll be facing. You want the guy that when he says “Good morning, Your Honor.” the judge replies “Morning, Frank. How was Billy’s little league game on Saturday?”

            Good lawyers know the law. Great lawyers know the judge.

    • Meh. He still gets paid…


      He took the case pro bono?

      Hmm. Then he only gets paid if Hoge prevails?

      But Bill is proceeding IFP…he claims poverty, and that his income is protected from garnishment…

      Perhaps, maybe, Hoge’s lawyer knows something…

      Nah, that’s foolish, Cousin is always the Smartest Man in the Room(TM), he’s always #WINNING…

      dis gonna be gud!

  4. :sigh:
    I guess those of us too dumb to use pacer will have to wait to see who the mystery guest is.
    (FWIW, I was supposed to look into using pacer to pull some docs for something a while back. Might have been Moore v. Regents or U California, or the Havasupi Indian tribe v. Arizona state stuff. But I was really confounded by the fees and since I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for and didn’t want to ring up hundreds in costs I abandoned it.)

      • Exactly.

        I think highly likely that soon the Cabin Boy will view everything that came before this morning as “the good old days.”

        It won’t be any less humiliating, but considerably more expensive and personally uncomfortable,

        • Buy the ticket, take the ride.

          As is always the case, a DUMBFUCK was repeatedly warned about this course of action, and he decided that he was just so much smarter than everybody else.

          If Drunkenstein hasn’t yet figured out that it doesn’t really matter whether or not he’s “judgement proof”, all the better, It’ll be a delightful surprise when he realizes that he’s going to be haunted for the rest of his life.

          But he was warned.

    • It’s free up to $15 usage. I’ve never signed up either. I don’t like how the courts use pacer and make public transparency hoops to jump through.

  5. Mr. Hoge’s attorney and Biwwy both appear to have roughly 38 years experience before the bar.

    One of them with legal training/education/expertise and the other one with *glug glug hic*… this is going to be awesome.

    • Shhhh, Cabin Boy thinks pro bono attorneys can’t recover their fees from stupid losing plaintiffs Federal court actions. Don’t help him figure out he is wrong.

        • “Judgment proof” means that it’s not worth pursuing a judgment because collection is too difficult and uneconomical.

          That’s a rational conclusion by judgment creditors who are solely motivated by money …..

  6. Get out while the getting is the best it’s going to get Bill. @redheadturkey, just try to give him good advice and see what happens. You have been warned. <—- note, Bill is incapable of taking good advice, and he won't.

  7. “They thought they had chosen the weakest one in the herd, culled me from the herd, and now they think they’re gonna break me.

    I face two misdemeanor charges in criminal court and that is supposed to break me

    I got news for you boys:

    I’m bringing down the thunder
    I’m bringing up the hellfire
    I’m rolling the bomb out to the Enola Gay and I’m loading it into the bomb bay
    I’m taking off for Hiroshima

    You wont know when
    You dont know where
    You wont know how
    But you will know why

    –William “Stolen Valor Parkinsons Faker Adjudicated Cyberstalker” Shmalfeldt, February 2013

    One of my favorite Feltisms!

  8. Oh, man. Is your lawyer the same guy who (redacted)?

    I’m gonna start building an ark to escape the Fear Pee Deluge.

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