A Non-Hearing

Tetyana Kimberlin failed to appear for her show cause hearing for failure to appear. However, she has also successfully dodged service of the court’s sua sponte show cause order, and the Maryland Rules do not permit the hearing to held until she is served. Therefore, Judge Hecker (who is pretty much running the case by the book) continued the hearing until after she is served. Because the writ of summons is still outstanding, no new paperwork was issued.

While this is not my preferred result, it is one of the two possible outcomes I expected.

The next hearings are scheduled immediately before the trial begins on 21 August.

T-minus 18 days and counting.

20 thoughts on “A Non-Hearing

  1. Pity it is not the swamp. Here the rules are if all known recent addresses are served via certified mail in addition to a bona fide attempt at service via the sheriff, tough beans to the no-show.

  2. Any other salient details from the non-hearing? Did the Court express the least curiosity as to her whereabouts, or irritation about what is apparent pretty much everyone else on the planet if not the judge?

  3. Also I don’t buy that she wasn’t served until I see real proof she wasn’t “packing” when the papers arrived. I can’t understand why the judge would accept that she wasn’t present to be served by mail, simply on the say-so of someone who is low enough to crawl below police cars and set bombs.

    • “Show up” can have various shades of meaning. Persons of a certain stature can “fail to appear” simply by standing behind the first row of courtroom seating.

  4. So, who is cashing Mr. Kimberlin’s child support checks? Oh, wait, like she is ever going to see one of those as long as she lives. Oh, wait, I did it again!!

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