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Here’s The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s reply to my opposition to his motion to sanction me for obeying the court’s scheduling order relating to discovery in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit—

BTW, the certificate of service says that TDPK mailed my copy to me on the 7th, but it didn’t arrive until the 12th, two days after the court (which is served by the same post office as my house) received its copy. There is no postmark on the envelope I received.


Meanwhile, we’re at T-minus 1 day and counting in both Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. and Palmer v. Schmalfeldt.

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  1. “Your honor, I know that I refused to answer anything that Hoge wanted during the time the court actually scheduled depositions to occur, but that’s totes allowed, whereas Hoge not answering depositions requested nearly two months too late should be sanctioned.”

    I don’t think that’s going to fly even in MD.

    • And what of empire, which talks about a “general rule” when this is argued as a specific bad faith case. (I’m using nonlegal terms here.)
      I’m obviously not a lawyer, I’m a philosopher of sorts and from the perspective it seems like he’s ceded guilty and is quibbling over damages. (no idea how that plays legally)

    • So I’m not the only one that looked at his supporting citations and thought they didn’t even come close to the argument he was making.

      And besides, failure to state a claim is something for a MTD, which was denied, so bringing it up here doesn’t exactly help him here either.

      • Brett’s supporting citations NEVER come close to the argument that he is making. It’s like he seems to think that judges never actually look up the cases that are being cited to them. The mind, it boggles!

    • Kimberlin pretty much misrepresented the case law and misrepresented the kind of damages allowed in malicious prosecution cases.

      And Judge Mason’s rulings in another case are neither law of the case nor precedents.

      So typical gibberish from the Dread Pedo.

  2. Should we assume that Mrs. Kimberlin has no objections as she did file one of her own, or sign this one.

    Should we be checking under Greyhound buses for her now?

  3. Took me awhile to find the original complaint.

    In Jenkins the complaint didn’t specify at all punitive damages in the pleading, Hoge did and even bolded the paragraph for Brett and the court’s attention. What Team Kimberlin can’t do is read cases very well. You have facts in cases that need to fit in order to cite them as controlling.

    Jenkins says: “… one demand for judgment at the end of the pleading is sufficient.” Which Hoge did in his original complaint.

    And remember Hoge is pro-se like Brett likes to often mention and his complaint must be liberally construed. The complaint pleaded punitive damages I think clearly and easily so if pro-se liberally construed.

    • Apparently, “prayer for relief” isn’t clear enough.

      What our host should have written in the complaint was “THESE ARE THE DAMAGES I WANT.”

      Followed, of course, by “I want it all. I want their houses, their wives….”

      • The Diddler had no way of knowing that John would be seeking damages. It’s not like he could have asked him about it during regular discovery.

        OK, now if I load this anvil into that catapult just so…

        /ACME Legal

  4. Did the midget pedo really start off his argument with “the rules don’t really HAVE to apply to civil matters”, did he?

    • [Channeling my inner Earl] I really can’t blame BK for pushing the limits and saying the rules don’t apply. After all, none of the other rules appear to apply for him and forging court documents apparently is not a criminal offense.

  5. Speaking of using things that aren’t actually precedents as though they are, I’d laugh if Hoge started quoting Kimberin’s filings.

    • like pro-se filings should be liberally construed. His whole prayer for relief is a Virgina law description from twenty years ago.

      I predict the judge will write 1 more order like the Schmalfeldt order … and will tackle TK’s contempt in August. There could be more orders but they will be addressed on the day of trial. He is done with motions and wants to go to trial

      Hopefully, TK can attend. I’m starting to worry about her. She probably didn’t read page 33.

    • heh heh – this comment really got under Cabin Boy’s hide, he’s already whining about it. So, he’s not showing up tomorrow – who’s shocked? All that big talk about “no more uncontested…..!!!” had about the same depth and sincerity as “no more jelly donuts for me!!!” Yeah, works right up until the next jelly donut comes along.

    • Awwww poor wittle Biwwy is upset with you for using his own words and actions to question his sudden regression into stage VVXXXQQQQYYY Fatkinsons.
      Just so I’m straight…..
      You have been wheelchair bound, except when it was inconvenient to be.
      You couldn’t speak, except when it was inconvenient to not speak.
      You couldn’t drive, except when it was inconvenient to not drive.
      You couldn’t mop up your own piss, except when it was inconvenient to not mop it up.
      Your life depended on your Magic Nun Button, except when it was inconvenient to stay in range.

      I could go on and on. These are all things YOU have put out there. But you expect everyone to ignore what you say and do and only focus on what you say and do NOW. And that changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Then there is the fact that you are a proven liar. So there’s that.

      World’s Stupidest Man™

      • And much of that isn’t just from his podcasts, blogs, and Twitter feed.

        Much of that is in various papers he has filed with courts across half the nation.

        The whole driving part has been documented, by Bill, to the same judge, you know, the one who’s kicking of August 21 with a contempt hearing.

    • What’s up with his ebb and flow of disability? I thought progressive neurological disorders never got better? I mean, “progressive disease” has a real meaning.

      Phone, train.

      • Maybe it’s like a “progressive party”. Principals come and go depending on what’s needed to bitch about a Republican.

        I mean, who in the hell does DJT Jr. think he his keeping his emails and publishing them unredacted like that. Doesn’t he know he’s supposed to obfuscate endlessly while deleting them all and wiping the bathroom server they were stored on.

        That’s the right way to handle things, right?

      • BS is trying to master the Humpty Dumpty School of Writing/Speaking. Dictionaries? Phooey!!! Commonly agreed upon meanings, double phooey!!! Legal definitions?? Triple Phooey. Words mean what he wants them to mean, no more and no less.

    • Fakinson’s not attending. It’s almost like EVERYONE predicted this would be what he would do, when he was running around all like, “You don’t know what I’m going to do Friday!” and we were all saying, “You’re not going to show up, that’s what you’re going to do.”

      Dumbf5ck’s gotta dumbf5ck.

    • IANAL either, but: isn’t it illegal for anyone other than a postal worker to place something in a mailbox? Which is why one often sees a separate container for the newspaper just below the mailbox? And if the document received had no postmark, could that indicate it was delivered by someone other than a mail carrier?

    • it’s hard to say which is more bothersome, the idea that he knew he was late so he came up with a scheme to get it to him with no time and date stamp, so he could lie about it later, OR the fact that he or one of his minions actually went to WJJH’s house. I think the latter. As Dr. Mike said above…

    • Personally, I’d check to make sure that the copy I was sent is the same as the copy filed with the court.

      As for failed politician and admitted adulterer (sad!) BS, he has accused me of being Hoge, Aaron, Owain Penllyn, Chris Heather, Jerry Fletcher, and a tapeworm. There may be another one or two that I forgot. He’s just fishing.

      I believe that he was diagnosed with PD in 2000. I also believe that the doctors misdiagnosed him. It is possible that he has another disorder.

      I am not a movement disorder specialist, and neither is he. I don’t have to be an expert to question his ever-changing stories and conveniently timed worsening of symptoms. Neither does a jury.

      • Say, didn’t Investigative Reporter Schmalfeldt say that anything was in bounds to get to the “truth” when someone changes their story? Of course he was referring to a grief stricken father that just lost a child and we are talking about Bill who has a decades long history of being a liar, but I would imagine the Schmalfeldt rules still apply. Schmalfeldt rules say we can stalk, harass, lie about, defame, etc until Bill tells us everything we want to know. But we won’t. Because unlike Bill, TFS have morals that guide us.

      • No, AReader #1 is NOT a movement disorder specialist! I totally agree with the outrage expressed by Breitbit News!

        In fact, we need to get a movement disorder specialist involved. Especially as Bill is dependent upon his diagnosis for all sorts of special treatment by the courts.

        • I think it’s time we hear from Bill’s current team of physicians. I’m sure once they testify in court about the severity of his Parkinson’s Disease, all questions and doubts will be settled.

      • How dare AR1 hijack this thread! Why that’s never been done in the entire history of the internet. (Curse you Al Gore for failing to put down the rules of the net when you created it.)

        Crime: Thread Hijacking


        Punishment: 15 years in jail, I say! With no early release or parole for good behavior.

        Let that be a lesson to all. Now, here’s my Guilty Death Threat OMGWTFBBQDEATHTHREATELEVENTY!!!!!!!1!!!! link

      • I’m a trained mental health professional. (See the portion of my resume that says ‘bartender’) DUMKBFUCK clearly has a severe case of Hodgkinson’s.

  6. At T-9h37m – technicians are working to restore communications with the manatee, which has gone mysteriously silent. (The countdown will continue while the state troopers… sorry, I meant technicians search for the cor… oops again, I mean cause of the silence.)

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