I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

This has appeared on the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. docket—

My usual thing about no substantive public comments (other than what I might put into a court filing) applies until after the court has ruled on the motion.

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  1. “Wherefore, Defendant Brett Kimberlin on his behalf and on behalf of Defendant Tetyana Kimberlin…”

    Well, what about DUMBF5CK? Why didn’t Brett move on behalf of DUMBF5CK as well? For that matter, why leave anybody out? Why not move on behalf of Mr. Hoge too?

    It’s not like the judge will apply any penalties or sanctions, is it?

    • “Wherefore, Defendant Brett Kimberlin on his behalf and on behalf of plaintiff Hoge moves this court to voluntarily dismiss this case with prejudice.”

      Seems legit.

      • He copied text that he doesn’t understand, yet again. It’s hilarious how stupid The Dread Pedo is. Even though we laugh at Cabin Boy, Kimberlin often demonstrates that he doesn’t understand even the most basic concepts. His only “skill” is the brazenness of his lies.

    • IANAL, but the phrase “practicing law without a license” is going through my head for some reason.

  2. SHe didn’t even tell the court where she was going and why And in that squirrely “notice to the court” he seemed to have no effing clue as to her whereabouts.

    • On second reading, I noticed that it seems quite odd that Team Kimberlin is Absolutely Certain that this “Gravely Ill Relative” will no longer need any care by early September, but WILL need it constantly up until then. It’s always nice when serious illnesses conform themselves to such a precise, predetermined schedule.

  3. He’s trying to push the judge into doing what he wanted all along, and I hope the judge smacks him down. Tetyana has not even contacted the court or sworn to anything about her MIA status.

  4. In your objection you should note if the court is so inclined it should do so only after Brett Kimberlin files the plane ticket purchased and a copy of her entrance stamp on her passport. It should be noted Brett has a criminal record for forging documents and has played with green cards in the past and his word isn’t reliable without “rock-solid” proof.

    They knew the trial date and should’ve planned accordingly. Hopefully the court will not grant this … but Maryland. And who wants to bet Bill in September will have a circumstance of some kind and will request another trial date? This is delaying tactics.

    • And an explanation of where the money came from for a round-trip flight to Ukraine. Because I’m wondering how the heck they stretch his $19,500/year salary and whatever she makes to cover all these expenses.

      Laptop, home.

    • Yo’ BadgerBob-

      That’s some pretty damned sharp thinking on your part. Pure sharpestry.

      Golf clap.

  5. Someone’s PD may get even worse by then and I’m sure the ADA will need to be enforced heavily. I’m sure Judge Hecker is quite amused by all this.

  6. Brett should not be permitted to speak on her behalf or provide any documents on her behalf. Tetyana is in contempt of the court and Brett has flouted its every order, and HE IS NOT her lawyer and cannot answer for her.

    • So is DUMBF*CK, but The Diddler speaks for all who refuse to show up when ordered to. He’s a giver like that.

  7. Also his strategic delays should be noted. The trial should go on as scheduled, with either a finding of contempt tomorrow based on evidence she deliberately avoided the settlement conference (she was in the country) and a new show cause for the currently scheduled trial date. If she doesn’t want to come or be found in default, she can fire a lawyer to plead her case.

  8. From an adjudicated perjuror- hah! Any court with the proper, err… stones would require travel documents (airline tickets to and return, certified copy of visa and entry stamp in passport, proof of residence abroad (hotel statement or other proof of lodging during stay), sworn copy of doctor’s statement re treatment of the relative and availability of local care, and the like. They should also be submitted by Tetyana Kimberlin, along with an explanation as to why she would leave the country during these proceedings with nary a word to the court.

    This smells completely planned in advance. The court should be interested as to how T. Kimberlin could have done all that other sophisticated (OK, OK, I know) stuff up to this point and then suddenly do something that indicates complete ignorance of any procedural nicety. Waiting the day before a contempt proceeding of which she is the subject before making this is a masterful touch too- not. The Puny Pedobomber almost certainly thinks that this motion will pass as an excuse for tomorrow’s proceeding. Our gentle host should do everything in his power to assist the court in disabusing him (and his spouse) of this notion, up to the point of perhaps even demanding that she be severed from the proceedings The whole situation just reeks of the Kimberlins’ complete contempt for the authority of the court.

  9. It’s a bizarre little story he tells … “both in and out of the hospital” …. “overseas” but never even names the country nor the “gravely ill relative”.

    Once a perjuror, always a perjuror.

  10. “overseas”

    I thought there was a time limit on the return of mail-order brides.

    Being older than 17 isn’t a defect, Brett.

  11. Offshore wife…
    Offshore money transfers…
    “This blog will go silent until…”
    This at the last moment…

    Hypothesis: There is a plan. Until it was “certain” that all the pieces of the plan would work, this wasn’t submitted. With success assured, this final distraction is filed.

    I suspect that Tatyana is actually taking flying lessons from Amelia Erhart, and that the real (as opposed to the cyber fake) manatee has, or will soon, vanish as did Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa before him. Whether we hear from the pedo again is speculative, but I doubt that it will be from anywhere within the reach of the Carroll County Circuit Court.

    • Sadly, I concur. I had hoped your speculation was just that, but for anyone who’s read a bit about profiling killers, the way he was so intentionally vague about her whereabouts, even in a filing to a Judge, is a huge red flag. I can’t say I fear for her, what I fear is that it’s far too late for that. (If she took off on her own and wanted no more to do with him, why not just a simple one page note to the Judge in her case?)

      And of course – with the body in the ground somewhere, he will be out of the country and on the run soon. This case has been so long and convoluted that I think most everyone believed it had gotten as bad as it was gonna get – but it might have just gone to an entirely new level.

      (and as always, BWS is just a sad little puppet show whose only purpose is to distract our attention)

  12. You know what is really hilarious ? Read it closely. He never even bothers to lie … err, claim …. that Tetyana has agreed to the Oct 2 trial date.

  13. Well, here’s something to think about. IF she is overseas for whatever reason, given Brett’s brutal treatment of her, and considering the legal situation he has put her in, I doubt if we, or he, will ever see her again.

    • One can hope. As I noted above, in the Ukraine there are many Orthodox priests and monasteries that would assist her at a moments notice. Most Americans have no understanding of the influence of the Orthodox Church in the Eastern European countries and iy’s place in the everyday life of everyone there …

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    • To be fair, they already earned contempt with the whole “Maryland is for Stalkers” thing. Which they did not like, but they most certainly earned.

  15. Mandy Nagy.

    The name came into my mind as soon as I read that Brett was asking for kindness from the court because of an impairment (direct or indirect) of one of the people directly involved in his side of the case.

    And I remembered how much mercy he was willing to grant Mandy Nagy, when he was a plaintiff against her. The amount of mercy (insert infinite sarcasm here) was amazing, to the point where Ken White lit the Popehat Signal:

    Title: Popehat Signal: Please Help Mandy Nagy And Her Family

    URL: https://www.popehat.com/2015/07/29/popehat-signal-please-help-mandy-nagy-and-her-family/

    You can read the entire plea for help in Ken’s blog post, but here are some selected excerpts from that post, that I believe do not misrepresent anyone, but I’m highlighting explicitly in this comment, in order to highlight what Kimberlin’s actions say about him, especially how that differs where a significant illness, and associated direct family disruption, is treated when it happens to a defendant/defendant’s famlily member, versus when it happens to him and/or his co-defendants regarding a family member:

    Two dramatic events have changed Mandy’s life in recent years.


    The second event was more random and brutal. In September 2014, Mandy had a serious and debilitating stroke. Her friends at Legal Insurrection, where she sometimes wrote, have passed along updates about her condition.


    There is no way she can participate meaningfully in defending herself against a vexatious litigant, nor earn money to fund such a defense.

    Naturally Brett Kimberlin, a sick and twisted predator in every sense of the word, is taking advantage.

    This March, a federal judge in Maryland dismissed almost all counts of Kimberlin’s ludicrous RICO suit against almost all defendants.1 Kimberlin was undeterred. He’s in it to inflict pain, not to win. So he re-filed a substantially similar case in Maryland state court. Once again Kimberlin flailed at a wide range of individuals and entities — bloggers, blogs, a lawyer, anyone who had called him out. And, once again, he named Mandy Nagy as a defendant — this time as “Mandy Nagy, by her representative Ginny Nagy” — Mandy’s mother. Kimberlin smirkingly noted that Mandy is “legally incompetent” and that her mother is her legal representative. Once again, Kimberlin claimed that Mandy was part of a vast conspiracy to destroy him, specifying her articles that pointed out that he was a convicted bomber, convicted drug dealer, convicted perjurer, and all-around scumbag.

    Some other defendants in the case have counsel, and have filed strong motions to dismiss pointing out the frivolous and harassing nature of Kimberlin’s suit. But Mandy Nagy doesn’t have counsel. She can’t earn money to pay one and can’t write to anyone asking for help. Her parents are using their time and resources for her care and rehabilitation. Her interests aren’t protected. And Brett Kimberlin will try to use her — and normal decent people’s sympathy for her — as leverage.

    She needs help. She needs a lawyer admitted in Maryland to represent her in this case. She needs a pro bono champion.

    So, by way of comparison, look at Paragraph 3 of Brett’s “Motion to Continue Trial Date”, where he pleads for compassion and accommodation by the court to help him and his co-defendants have a trial date that hopefully lets Tetyana fulfil her obligations to provide care for a “gravely ill relative”:

    3. Defendant Tetyana Kimberlin is Brett Kimberlin’s wife and she is currently overseas caring for a gravely ill relative both in and out of the hospital. She will not be returning to the United States until early September and therefore will not be able to attend the currently scheduled trial date of August 21, 2017.

    I was going to stop there, and let the reader make up their minds about the comparison I’ve picked out above.

    However, there’s another quote from 2014, in a blog written by David Weigel, that also seemed pertinent, given the circumstances:

    Title: The Weirdest Story About a Conservative Obsession, a Convicted Bomber, and Taylor Swift You Have Ever Read

    URL: http://www.thedailybeast.com/the-weirdest-story-about-a-conservative-obsession-a-convicted-bomber-and-taylor-swift-you-have-ever-read

    The extract I was reminded of is short:

    “These guys are going to come out today and say I’m a pedophile,” said Kimberlin. “And tomorrow, I can file another lawsuit against them. And now I know what I need to do. It’s going to be endless lawsuits for the rest of their lives. And that’s what it ends up being. I sue them. They sue me. They come into court. I sue them. They come into court. That’s the way it is.”

    Notice that the phrase: “[…] endless lawsuits for the rest of their lives […]”, taken at face level, does not incorporate any considerations of his opponent’s status.

    How does Brett’s phrase “endless lawsuits for the rest of their lives” relate to the death of his opponents? I cannot read his mind, and do not know whether this is merely a rhetorical device, or something that can be taken more literally.

    I can only end up going by some advice my father gave me: “”When you see a discrepancy between a person’s statements and their actions, give more weight to their actions as a true statement of the person’s values and intent.”

    • “These guys are going to come out today and say I’m a pedophile,” said Kimberlin. “And tomorrow, I can file another lawsuit against them. And now I know what I need to do. It’s going to be endless lawsuits for the rest of their lives. And that’s what it ends up being. I sue them. They sue me. They come into court. I sue them. They come into court. That’s the way it is.”

      Notice in this quote that he never mentions coming into court. Curious, that.

  16. Tetyana is an adult and, as such, should be communicating with the court on her own behalf, period. This is just another half-baked, dimwitted scam by BK. So obvious it’s beyond ridiculous.

  17. Couldn’t help but notice there’s no personal attestment. ” I swear under penalties of perjury the following is true” Now he wouldn’t lie to the Court would he?

  18. “For reasons well known to the court”

    Yes, the fact that you keep insisting on smearing him is why you’re here in the first place. Good move, repeat the alleged offense in your filings, that’s totally going to show the judge you should win the case.

  19. I’m wondering how Brett is going to explain why he signed this and NOT his wife… After all, not only do they have hospitals in the Ukraine, they also have telephones, fax machines and scanners too with email service…

    I’m also puzzled by the his long distance mastery of the human body and it’s ability to recover by a certain date that happens to be some 45 days in the future. I’m pretty sure many doctors would love to discuss this ability with him to learn this unique technique for the seriously ill.

      • On a facetious note: I misread “messages” as “massages” above, and then had an image of a recursive Tetyana giving a massage to a recursive recursive Tetyana, giving a massage to a recursive recursive recursive Tetyana giving a recursive recursive… ?!

        On a serious note: There may be others within the wider family that are currently unavailable, but who will able to take over caring duties once they have finished more urgent commitments… so a knowable time-frame to return to the US is not entirely unreasonable.

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