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While this has appeared in the online docket for the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit, I have not yet received a copy—The Gentle Reader may remember that the Kimberlins finally got around to asking for discovery more than a month after discovery had closed in the case. They also wanted to depose me about two months after the end of discovery.

I told them, “No,” but The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin does not like to take “No” for an answer.

Murum aries attigit.

Meanwhile, we’re now at T-minus 2 days and counting in both Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. and Palmer v. Schmalfeldt.

40 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Kimberlin is nothing if not predictable. Actually, I could have stopped that sentence after the third word.

  2. I once received a real crystal ball from a gypsy woman (don’t ask: I was young and very foolish, besides the wench is dead). Looking in it, I see a very short person complaining that he is just a pro se, and the rules must be bent in his favor If he is forced to defend himself against a pro se.

  3. When they say “Rules are for the Little People”, he was clearly warned.

  4. While it’s easy to point laugh and mock Bill Schmalfeldt, I love how our Gracious Host keeps his keen eye on the true, original target.

    “…lawsuits for the rest of their lives”, he said. Brett Kimberlin is finding out how prophetic he was.

    Did he think he would always throw and never have to catch?

  5. I seem to remember a series of depositions where team free speech offered to be deposed first and, after team pedo got what they wanted made up an excuse why they couldn’t be deposed and left.

    The rules, like karma, can be a bitcb sometimes eh pedo?

    Givey regards to your Parkinson’s faking patsy too.

  6. Breitbit News @breitbitnews
    Replying to @breitbitnews
    Who will I add to the lawsuit? Anybody? Nobody? Will it be you? Or you? Or you? Or… YOU??? Or am I only joshing? Wait. (I love suspense.)

    Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @breitbitnews
    After Friday, the presiding judge will declare the recommendation final and the case will proceed. Then I will amend my complaint

    Deranged, vexatious online harasser, thinks this is going to go well with the court.

    11 it’s not just what comes after 10

    • Bill thinks he’ll be allowed a second amended complaint? Ha! Not without leave of all parties.

      But just for sh!ts and giggles, if he is, I claim four as the number of times he skips, repeats, omits, or misorders paragraph numbers, and option “no” on whether or not he misspells his name. (I know, I throw away my money on the later part, but it has to come true eventually, right?)

    • Breitbit News @breitbitnews

      Replying to @breitbitnews
      After Friday, the presiding judge will declare the recommendation final and the case will proceed. Then I will amend my complaint

      That tells me that he does not yet have a law suit and that the summonses not been signed off on much less sent to the US Marshals.

      • OR, the presiding judge will see the bad-faith involved in just trying to get any old complaint approved to proceed before gutting and replacing it. Who does he think he is, Harry Reid?

  7. “This would be a WHOLE LOT SCARIER if I actually GAVE a shit. But, WHOOPS! I don’t! Come and get me. Lock me up. Choke on the key.”


    If you didn’t give a shit, you wouldn’t post.

    Hence, you are lying, again.

    Thus ends the exercise.

    • on the other hand, not giving a shit about consequences explains most of his actions in this matter. He cares about what he feels right here, right now – for instance, a box of jelly donuts will make him feel good right now, so he stuffs an entire box of jelly donuts in his mouth.

      What happens as a consequence of his actions, that’s what he don’t give a shit about.

      • Yet. He will care very much about consequences once he’s experiencing them and there’s no way out. And absolutely no one will help him or even care.

        The time to avoid the worst consequences is right now, as has been explained by others with knowledge of how these things work. But no one can tell him anything – he’s Smarter Than You. Too bad for him.

      • To malignant narcissists and thug puppets (but I repeat myself) t always feels good to bully, threaten, gaslight, or otherwise abuse people happier than themselves.

  8. “The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin does not like to take “No” for an answer.”

    Too easy.

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  10. “I can only do what I can physically do. I can do nothing else. Let the chips fall where they may. God knows my heart.”

    “God knows my heart.”

    Yes. Yes, He does.

    That bodes ill for you, Cousin.

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