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I’m still unserved in LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact, but I’m in no hurry.

Meanwhile, it’s T-minus 3 days and counting in both Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. and Palmer v. Schmalfeldt.

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  1. Perhaps he thought, “nah, sending summonses, that’s a bad idea. I can get nearly the same effectiveness by *threatening* to sue, but never following through, as I could by actually filing a crappy lawsuit, and doing all that *paper work*. Plus, I won’t get outmaneuvered in court by another toddler!”

  2. You remain unserved because of your tricky habit of staying at one residence for decades at a time. Everyone knows you gotta run man, run! It’s the only way the subpoenas will reach you. Hasn’t Ol’ Stolen Valor taught you anything? As soon as a whiff of court papers is smelt, you change domiciles. Hell, you change entire states. That’s the only way to make sure you get served. After all, it’s worked splendidly for Bill so far. Every motion and summons has reached him.

      • I’m not sure motels kick you out after Googlin you. If you can pay you stay unless you’ve made a nuisance of yourself.

        Has the malignant monster overshared just *why* he has to get a new hotel room?

  3. For Hoge v. Kimberlin, did the host ever receive the letter that B sent to the court regarding T? I can understand if he does not wish to post the document, but would he be willing to state whether or not it is as concrete of an example of an unlicensed person trying to act as someone else’s lawyer as we all expect?

    Second, does it make sense at all, or is it the usual gibberish we’ve come to expect from Team Kindergarten?

      • Inquiring minds want to know, were you served with this or did you have to pick it up at the Court House?

      • Is the end of August before or after the trial starts? Being Maryland I am sure the Judge will delay the hearing until the 21st.

      • Is 6 feet under considered “Out of the country”? I wouldn’t put it past the tiny pedo to whack his own wife to keep her from talking. Bill should take heed.

        • TOLF I do agree with you, this is thought has been in my mind as well. Police in another state have been seeking for decades to prove a connection between the midget and death of a witness. And she was not the only witness privy to the pedo’s secrets who vanished mysteriously in that era. (Astute readers may have sussed this from my previous comments, such as the Google Earth link.) As I said recently here, the next in the series may well be “State of Maryland vs Kimberlin: The Search for Tetyana”.

          I believe it is time for the State of Maryland to demand proof of life. Perhaps a discreet “safety check” of a house in Cabin John (searching every nook and cranny, of course) would be in order.

          In re “Bill should take heed”, I agree wholeheartedly. When I read the “this blog will go private” tweet, a chill struck me. I can easily imagine Bill calling a certain person on whom he has the dirt (concerning conspiracy if not more) and saying “Pedo! They are going to put me in jail! You must do something” and being told to announce an unspecified move, go silent, and “…meet me at midnight on Friday at the Tor on Baskerville Moor. Just don’t tell anyone where you are going, and don’t let anyone see you near the Moor.”

          Does Parkinson’s make it difficult to see and hear an oncoming bus?

      • Nice of him to finally notify the court. Good of him to act as her attorney.

        Until the end of august, conveniently missing the trial or forcing the reschedule he wanted for his vacation.

        And, because Maryland, my guess is the trial date will be moved.

        All these gymnastics to avoid the inevitable…. Sad…

        • The court has said that it will not move the trial date unless the Kimberlins have conferred with me and we have agreed on a new date—and the Kimberlins have informed the court that they will not discuss the matter with me.

          • If I were the judge, I’d have confiscated Kimberlin’s passport, at this point…

            He’s in the process of offshoring as many remaining assets as he can, you can count on that…so I have foreseen!

          • Agree with Roy here – BK, unlike the Cabin Boy, has the smarts to know that this means he loses by default. No point for him to show or contest the case now, and he knows it. He’ll continue filing paperwork to try to put any final disposition off, and when that well goes dry, he’ll leave the country.

      • So, the implication here is that she’s been gone since the show cause order was issued (give or take a few days) and won’t be back until after the trial.
        I’m sure the court will just roll with this. Meanwhile, wasn’t some stuff submitted during this time period?

        • It is possible that this is why she missed the hearing that resulted in the show cause order. It will be interesting to see what, if any, action the court takes if that is the case. Fleeing the country to avoid a trial you good and well know about can’t be seen favorably by the court.

          But Maryland.

          It is telling that Brett appears to think a default on her behalf is better than her being cross-examined.

          • I wasn’t talking about her missing the hearing on the 14th, I was wondering if being out of the country explains why she didn’t attend the pre-trial conference on June 2nd. The court should take an interest if she skipped the country to avoid a court date she was well aware of.

            If, it turns out that she’s skipped the country to avoid the entirety of the trial?

          • Automatic default, which seems like a very strange strategy for the Kimberlins to pursue, given the way community property works. My understanding is that any judgement would be collectible against their joint assets.

            If she bails on the trial, there’s really no point in his showing up.

          • So the question then (if she doesn’t return for the trial) is whether 1) TK skipped the country to throw BK under the bus, or 2) did BK have her skip the country because he believed her presence would increase any judgment against them compared to her defaulting.

            If she simply didn’t show, a bench warrant could ensure she attends, but leaving the country effectively puts her out of reach of the courts until she returns.

      • I confess were I serving The Dread Pedo, I’d be sorely tempted to certify service to “…. violent criminal domestic terrorist Defendant Brett Kimberlin….”

  4. knock knock

    who’s there?

    flap flap,

    thud thud

    flap flap


    thud thud

    flap flap,
    thud thud
    flap flap
    thud thud who?

    man on the run

  5. I seriously doubt we will hear from Tetyana for the remainder of the case. Not because Brett offed his wife, but because she had become a burden on him in his lawfare. Brett will never again tell the truth about her current location and the Court won’t punish either of them.

    Mr Hoge’s brilliant litigation strategy successfully separated them resulting in much more work and time he spent on her filings. Brett will allow her to resurface after all the dust settles in Hoge v Kimberlin.

  6. Breitbit News‏ @breitbitnews 2m2 minutes ago
    Replying to @sub_aetha @BreitbartUnmask @truth_partner
    Well, Hoggy said he got someone in Florence. The lawyer must not have seen the complaint yet.

    I think it’s adorable how Ol’ Stolen Valor is worried about a Florence lawyer laughing himself to death after reading Bill’s complaint. I have it on good authority that there is a team of lawyers working on this and each one may not read more than 2 sentences before taking a break and having a physician check the condition of the LULZ muscles.

    • bill run don’t walk but run like your ass is on fire to:
      South Carolina Legal Services
      Florence Office
      Serving: Chesterfield, Clarendon, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, and Marlboro Counties
      320 S. Coit Street
      Florence, SC 29501
      Toll Free: 877.238.3418
      Phone: 843.413.9500
      Fax: 843.413.1013

      • Meh, he had the same complaints last time and his welfare lawyer threw him out on his ass. A free legal clinic will do the same. They will explain that butthurt is not a tort and politely tell him to GTFO. Plus Bill is too egotistical to think anyone is better able to handle his case then he is.

        • You’re assuming he genuinely thinks he’s aggrieved.

          I admit he’s dumb enough to believe that, but he’s also nasty enough to just file the thing to be a nuisance.

      • Plus it appears he is not “pauper” enough to meet their income guidelines. Poor Bill, too rich to be the pauper he always dreamed of being.

  7. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @truth_partner and 2 others
    Still gotta play all 4 quarters. I’d welcome talking to a lawyer, if he’s sane and reasonable. Glad to show him what a liar Hoggy is.

    Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @sub_aetha and 2 others
    Well, Hoggy said he got someone in Florence. The lawyer must not have seen the complaint yet

    Like Randazza firm talked with you? Like the Cavanaugh law firm talked to you?

    Welcome to the new chapter in your merit less vexatious conduct.

    The chapter with severe financial consequences.

  8. Is there any truth to the rumor that the South Carolina Bar Association has prevailed upon Douglas Neidermeyer Esq. to represent the manatee pro bono “as a service to the public”?

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