Fun With Gunpowder

Yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from my good friend and occasional co-defendant Stacy McCain. He invited me out to an undisclosed location for a fireworks display that he was putting together. It turned out to be an impressive show, in large part because of Stacy’s expertise in the use of timed fusing to program the fireworks.Here are a few photos from the display—

A good time was had by all, and no Tovex was used in any of the fireworks.

UPDATE—Be sure to scroll down through the comment section for the video.

UPDATE 2—Videos.

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      • Very nice photos.

        A few years ago at one of the paintball fields I play/work at, we had a gent who sold fireworks ‘dispose’ of his surplus after the season was over. He used an old semi trailer as a base.

        There is a 4-lane freeway about 300′ off the property, and I’d guess we had about 60 vehicles pulled over to the sides to watch the show. Fun times.

        Just goes to show that you can use gunpowder to have fun, and not end up with people hurt, even if you do make a bit of a spectacle.

  1. “Allegedly.”

    John, how many times have I got to teac you how to do this Professional Journalism stuff?

    According to sources familiar with the festivities, the Occasional Co-Defendant and several persons who claimed to be his family members sweated and cussed their way through several hours of preparation on the day of the alleged fireworks display. Finally, about a half-hour before sundown, the work reached the point where a young paratrooper reportedly said, “OK, Dad. We got it from here.” At which point, sources say, the Occasional Co-Defendant to the nearest cooler and fetched himself a cold beverage, while his sons finished fusing the finale.
    About an hour later — at approximately 9:30 p.m., according to sources — an impressively handsome teenage boy reportedly began lighting mortar shells, while the main crew held their final pre-show meeting in front of the finale boards. The Occasional Co-Defendant then requested that those attending the festivities pray for the safety of the crew, sources say.
    The show commenced and, despite one or two minor glitches in the plan, proceeded for seven minutes toward its Grand Finale. The finale reached an intensity where aerial shells were breaking at a rate that some estimated at 20 per second. At which point, at least one spectator said:

    That is an exact quote. Allegedly.

    • This is NOT “something scary I found on the internet”. The people are known personally to me. I have been involved for years in the process through which this was obtained; my brief stint in Darfur contributed to the obtaining of this document. I am currently involved in the logistics of getting multiple independant translations. (The first full translation should be available this evening.)

    • Doubters are invited to check the credentials of “… a December 2002 graduate of the Intelligence Officers’ Advanced and Combating Terrorism Courses, US Army Intelligence Center and Schools, Fort Huachuca, Arizona. He was a Counter Terrorism Fellow and a Graduate of the College of International Security Affairs, National Defense University, Washington, DC, 2005. He was an International Fellow and Graduate of the US Army War College, Class of 2008.” who has contributed so much to this effort.

    • The link is currently down (Error 502).

      The host site has been hit with a denial of service attack believed to to be sourced in Khartoum, or in Khartoum’s allies in the Persian Gulf region.

      Volunteers are desperately needed to help us set up mirror sites.

      Funny what publishing the minutes of a secret government meeting will do, when that meeting was full of laughter at how Khartoum, Qatar and the Saudis had snookered the USA to reduce the sanctions, and outlined the details of the fraud.

    • Summary, by Jerry Gordon:

      #RetainSudanSanctions We published today excerpts from the 14 page translation of the original Arabic document. They are highly revelatory table talk from President Bashir and other military, intelligence and political leaders of National Congress Party regime at a meeting of the Political Crisis Management Committee meeting held on June 18, 2017 in Khartoum. Their comments raise serious questions about lifting the 20 year sanctions against the Sudan regime of ICC indicted war criminal President Omar Hassan al Bashir.

      That decision looms tomorrow, when Secretary of State Tillerson may rule on whether to permanently lift or defer a decision as recommended by the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a letter to President on June 30, 2017 or retain the sanctions as we and others have suggested.

      Among the minutes that appear disturbing are:
      1. Admission that Sudan supports and funds terrorism, despite public expressions to the contrary;
      2. They support Qatar, Turkey and the political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and oppose Saudi, UAE and Egyptian criticism.
      3. They support the objectives of political Islam of both the Islamic State and the Iran.
      4. They would assist in redeploying ISIS fighters and infiltrate them via South Sudan to link up with Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al Shabaab in Somalia.
      5. They would send ISIS fighters to join affiliiates in Libya to overthrow the Libyan National regime of Gen. Khalid Hafter backed by US, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
      6. They prevailed upon Saudi King Salman to convince former President Omaha to temporarily lift sanctions for alleged counterterorism intelligence cooperation with . Further, despite support for Qatar and Iran they are seeking Saudi support for permanently lifting sanctions.
      7. They believe they have co opted US intelligence who they think would support permanently lift sanctions.
      8. They used ceasefires with opposition rebels to train and equipt tens of thousands of Rapid Support Forces/Janjaweed militia forces that were unleashed in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains.
      9. They have devised a divide and conquer plan to splinter and defeat the Nuba resistance under leadership of Gen. Abdalazizz Hilu of SPLA-N with they think the leadership of Malik Agar of Blue Nile State and Yasir Arman, former SPLM leader. Their animus against Abdalazizz is due to his alleged objective to separate the three states and join them to South Sudan.
      10. They consider South Sudan an enemy seeking to overthrow them. They will train students and other to infiltrate and engage in agitation and support for a political Islam opposition to South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

      Given these findings from the Secret Report of the Bashir Regime we urge you to contact your Congressional Representatives , President Trump and Secretary of State Tillerson to urge them to defer any decision on lifting Sudan Sanctions until a new Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan and team can be appointed to conduct investigation and report back to the Secretary of State and the President.

    • Very nice.
      I wanted to do something like this, but only had $40 to spend (my friends were brining the bulk of the fireworks) and couldn’t find timing fuses (because pop up tents don’t sell those around here I guess and I was short on time, already being late to the location.)
      So I settled for a few really loud artillery shells.
      I found the expensive multishot fireworks my friends bought were a bit underwhelming and feel like we could have done better with individual stuff and timing fuses, but what are you going to do.

  2. I am again saddened that I am confined to my residence for in home peritoneal dialysis and am precluded from festivities such as these … God bless all involved, many of whom are on my daily prayer list.

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