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  1. http://i.imgur.com/DtSVpCj.jpg

    Sure tell the court you want to Skype in. And Ash will provide the court with the Show Cause order to hold you in contempt for using Skype to violate the courts rules. You think the Judge will side with you or the other Judge? You dun fucked up with that one. Better get a bus ticket or just hide in the roach motel like you already said you were going to do.

    World’s Stupidest Man™

  2. A judge orders him to show up and answer for his contemptuous conduct, and gives notice that the consequences could be jail, and he blows the judge off. Brilliant strategy.

    I foresee an immense default judgment in our host’s favor later in the summer…..

    It’s hilarious to note that Cabin Boy thinks that judgment will be uncollectable…..

    • Not to argue but to me could be jail read more like would be jail if it goes against him.

      He should hire a lawyer, start complying immediately with the court order and profusely apologize and settle the case for serious money.

      Otherwise, he could lose everything and she could too.

    • I foresee a brilliant defense strategy consisting of two words: “Yeah, but-” where everything after the comma is ruled irrelevant on objection.

    • I read that as “Incineration” but for that we’d have to find out what he did with his old clock…

    • He has been doing his best to throw that into everyone’s faces that he has yet to suffer that fate.

      And yet, there is still time for that to happen.

      Tick Tock.

      • The wheels of justice grind slow. I can only assume that, in maryland, the grind finer than is typical.

      • One can always hope.

        Moreover, rational people understand the difference between a hope and an expectation.

  3. A real lawyer could have explained to Schmalfeldt the ramifications of ignoring discovery. I imagine the process instead went something like this:

    “Hey, what should I do about these interrogatories?”
    “Aw, just ignore ’em.”

  4. And the HITS just keep coming for the poor Twitter Attorney at Law. Bill has been outplayed by Mr Hoge, Aaron, Ash, BPO, Grady & Mr Dog on virtually every legal action that he has been involved.

  5. Good news for Bill. He may only need to pay for accommodation up to August 21. Thereafter, if he’s lucky and plays his cards right, he’ll be able to reside as a guest of the state of Maryland for a while. Think of the savings in rent/hotel payments! Think of relief from intrusive googling by potential landlords!

    • He’ll be able to chat fed-to-fed 24×7! It’ll be like a dream come true.

  6. Epic burn! Schmallballz is a special kind of stupid, and he’s about to learn there are consequences.

  7. August 21… aren’t we expecting a large object to block out the sun on that day in certain areas,,including South Carolina?

  8. There you go again with your googly eyes John. It’s enough to melt any magistrate’s stony heart.

  9. So let me get this straight:

    Hoge can enter into evidence the Settlement Agreement, and multiple examples of Bill violating it. Even if Bill had any evidence that would help him, he’s barred from introducing it. So really, this just eliminates Bill’s planned smoke screen of irrelevancies.

    What will Bill do now? “Beats the helll out of me, Poop Flake!”

  10. The court, the clerks, the bailiff, the judge….. all liars. Totally under the spell of HOOOOOOOO..(6…7… meh close enough) GE!!!!

    This injustice shall not stand! Schmerhowfeldt has grievances THAT WILL BE HEARD!!!


    I honestly felt like he needed a token supporter for the sake of variety.

    • He’s all about using the power of the court until the boot is on the other foot. He can’t claim he isn’t aware of the consequences of contempt of court.

  11. Been offline most of the day.

    Am I to believe that he has already declared he is moving state? Pretty sure I predicted that just yesterday.

    • Just moving from one roach motel to another. He claims he wasn’t evicted again. We know he lies. Draw your own conclusions.

  12. I just had to re-read that. Yes, it does use the word “incarceration.” It wasn’t just a dream.

    I’m not saying Bill is definitely getting a new pair of bracelets, but the judge has raised the possibility.

  13. He has declared his intention to move to Florence, SC. He has also declared that he will show up and contest Sarah’s request for the No Contact Order. He has declared that there will never be another uncontested Peace Order. He has declared that Google results have prevented him from being accepted as a tenant — and that a hotel employee admitted this.

    He has not declared his intention to stop contacting Sarah, though that would save him the bus fare to North Carolina. He instead is apparently going to argue that he has a right to email and call someone…no matter what they say. He has not declared that his online writings have anything to do with his Google results. He has also not declared that his handling of John Hoge’s completely justified civil lawsuit has been the equivalent of shoving his homework into his desk as the bell rings.

      • I meant landlord…but it’s a story of victimhood from Bill…so. Yeah. He says he can’t find a place to rent because of all the stuff on Google. No, not the stuff he wrote about other people which was nasty, and not about the comedy involving scouts, pee, sex and stuff.
        Like all stories in which Bill is the victim…probably it’s not true.

        • Yeah, I think he only suspects googling is behind rejection of any application for tenancy, or it might be that he doesn’t apply but is inventing a reason he hasn’t sought any permanent residence (“I’d just be rejected anyway” he think, blaming Google for alerting prospective landlords of his difficulties with prior rental arrangements or declared financial situation, rather than the difficulties or the financial issues being the actual problem (perhaps he feels thwarted because otherwise he might have concealed problems with fake references or financial representations)

          I compare it to the story he told about an HMO doc of his who diagnosed him with extrapyramidal syndrome and what I suspect is his personal overlay on the actual reasons the doc did that.

          • I vaguely remember having to agree to a basic background check when I got my apartment years ago. Would the restraining orders (expired or not) show up in that? ’cause if so they may not even get to googling.

  14. “I didn’t threaten her I didn’t coerce her, I made no extortionate threats. I said I just want to know if you were lying under oath. Problem?”

    Nobody expects you not to lie, Bill, but this one is an obvious fail-whopper!

    To paraphrase, what you said to Sara was “tell me what I want to know, or I’m going to report you for committing a crime.”

    How is that NOT an “extortionate threat”? Are you brain-damaged?

    Vile rapist William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., you are starting to circle the drain, very quickly.

  15. Conversation heard just after Bill is placed inside the slammer:

    “Hey, Fat Boy! Yeah, you! Get your ass over here!”

    “Now, drop ’em pants! Bend over!”

    “Now squeal!”

    “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

    “You ma bitch now!”

  16. I see a show cause order for recording the court, but where’s the one for failure to appear?

    Oh that’s right, Maryland.

  17. NOw is the time for his pink-haired paramour to exert her realness and shows she actually gives a good goddamn about his well-being. She could have distracted him from going over the line. Is she so trampled she can’t even ask him to think of her if not himself?

    • He’s pretty much telegraphing to the world that he’s evading service.

      That’ll end well.

      Hey Bill, you realise this shit is illegal, right?

      • Or to put it more accurately, the courts have dealt with evasion of service for several centuries and are wise to it by now. They look poorly on it, and tend to hand out pretty little orange jumpsuits to people who do do it on a regular basis.

        Words to the wise, Bill: do not meddle in the affairs of Justice, for she may be blind, but she isn’t stupid, and she always has the final say.

      • Poll: Which Harry Calahan zinger fits the evasion vs incarceration dilemma best:

        1) A man needs to know his limitations.

        2) Are you feeling lucky today?

        3) Go ahead, punk, make my day.

  18. man I accidentally clicked one of them links up there and found myself staring at bill’s twitter feed. And I just ate, too…

    • Let’s not forget, that horrific image of Gail wasn’t taken by any of us.

      Bill took it. He published it. Sent it to people who didn’t even want to see it.

    • And he’s still trying to distract from the fact HE took the damned picture. Of his dying wife. And emailed it. Who the f*ck DOES that???

      I’m still disgusted with the “turnaround” his health has taken since Gail died. There’s a special place in Hell for Billy for doing that to her.

    • Any remaining dignity that Gail had before she past was ruthlessly ripped from her so that Bill could use it in his little war.

      Her family, I sure, is probably glad to be rid of him, but I would wager one or two would want to kick his sorry ass.

      • Her brother Jim seemed like a nice enough guy and he had no observable affection for Blob when he showed up at Billy Sez. He just wanted his sister’s memory to be respected, which Sarah has always done.

    • Ash did not photoshop that. And Bill just reposted that horrid photo he took of his wife, and then emailed to almost 20 strangers.

    • That image has been altered. One of teh little arrows points toward false information.

    • Just remember, this is what Bill Schmalfeldt tweeted on the DAY HIS WIFE DIED:


      A reason to rebrand. That’s it. Who thinks that way? Who could possibly care about a new podcast on the day a loved one passed.

      Save your crocodile tears Willy.

        • What BS is doing is his usual decide to lie—make something up— muddy the waters. He does this almost every time he has a court date of some sort, so that he can play the victim and confuse the court about what’s going on. He is falsely accusing Ash of something to try to justify is own wholly unrelated actions. Someone photoshopped something over a year ago. That has nothing to do with why he has been harassing her about where she lives for the past two weeks. But he wants to try to create a link in order to hoodwink the court.

          • Exactly, I expect she will be prepared to adapt and counter whatever fraud and forgery Cabin Boy tries.

        • While she was dying and had a hospice home visit. Because, you see, that was the only hospice in the nation where the nurses/aids did that – babysit so you can run errands. And he had a working coffepot, he just wanted to get a Keurig since she wouldn’t be drinking coffee any more. All in the vault.

  19. This is from a Judge, not Hoge, a notice of up to 60 days incarceration if you don’t have a Legal reason for your contempt. You Are facing prison, the judge seeing any evidence that you could have complied, may turn this into criminal contempt which means arraignment, bail and a future criminal trial which could lead to up to two years behind bars and a fine if not paid could lead to further contempt and incarceration.

    You absolutely need to hire a lawyer, most people are not this stupid to let something get to this point, like I sad, most people.

    Your serious legal problems are just beginning, there is little mercy in courtrooms for people who harass dead baby’s, their grieving parents, and numerous other children, especially in a sexual nature

    • Making sexual comments, saying untrue sexual things about other people’s children is all over the web. Remember your harassment of Akbar? That was in a sexual nature and grossly homophobic and I’m sure he would testify and so would the mothers of the children you harassed

    • He lies brazenly but incompetently. Something to always keep in mind. Often, a psychopath ‘s lies are breathtaking in the way they defy basic reality. “Who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?” has probably been said by Cabin Boy in those exact words.

      • Denying basic reality–particularly self awareness–is the defining characteristic of a malignant narcissist.

  20. http://i.imgur.com/T29NH8e.jpg

    Did the Causey’s attack you? How about Sara’s grandson? The Stranahans? Grady’s son? David Edgrens son? No, they did not, But you photoshopped and published their pictures. Is this another of your “Rules for thee but not for me” bullshit excuses? (Let’s leave out that Sarah didn’t photoshop that picture, but you keep fucking that chicken Mr. Stolen Valor)

    • If they had simply left him alone, then he would’t have brought their children into this!

      You know else brought children into a dispute? The midget pedophile.

      • I thought Brett’s original dispute was over a child; who’s grandmother was subsequently executed, gangland style.

        • Nah, not referring to that. The midget pedophile brought his daughter to trial in a case against Hoge and had her answer a bunch of creepy questions. It didn’t go over well for him and he lost the suit.

    • He has no idea how fortunate he is that he’s messing with people who are better than he is, in every possible way.

      If he lives long enough and keeps it up, someday he’s going to cross someone with… I think I’ve described it before as a more flexible sense of justice.

      He’ll regret that day. Either for a long time, or very very briefly.

    • He had a chance to defend himself and his tactics in front of the same Judge that each petitioner stood in front of. He chose not to go and defend himself. And the petitioners fought hard to prove they should receive one.

      This is about consequences to his choices. He wants to relitigate those issues, but it’s too late. He squandered his opportunities and has to deal with the effects.

      All he had to do was walk away from Brett Kimberlin and focus on living the remainder of his life in peace. He doesn’t get to stir up the hornet’s nest and then complain about being stung. Too bad, so sad, Schmalfeldt.

        • I guess Grady is a better man than Schmalfeldt to show up. Oh, in interestingly, Grady has been sued a few times and has yet to step into a court. Wonder why?

  21. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    Replying to @breitbitnews
    You won’t because you CAN’T and THAT is why you are being sued in Federal Court, Eric!


    Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    You are such a fuckup Eric. PROVE I sexually assaulted ANYONE! PROVE I harassed a dead ANYTHING! PROVE what I wrote about Stannny was untrue

    Idiot still can’t read, don’t worry affidavits, discovery, will be from the mother, forcing you to read your ugly sexual harassment of children in court including the ugly comment you made about your own daughter

    But you have a hearing Friday and a show cause with incarceration recommendations hearing loooong before anything will go one in your rule 11 suit.

    Then it’s welcome to Tennessee

    • and Dumbf5ck still thinks it’s on the defendants to “dis-prove” his claims and not on HIM the plaintiff to prove them.

      this is how his “excellent” friend as the plaintiff LOST in a directed verdict.

      not that it matters, his current LULZsuit won’t survive even the most cursory of motion to dismiss, let alone FOUR of them.

  22. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/884266199663693829

    While settling with you was more merciful that i would be, it was no failure. That agreement you signed is about to land on you like a ton of bricks while you try to explain to the judge that decided it subjects you to Maryland law (and who just might be locking you up for contempt) why it was never really an agreement and isn’t binding.

    • Yeah. I thought the nolle prossed charges were due to the agreement–that is, that if the agreement hadn’t been signed then John would’ve pursued the charges. How is trading the charges for a binding agreement a failure?

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