The Cabin Boy’s™ Symptoms

Bill Schmalfeldt may have taken my suggestion that he thoroughly search this blog for references to him as a child pornographer or as someone faking Parkinson’s disease because he logged in to Hogewash! and conducted these searched this evening—

6:51:45 pm ET search=parkinson’s
6:56:27 pm ET search=child
6:58:39 pm ET search=pornography

So, how did that work out for him? I can’t say for sure, but at 7:08 pm this evening, I received a tweet from him with a dead link to one of his old websites and a copy of one of the pornographic images he created of me that was part of the evidence supporting Judge Stansfield’s finding that the Cabin Boy™ was likely to continue to harass me and that the first peace order should be extended.

The Gentle Reader should make up his own mind about what all that means.

UPDATE—So the Cabin Boy™ thinks I’ve lied?The Cabin Boy™ says I lied about his putting my face into pornographic images, specifically, an image involving anal intercourse. He may recognize the image on the left. It was stored on his Patriot-Ombudsman website as Screen-Shot-2013-03-24-at-5.07.52-PM_clipped_rev_1-2.33.37.png. (Since it was stolen from a video by Peter Ingemi, the Cabin Boy™ has no rights to the image.) It was this image that he photoshopped on the body of a man on the receiving in of anal sex. I have the original post as he published it in the vault, but I won’t post it here because I intend to keep my end of the 2014 Settlement Agreement. Also, this isn’t a porn site, so I do not choose to have such filth on this blog. However, if the Cabin Boy™ wants the image included in a court filing, I will do that if necessary. But he may want to remember Judge Kramer’s reaction to the other homoerotic image he posted with my face photoshopped in when it was entered into evidence in Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al.

Murum aries attigit.

UPDATE 2—The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt may also remember tweeting this just before he posted that homoerotic image—

UPDATE 3—I’ll take this tweet as permission to reproduce the Cabin Boy’s™ original blog post and/or the homoerotic image here at Hogewash!However, I stand by my decision not to reproduce Schmalfeldt’s filth on this blog. For now, the most I will do is show the small section of the original image at right. The area behind my face has been blurred to remove pornographic content.

If the Cabin Boy™ wants to press the issue in court, I’m willing to produce all the evidence I have.

UPDATE 4—I grabbed the tweet in UPDATE 3 out of my web browser immediately after seeing this tweet pop up in Tweet Deck—I normally save tweets as rendered by a browser because they tend to be more compact when included in a blog post. Note that the timestamp on the this tweet is 3:10 am, 9 July. My Tweet Deck program uses UTC which is +4 hours from ET. The tweet in UPDATE 3 is timestamped one minute later.

It appears that in the interval between when I noticed the new tweet in Tweet Deck and the time I opened my browser, the Cabin Boy™ deleted his original tweet and retweeted it without the words, “Post the image …”

81 thoughts on “The Cabin Boy’s™ Symptoms

  1. I looked in my magic eight ball, and I see more than one new restraining order in his future.

  2. I wonder if I should believe that Diseased Willy really does have severe memory loss. Most of what he seems to remember is what he wishes had happened.

    I am amazed that Witless has not yet remembered seeing Krendler slashing the tires of Woeful Willy’s car with a knife disguised as a sidewalk..

  3. We can’t all be in Iceland, but I’m having proseco and almond cookie by candlight and twilight and a pink and purple sky, with a cicada and tree frog band.


    No you wanna be Pedo it doesn’t mean that. It means your fat assed stupid friend just stepped on his own crank yet again and is facing yet another restraining order hearing. The RO has nothing to do with “getting out of a case”. Not legally possible. But I forget you are just as stupid as your fat assed pal. Now go back to canning your sardines, smoking dope, and making horrific noises you insist on calling music..

    • Silly A Reader #1, trying to infer intent–other than inflicting pain on others–from any Shakey utterance.

      Have we taught you nothing about malignant Narcissism?

    • He is simply too enamoured of his lies to rent a place. Even with my soiled background, I can get rental housing at good prices! He couod as well if he would simply stop lying to people (and about people tooaaa0. Your lies about me fell apart when I provided my bona fides. Sucks to be Bill. The only escape is to die. soon!

  5. Breit it News @breitbitnews

    .@wjjhoge, @palatinepundit, @sheeplerage and @mayberryville know I am not faking my Parkinson’s, but their blogs say I am!

    Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    .@wjjhoge, @palatinepundit, @sheeplerage and @mayberryville know I am not a child pornographer. But their blogs say I am.

    Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    .@wjjhoge, @palatinepundit, @sheeplerage and @mayberryville seem HAPPY that their lies are keeping me from getting a place.

    Sounds like someone is feeling the ramifications of his years of filth online

    • Bill, you harassed a dead baby, an infant, put a skull on a copyrighted photo and published it. You made sexual remarks about a ten year old girl in a photo you thought Chris heather was in, you made sexual remarks about my underage daughter, you harassed Davids, pats, library griffons and Sarah’s children.

      You wanted to rape a 14 year old boy on xmfan for telling you off when u lost it in a thread on whether dj ad value to satellite radio stations.

      What u did to Lauren Lynne, dee in Houston, the rape victims on daily kos, Mandy Nagy, you have no reputation to moan about. In fact, the fact that you until now, have not suffered any meaningful consequences is remarkable.

      That’s about to change

      • Blob, that karma locamotive has been building up speed for YEARS…

        And your fat ass is about to get run the #&#! over.

        Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving chap.

  6. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    But first, @sheeplerage has to serve me

    Nope, you already posted the notice, best you read up on sc and nc statutes regarding civil and criminal penalties for evading service, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, extortion etc

    • Yep, everyone.

      And the transcript of an uncontested Restraining Order hearing will give him nothing. He is truly an idiot beyond the normal bounds of idiocy..

    • Wait, I’ve lost track. Is the the RO hearing that he’s twitted out a picture of the court papers, so served or not he has demonstrated he is aware? Or are there more in the works?

      Most people, we wouldn’t be debating how far into double digits this puts the guy on restraining orders, but for worse or worst (sorry, better left town) that’s our Bill.

    • Didn’t chub butt just tweet out that he and plasta-girl just got turned down on a upcoming dwelling rental. I know its been a long time since I rented, but, I needed to have first & last months rent and security deposit. Now he’s tweeting that he doesn’t have the money for a bus trip which would cost way less.

      So is he making up the story about renting because he’s as broke as Obamacare, or is he just too chicken to attend the hearing on the 14th.

      I know, don’t tell me: Embrace the power of AND.

    • Yes, all of this is because you asked somebody a question. That’s it! It’s not like you kept @ mentioning somebody in repeated and escalating tweets that demanded personal information, even though this person had already taken out a restraining order against you before and had never given you permission to contact her after it expired! You’re the victim here!

      • When a woman has taken out a restraining order against you and subsequently moved, it’s always a good idea to hunt down her personal information, post pictures ouf her house on the internet and crow “I KNOW YOUR ADDRESS! Work too!”

        Judges usually find that immensely reasonable and will actually reward you for being so clever.

    • It’s legal until it’s not, stupid. This is a civil action. Remember those?

      You like going to court, don’t you. DUMBF*CK?

  7. It really looks to me like finally totally cracking up. That should worry the GF [assuming she’s real], because he has no one else physically close enough to lash out against. I wonder where that rifle is, too.

  8. “EVERY BLOG with ANYTHING bad to say about me is connected one way or another to @wjjhoge, @palatinepundit, @sheeplerage and @mayberryville.”

    Nope. Not even close. You’ve forgotten xmfan, the Knot boys, popehat, Encyclopedia Dramatica, KiwiFarms, and those are just off the top of my head.

    IOW, a lie. Color me surprised…

    Rage, Bill, rage! It’s too late for you to do anything worthwhile in your defense, so waste those hours, minutes, and seconds until judgement as a frothing at the mouth loser!

  9. Re: the updates. I saw the image when he first posted it. i also saw the photoshoppeed obscene images he posted of Ali Akbar. I also saw the cartoon he made if WJJH and Aaron in bed together, while Aaron’s wife looked on.

  10. I’m confused. How can he afford a transcript? Does he think the court will give him one because he claims he’s a pauper?

  11. Awww… poor Bwiwwy has a sadz.


    Enjoy the PO that puts you in double didgits, Moobs!!

    • You noticed he hasn’t bothered anybody in Texas? Know why?

      Because in Texas using a firearm to defend yourself again an adjudicated stalker who violates a PO is legal. The Texas Rangers even recommend it.

  12. “BTW: How does one harass a dead baby? I think that the fact that the baby has ceased to be makes it impossible to harass. Like my late wife.”

    A defining moment!

    The monkey has BEEN EDUCATED!!!!


    • … and it still makes you a @&$!ing worthless human being for doing it, Moobs.

      Nothing you do or say is going to change that.

    • He didn’t harass a dead baby but he did harass the family whose child died.

      And he is stupid enough to think that somehow that’s not as bad.

      The one thing all the blogs mentioned have in common is that they have publicly expressed their opinions on the things that Bill has said and done publicly first.
      As much as he tries to obfuscate that fact the reality is almost everything negative about him online is result of his own actions.

      He can complain all he likes but the fact is he shit his own bed and now wants to blame everyone else for the mess.

      • He harassed the memory by saying it was , well I’m not going to speak of it many of you never saw what he truly said

        He also has this fetish he posted a photoshopped pic a bloody awful picture of bush eating a baby with blood splattered everywhere. He also wrote that he didn’t g up a dead baby tore it to pieces and crammed it down the throats of the father while the mother screamed

        He’s a very sick person

  13. I remember some of these, too. Which ones does BS not think are true?
    1. The baby with the skull superimposed was the Causey’s.
    2. The girl was Chris Heather’s niece, sitting on his lap
    3. Does he not remember posting defamatory comments about David Edgren’s son, to the point that David threatened to sue him? Going after Grady’s son, with nasty comments about what caused his condition? His suggestion that LG abused her daughter, claiming that a skin condition was bruising from abuse? Turning in Lee’s family to multiple state and federal agencies? That Ash had to get a restraining order for her three year old grandson, and that he made false and inappropriate comments about her daughter?
    4. The xmfan comments are screencapped and all over the internet. They are real.
    5. He said Dee in Houston should drink rat poison, among other things.

    • As for lack of compassion, remember last year when BS re-wrote what he was doing when his wife died, and was corrected? He had a fit and admitted THAT HE MADE UP MEMORIES TO DEAL WITH HIS GRIEF.

    • Because he’s a reporter. It was his job….for which he is unpaid. He had a duty to his employer…although he says he doesn’t know who that is.

  14. “It appears that in the interval between when I noticed the new tweet in Tweet Deck and the time I opened my browser, the Cabin Boy™ deleted his original tweet and retweeted it without the words, “Post the image …””

    But HOW CAN THAT BE?!? Bill Schmalfeldt said he does not delete tweets because that’s “not his style.”

    And I have not deleted any tweets. I have changed accounts, and those tweets go bye bye.. I have not “memory holed” anything. Not my style.


  15. Not just a liar. Not just a forger. And not just the creator of porn. Cabin Boy is an extraordinarily incompetent, and brazen, forger, pornographer and liar.

  16. Our gentle host has been silent on this particular subject for some 36 hours now.

    Someone should understand that this is the signal to become scared.

    But he won’t.

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