Prevarication DU Jour

That tweet is addressed to (at)breitbitnews and (at)wjjhoge. While it is true that Breitbit News seems to be “full of lies and thoughtless garbage,” given the Feltdown in which the tweet is embedded, I’ll bet it is really addressed to me.

Gentle Reader, note the timestamp on the tweet: 11:58 last night. At 10:06:18 last night, the Cabin Boy™ logged in to Hogewash!, and conducted a search on the term tenant. His search returned 14 hits which contained the following—

A Don’t Know Much About History post pointing out that Napolean once held the rank of Second LieuTENANT

A post about the previous Maryland Governor’s race that mentioned one of the candidates, LieuTENANT Governor Anthony Brown

A post making fun of Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson which ended with a picture of John Cleese as the French soldier mocking King Arthur that was captioned: MainTENANT pars, ou je vais vous marguer une seconde fois!

A post about my time in the Army when I held the rank of Second LieuTENANT

A post about one of my mentors, Paul Klipsch, that notes he served as a LieuTENANT Colonel

Some Yours Truly, Johonny Atsign episodes featuring LieuTENANT Bradshaw

Thus, the Cabin Boy™ had just searched Hogewash! and had seen for himself that I have never published anything about him as a tenant. Yet, he recklessly published that false tweet any way. That was very unwise.

It would also be unwise for any litigant in a civil matter to move without immediately informing the court(s) involved of his change of address.

UPDATE—I suppose Schmalfeldt’s question deserves an answer. Hypothetically, it would not be OK for someone to be denied a lease because of lies someone had told about him. However, I don’t believe that is what has happened to Bill Schmalfeldt.

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  1. Moving would be unwise, but in character.

    IIRC, he’s already moved three times in this lawsuit without leaving a forwarding address:

    Milwaukee to Clinton, IA

    Clinton to Myrtle Beach at a hotel

    Gave the court, via skype, a false address for the extended stay motel he moved into shortly after that hearing. Which is the least of his issues after skyping in to court that day.

    • It will be very interesting to read the REAL reasons Bill moved out of the NinaNuns Home, his Clinton dump rental and TJ’s place. Thank you Cabinless Boy for raising this issue so the information can be subpoenaed from your past landlords.

  2. Just because you don’t like reading something about yourself doesn’t make it a lie, DUMBF*CK. You’d think you’d have learned this from The Diddler who actually made it to trail only to be told he had ‘not provided a scintilla of evidence…”

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he already up to 10 restraining orders? AgileDog recently got his renewed, so that made 10. This new one would make it 11.

    • I am up to 12, and the new one would make 13:
      1. Hoge 1
      2. Hoge extension
      3. Hoge 2
      4. Causey 1 (Mr.)
      5. Causey 2 (Mrs.)
      6. Grady
      7. Agile Dog
      8. LT 1 (self)
      9. LT 2 (family member)
      10. Ash 1
      11. Ash 2 (toddler)
      12. Agile Dog renewal
      13. New one pending for Ash

      Is this correct?

  4. That’s funny. Bill certainly was not concerned about this when he was trying to attach “child rapist” to Sonoran Conservative’s name was he?

  5. Suppose you’re a landlord and that DUMBF*CK is a prospective tenant. Next, suppose you went online and discovered the @BreitbitNews Twitter feed. Would you think you’d found a whackjob?

    Suppose you found the Breitbit News podcast and sampled a couple of episodes. Could you possibly NOT think you’d found a whackjob?

    A bit of advice, DUMBF*CK:

    *Oh, hey. Another thing, DUMBFUCK. South Carolina is a very red state. Odds are that landlords would find your non-insane content repugnant.

      • If all that is necfessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt, it follow that simply reading Bill Schmalfeldt is discrediting.

          • And you are one reason why I call baloney on his landlord story. Even with your past, you and your wife find places to live. Landlords use Google and credit checks for you, too.

          • Exactly A Reader #1, we recently rented a new home in saginaw and the Landlord did that … and then talked to me about the things published about me. I told the bald truth which he appreciated. I provided him with my Priestly documrnts (Which he verifie with my Hierarch) and we were offered the home sans security deposit.
            Helps to be truthful.

  6. The man has published millions of words on the Internet over the last 10-20 years, so why does he think they checked only what was written about him and not by him.

    • Ah, but I am. My first Doctor was Tom Baker, and I suppose my favorites are Patrick Troughton and Sylvester McCoy. I guess that makes me a bit old fashioned.

      Oh, and my favorite companion is Mary Tamm’s Romana.

  7. Google doesn’t return Hogewash as a result until well down the second page. The only thing any landlord would need to read is in the top 5 results and it comes from a site called Popehat.

    Looks like Ken White is your huckleberry, DUMBF*CK. You should totally explain First Amendment law to him and MAKE HIM PAY!!!!

    Fair warning, though: I hear he has an excellent friend by the name of Marc Randazza. Govern yourself accordingly.

  8. I’m shocked a landlord would not welcome someone who posts others’ personal information, including pictures of homes, all over the Internet.
    I’m shocked a landlord would not welcome someone who continuously threatens others with law suits.
    I’m shocked a landlord would not welcome the schmuck who posts dick pics, raunchy stories, and calls employers to get folks fired.
    I’m shocked a landlord would not welcome an asswipe who brags about not showing up for court.
    This whole thing has me shocked, I tell you!

  9. If you’ve ever read the story of the long road to his Parkinson’s diagnosis, which is still at an old Parkinson’s blog of his, he puts words into the mouth of physicians (who didn’t diagnose him with Parkinson’s) that a skeptical reader might question. BIlll seemed to be filling with his own idea of what motivated the money-diagnosis. He even includes an “if confronted, I will deny I ever told you this, Bill, but I am [paraphrase, all of this but fist is correct]] kowtowing to your insurance company that doesn’t want me to want me to make an “expensive” diagnosis.”

    Googled or not, he may be putting reasons into the mouth of his landlord.

    • Wait… you mean physicians said Bill doesn’t have Parkinson’s? And his one letter of “proof” goes out of its way to say it’s not a diagnosis?


      • There was not universal agreement by Bill’s own story… though in his defense, its a clinical diagnosis and patients can get yanked around for a while. This is the passage I referenced: “―What do you think it is?‖ he asked me.
        ―My money‘s still on Parkinson‘s Disease,‖ I said.
        ―That‘s probably a good bet. But you know what? I‘m an
        HMO doctor. And I‘m going to be ver
        y honest with you. And if you
        repeat this to anyone, I will swear I never said it. OK?‖
        I assured him I was cool with it.
        ―I‘m going to diagnose you with extrapyramidal syndrome.
        It‘s a catch

        all phrase for a variety of conditions, including
        . If I pull the trigger on the PD diagnosis, it goes on my
        record. It‘s an expensive diagnosis. And it‘s the sort of thing the
        HMO looks at when they do the books at the end of the year. I don‘t
        want it on my record.
        What I will do, is refer you to th
        e Parkinson‘s
        disease Foundation clinic in Miami.
        We‘ll let them pull the trigger.
        Any problem with that?‖”

        • “It goes on my record” – yeah, no. They are not tallying who diagnoses Parkinsons disease.

          This is a pretty good example of Bill filling in his own belief of why the doctor wasn’t comfortable “pulling the trigger” sending him to another place for further evaluation.

          • Oh, come on. Someone who is as sensitive to the “lies” of others surely wouldn’t tell a “stretcher” of his own, now would he.

          • You may remember the trouble Bill had accurately relating what the doctor was telling him about his poor wife. He seemed to have a new misunderstanding every day, apparently hearing things that weren’t said or putting meaning on them that wasn’t meant. now the interesting thing about Bill’s long discussion of the road to his Parkinsons diagnosis, is that Bill doesn’t accurately explain much about extrapyramidal syndrome, or why the doctor was in that camp. It is neither “waste basket” diagnosis, nor is it an umbrella diagnosis including the possibility of developing Parkinsons. Parkinsonism vs Parkinsons is a major clinical distinction. the doc thought it was the extrapyramidal system that was deranged, and usually it’s associated with medications (frequently antipsychotic medications) that affect dopamine and cause the symptoms to develop. (It can be associated with some kinds of brain damage or meningitis, too.)
            I’ve never seen his records and rely only on his unreliable history, and it a poor medical historian generally, so I don’t know what was really going on or what his diagnoses was, only what he has said about it.
            And what he has said about it, with the doc not wanting to “get in trouble” with the HMO is complete bulllcrap.

  10. Of course William, there’s only one possible explanation – the landlords are all Krendler. You should doxx them forthwith!

    Prove they’re wrong to consider you poor a poor tenancy prospect by exposing their sordid, criminal lives to employers and families who will be utterly mystified until they use google.

    Also, I hear it’s against the American Litigious Deadbeat Morons Act or some such.

  11. OK, after looking at asswipe’s tweets, I get it now. He thinks he’s going to make a case that Hoge & Co® conspired to keep him in motels.
    Since that never even occurred to me, I doubt it was the goal of anyone on this page.

    After a quick Google search, I did find it fascinating that the first things to pop up were a story by McCain and the tweets of no other than asswipe himself. Tweets threatening Doug, well, tweets threatening everyone, really. Threats rarely go over well with potential landlords.

    So congratulations, Dumbf*ck! YOU did this to yourself. YOU did this the “Lady Di”, or whatever that thing is. (Her tweets would have done it as well, but she wisely locked her account.) I realize self-awareness and accountability are not something you possess, but maybe it’s about time you did.

    • The problem with his theory is that he claims to have voluntarily left the place he rented in Clinton, IA. If he left a rental home before the lease is up, THAT could be why no one wants to rent to him. If he were evicted, THAT could be why no one wants to rent to him.

    • Yeah, I kept wondering why he was making no effort to find a house or apartment, or why he even went down there, ostensibly to stay for some undetermined duration, without securing more long term housing. I always figured either his excellent friend bankrolled the hotel move for his own benefit, or it was an impulse of impulsive Bills that would be as easily voided as a podcast brand or his plans for permanent retirement at his last two addresses.
      In fact I still think he has no real fixed plans.

      • Other than suing periodically for butt-hurt what sort of plans has he ever had? The seems more like a [pseudo-]human Roomba — just running things and changing direction with no particular plan at all.

  12. “@wjjHoge says no lies have been told about me on Hogewash. Ergo, he claims I am a child pornographer who fakes his Parkinson’s disease.”

    Well, you are, in the opinions of many people.

    • Biwwy wrote stuff reasonable people would conclude depicts child rape, and he behaves inconsistent with those who actually PROVABLY have Parkinsons. I don’t see any lies in saying Biwwy is a Parkinson’s faking child pornographer.

      That said, Hoge’s never outright stated either of those, as far as I recall. But then, I haven’t obsessively read everything our host has written. (SOME1 AM NOT SCHMALLBALLZ, SCHMALFELDT AM SCHMALLBALLZ!)

    • …BILL SCHMALFELDT………to name the landlord!!

      I officially DEMAND you release the contact information of the person you “claim” told you a Google search was the reason you were denied living quarters. It is in your best interest to clear this up ASAP so law enforcement isn’t involved.

  13. Breitbit News @breitbitnews

    If Patrick Grady is being truthful (BIG “if”) @sheeplerage Sarah Palmer intends to take out another RO against me on July 13. No. Bad idea.

    Is that a threat? Are you threatening her safety, for that would be extremely unwise..

    • Threats for someone attempting to ask the court system for a protective order …. there are criminal statutes addressing that kind of conduct.

      • He needs to shut up, really keep,quiet. That fact that he’s going on and on to me seems that he knows that his case is going to be bounced and he needs to move on with his life.

        First the statement that he and someone are seeking a lease changes their IFP and makes her a potential party to any counter suits.

        He needs to hire a lawyer just to get himself out of the hole he has made

    • She isn’t “intending” to do anything, she has already filed for it Dumbf5ck.

      The judge will decide on the 14th whether or not your behavior has crossed the line.

      And there you are “throwing more logs of evidence on the fire”.

        • I think that was his goal however apparently he’s been served so he can’t dodge it.
          He either shows up or he don’t.
          Either way I fully expect the judge to issue it.

  14. The ludicrous part is his claims of wanting to live in peace one day and bragging about moving closer to Federal courthouse the next.

  15. Amazing… Usually when people get denied a lease it is be cause:

    A) they do not meet the income to debt threshold to lease that particular apartment,
    B) they are unable to get favorable references from previous landlords, or
    C) they have derogatory credit.

    But in the case of William “stolen valor parkinsons faker” Shmalfeldt it couldn’t be any (or a combination) of these things… Nope in his mind its because of our gracious hosts nonexistent writings.

    If there ever was desperation grasping at straws to find something… aNYTHINg… to counterclaim this is it.

    You reek of desperation, shakes, and it’s time to face the fact that you’re going to get destroyed in court.

    Good riddance.

  16. Lies? Lies and half truths? PREVARICATIONS!!! SLANDER! LIABLE! INFAMY!!!!!!11

    Well, whatever we’re doing, it seems quite effective. MOAR PLEEZ!

  17. Even Crack Whores have a home.
    Might not have a pool, but you can’t always get what you want.
    But you do get what you deserve.

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