Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

If the Cabin Boy™ were to make the effort to thoroughly search Hogewash!, he would find that I have never said that he is a child pornographer. Rather, I have suggested that the Gentle Reader should listen to the audio of the implicated Schmalfeldt skits or read the versions he included as exhibits in a LOLsuit VI filing, and make up his own mind.

Similarly, I have never posted anything on Hogewash! stating that the Cabin Boy™ does not have Parkinson’s disease. Indeed, I have specifically stated that I am not qualified to diagnose him, and that he has presented symptoms consistent with Parkinson’s disease while he was in my presence.

I have never publicly expressed any opinion as to whether Bill Schmalfeldt is a child pornographer or whether he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and I intend to keep my opinions on those matters to myself.

22 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. He keeps trying to put words in your mouth. Maybe he does that to landlords, even imaginary landlords.

    • Too late. NC should be a tad less humid than Myrtle Beach this time of year.

      • I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that just maybe:

        When you learn that a person, whom the courts have already granted a restraining order, intends to seek another one, perhaps, just perhaps, communicating to her “No. Bad idea.” is like a world class example of bad ideas, and might just come up at the hearing?

        Any word if he still has the AR-15? I doubt his trigger discipline has improved…

  2. Diseased Willy is back to riding on his delusion that John is responsible for what commenters say.

    The witless one appears as well to be back on to his inability (or perhaps pretended inability) to understand that words may have multiple and sometimes fuzzy meanings. Pornography has a legal meaning and a popular meaning, the latter being quite fuzzy. I can construct an argument that calling someone a pornographer in the popular meaning cannot be considered anything but opinion because there is no universally agreed meaning to the word. What is brilliant political satire in one person’s opinion is disgusting pornography in a different person’s opinion.

    • In Bill’s case, my opinion still leans towards “disgusting pornography.” But it’s just an opinion. Kinda going all Potter Stewart here.

      • Exactly. If a supreme court justice cannot define “pornography” and only claims to recognize it when he sees it, we are not dealing with facts at all, ONLY opinions.

        My opinion lies with you on the disgusting part. My opinion differs on the pornography part because it is so poorly written that no reader of any sexual persuasion could find it arousing.

  3. It took Bill THREE HOURS to find the summons that was on the Hogewash front page since midnight.

    Maybe his “Parkinson’s” is really acting up?

  4. What really needs to happen is The Myrtle Beach Fail Whale, ably supported by the Orca-ette, needs to enter an Amended Complaint listing all the new people and charges!
    Hmmm, what’s that you say? Do what at this late date?
    Oh, never mind then…

  5. The desperation to find something to counterclaim continues…

    The more you try to pull this crap, shakes, the worse it will be for you when it comes time to get crushed in court.

    The ram has touched the wall. Take the cure.

  6. I take it back. @sheeplerage IS that stupid. See you on the 14th, honey bunny! @BreitbartUnmask @truth_partner @sub_aetha— Breitbit News (@breitbitnews) July 8, 2017


    So, when ordered to appear in person by Judge Hecker, he cannot travel, but he can definitely travel to defend his “right” to directly contact Ms. Palmer? Buh whah? That’s going to be…problematic, come trial day, isn’t it?

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